KUCH TO HUA HAI ~ TWINJ episode 44

Episode 44 ..
The episode starts with aryan continuing about ziva who was the imaginary character of kunj and aryan to irritate ..twinkle swadarsh too knew about this plan coz when swadheenta met them for first time they had done this prank with her too ….both were silently laughing while twinkle had became angry bird till now …

K : arey yaar we should meet her ..I wanna see her and see the man too with whom she is getting married ..

Ar : yep yaar I think we should go and congratulate her ..issi bahane usey mil bhi lengay …

K : haan yaar sahi kaha …

T : I think guys we came here for dinner not for anyone’s X girlfriend discussion kunj smiled keeping hand on his mouth ..as his plan is working ..

K (thinks) : huh she was saying me coal sarna see now who became coal taneja but I am enjoying it too much uff siyappa queen u look even more hot with these red cheeks not of blushing but of anger my angry bird ..his thoughts paused when he felt twinkle angrily glaring at him ….

K ; what happen twinkle u wanna say anything ….

T : no I don’t wanna say anything ..just focus on dinner ..n thinks meet me alone Mr sarna I am gonna strangle your neck now u are missing your so called ziva so much nah …

They had their dinner and ordered ice cream …Twinkle was silently eating without saying anything ..

Now it’s limit I can’t see you like this siyappa queen he thought and smiled …and whispers to twinkle ..without anyone notice..

K : jaan ziva is just an imaginary character ..dont worry…twinkle looked at him confused …while he winks at her ..still she didn’t got anything ..

They had their ice cream and left outside and stand near the garden ..

Ar : we are so sorry twinkle …

T : sorry but for what ??? ..

Sw : twinkle wait I’ll tell you when her they meet their friends wife’s or girlfriend they does this type of prank there was no one like ziva ..they are just teasing you and they had done this same prank with me too she ended passing a death glare to Aryan kunj and adarsh …
Hahahahhahaha ghahahaha ???????????? ….the trio laughed while twinkle get angry ..

T : huh u all are very bad ..

K : so sorry jaan he said holding his ears with puppy face …

Adarsh and Aryan too apologized to twinkle she forgave him and they bid bye to each other and left back for their homes ….

Kunj was silently driving all the while twinkle was staring out of window ..

K (thinks) : she is really gonna strangle my neck.today babaji plzz save me ..
They reached his home and twinkle entered room and knocked it ..from inside ..

K : twinkle twinkle plzz listen to me yaar i am sorry nah jaan plzz open the door .I promise I’ll.never do anything like this ..
he said and twinkle opened the door and went to the balcony…

She was standing looking at the sky with tears in her eyes ..kunj came and back hugged her ..

I am sorry ..plzz forgive me ..he said .. doesn’t got any response from twinkle .
He kept his chin on her shoulder tightening the hug..u know twinkle ..u were the only girl who made me understood the real meaning of love ..it’s not like that u were the first girl I had crushed ..they were soo many girls ..but when I met you I don’t know what I felt i got an unknown happiness which I can’t even express .everything your smile your antiques ..you naughtiness everything made me go mad for you ..and as I said you ..you are were and will always be the love of my life plzz forgive me yaar ..he turned twinkle …and find her having tears in her eyes ..

K : I am sorry he holds his ears ..plzz forgive me he was going to complete when he felt twinkle lips upon him he reciprocate …with same intensity ..

He can feel how possessive his Siyappa Siyappa queen is about him.they broke the and looked at each other ..

K : “kisi ne sach hi kaha hai jab ladkiya pyaar mein hoti hai wo chote bache hi tarah hojati hai apni cheez Kisi se share nahi Karti …”

He ended making twinkle blushed ..harddddd …

T : don’t u dare think of anyone’s else ..or else I’ll surely strangle your neck ..

K : ur wish my command mam ..he said and both laughed …

T : really i am the luckiest person to have you promise me u will never ever leave me ..

K : I promise you till death now no one can apart us ..he said and she hugged him ..they both smile and slept ..
@ next day ..
Again same day for twinj they were working kunj was explaining twinkle each n everything so that she can get fully prepared ..they used to have fun .. secret romance teasing swardash

..Adarsh used to tease twinj alott ..and they can do nothing except becoming red tomatoes ..

Same day goes on daily but…twinkle used to miss leela and others alott ..and kunj used to support they used to talk to their family members daily …so that thay all won’t miss each other much ..

A week passed by …kunj again got bzy in his work …on his new project ..

They came to their home after a tired day ..when mibir called them ..

K : hey Kabir how are u and Mish ???? ..
Kab : we are fine bro and you ??? ..and twinkle …where is she ???? ..

K : we are fine too yaar …and she went to get freshen up as today was really a hectic day at office …

Kab : ohh acha …well I called you to inform ..our flight to India is day after tomorrow …in night …

K : acha…I’ll inform her ..

Kab : bye take care …

K : haan u too …

He smiled and ended the call and got sad as twinkle is leaving day after tomorrow he knew that this gonna happen but this soon he didn’t knew ….as time flew so soon he reminded the day twinkle came NY …and how happy he became when she told him she is in my ….he was smiling recalling everyday fun they used to do …

Twinkle came down after freshen up and saw him lost in his thoughts …
She went and sat beside him ..

T : what happen kunj ???? ..

He looked at twinkle and hugged her ..
I wanna be in your embrace so badly twinkle he said and twinkle hugged him back ..and smiled …

T : what happen tell me now baby ..she said pecking his cheek ..

K : wo.. twinkle Kabir called and told me that ..your flight to India is day after tomorrow at 2 am …ended …

Twinkle looked at him and got sad too ..
Screen freezes …
So how was the episode ????…
Hope u all like it …
Well sorry to ff writers …I am hell bzy guys …I had read some and many more are so sorry if I hadn’t commented ..
Thanks to all who commented …
And haan Sohi I saw your comment ..what happen anything serious ???? …
Chalo I am leaving ✋…
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned..

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  1. Nishuu

    Wow Sam baby it was awesome mind blowing
    Loved it
    Post soon

  2. Ayesha51

    awesome sameera di

    u nailed it dear

    he he he

    twinkle’s jealous

    twinkle shocked
    kunj rocked

    just fabulous dear dii ……

    plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    aur more romance chahiye
    aur wo bhi hot wala

    ok my sweetie di

    love u a lot. …….♡♡♡


  3. Supriya18d

    awsm one Sam….post ASaP…..luv it n Luv,u

  4. amazing sam?

  5. SidMin23

    Amazing and take care of your self and glad your taking time to write this ff means a lots and keep trying to post soon so we can read fast

  6. Fantastic fabulous awesome ❤️?❤️❤️?❤️Episode
    Are yaar itna acha likho gi to hum se wait keshe karge ????☺️?❤️??
    Aww twinkle ???sad indai jarhi hai poor kunj ?????
    Post soon plz fast
    Loads of love ❤️ u dear sami
    U r great ? ?❤️?

  7. Hey sameera yr it was superb… Mindblowing…. Amazing…. Marvellous…. Lovely… Cute and sweet like u??…. And wht not i am speechless …. Just luvd it to the core… Really all scenes were awsm…. Beautifull …. That balcony scene was so cute i read that balcony scenes 3 times…. I want nxt sooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn…… Yr plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz jldiiiiiiiiiiiiii sa post kr do nxt ….. Or han yr nxt epi m kuch emotional scenes b chahiye…. Like twinkle is going so little bit emotional and romantic….

    And sorry if u dont like my suggestion i know ur the writer and u have decide something more better than this…..
    Luv u soooo much????….

  8. Purvi128

    Hey Sameee…!
    That was amazing…
    Just loved it…
    Hehehe… coal taneja…!!
    Twinkle ki jealousy.. ufffff..!
    Loved twinj’s scenes a lot…!
    Sad that Twinkle is going back…!!
    Plsss post soon yrr..
    Nd kaatil too..!
    I can’t wait for that yrr..
    Love you ???❤??❤❤?

  9. Sohi

    Cute and emotional episode
    Liked twinj bonding

    And about my reason for not commenting is, as you know degree college’s had started and I’m very much busy in it
    And above that I have a important weddings to attend in last of July. So I will be regular from August

    Do continue

  10. Farwah fathima

    Fabulous yaar
    Enjoyed a lot
    Plzzzzzzzz post the next epi asap

  11. Anshikajainn

    Saammm I just loved this FF yrr it’s amazing….. This is my fav ff.

    Love you yrr….

  12. Superbbbbb episode…
    plz post soon

  13. Presha

    Amazingg dii..
    Loved it

  14. Amazing one di….
    Post soon..

  15. amazing episode baby awesome?????????

    post soon dear????

  16. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome love twinkle jelousy
    Post next soon luv uu soo much

  17. Shalini15

    Hi meri sweetness ki dukan, how are you?.. late comment karne ke liye nd previous episode par comment na karne ke liye kaan pakad kar sorry???? you know na main bimar thi nd even now I’m ill.. also I’ve some other problems now a days due to which I’m very upset ????

    Anyways episode was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd romantic. Loved Twinj Swadarsh nd Aryan scene. Nd Twinkle coal Taneja ?????? yaar manna padega dialoges bahot achhe likhti ho???? Bechare phir se alag ho jayenge???? so sad ???? lekin dono ko jaldi milana ????? try to post next asap. Aajkal har koi busy hai kya halat bana di bhagwan ji ne humari ????? jaisa hum koi machine hain jab dekho kaam kaam aur kaam.. kabhi studies to kabhi kuch aur?????
    Well post soon nd also Katil ko bhi????

    Love you lots ????????

  18. Amazing episode
    Twinkle was jealous ???

  19. fabulous epi..
    loved the balcony scene so.much.it was very heart touching..
    post soon

  20. Chiku

    Amazing. Post other ff also❤️❤️

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing fabulous funny

  22. Ramya

    Awesome Sam Amazing super lovely
    Love you keep smiling

  23. Baby

    really samiee loved it ♥
    amazing ♥
    love u ♥
    i miss u ♥

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