Hello guys I am backkkkkkk again …
Again a very very very very very very very happy wala bday to anayaali …
Enjoy the episodes …?????…
I am glad u all are liking the track ???????….
Episode 43 …
The episode starts with twinj going back home still they were angry with each other for no reason…. .???kunj went to get freshen up…

Twinkle kept her bag on couch and sat resting …when she called leela ..

T : hello maa ….kaise ho aap ???

L : twinkle I am.fine beta Tu bata kaisi hai meri bachiii …

T : maa I am missing u soooo much .
L : even we are missing u beta …par koi nahi only 1 week left then u will be back here …

T : haan maa right…I can’t wait to hug u all …she gets teard eye ..

L : to bata Tu enjoy to Kar rahi hai na ???? …

T : yess maa u know I started working too she started speaking how she went to office n all maa u know kunj he is too good such an understanding person …I am lucky to have him …he is too good .

Kunj was standing behind twinkle and was having a blushing smile on his face …..

L : chal acha hai bye ur Bhai and papa will be coming from office ..

T : okay maaa bye take care ..love you .
L : u too beta love you too meri bachi ..
Twinkle ended the call and heard kunj .

K : and I love you three …Jaan ..ahaan not three four five six …infity …

Twinkle smiled and hugged kunj ..while he reciprocate …the hug ..

K : ahem ahem koi meri zyada taarif nahi Kar Raha tha haan ??? ..he said raising his collar ….

T : haan wo to jhooti taarif thi taaki apke pyaare hone wale sasural walo Ko ye shakk na ho unka damad ek number Ka kaamchor hai …she sat patting her forehead …

Kaamchor ???? He asked raising his eye brow ….???? …are u serious ..mein kamchor..

T : yess u are a kaamchor office log kaam karne jaate hai naah ki chupke chupke apni hot si hone wali biwi koo dekhne …

K : wait wait Kya kaha tune .??? Hot ??? I mean hot ??? ..

T : yess hot ??? Can’t u heard properly .
.she said moving her hairs in style ..

K : hàhahah I mean I can’t believe …u and hot ??? Haven’t u watched mirror ??? Bhootni lagti hai siyappa queen bhootni chuhiya …

T : what did u just said ??? Haan ??? ..

K : can’t u heard properly he mimicked twinkle and again laughed …

She got angry and said well Jo bhi ho ..hot nahi to to bhi sahi tab bhi log jal ke rakh hojate hai ??? Hai na she said and. Smirks at him …

K : wait I wasnt jealous …

T : yes u were ..

K : no i wasn’t ..
T : yess ..
K : noooooo ..
T : yesss ..
K : noo …
T : nooo ..
K : yesss ..

T : see I told u nah koyla sarna (coal sarna ) …I won …twinkle said and climbed the table and said I mean I really won and mein apni ye jeet meri pyaare patidev ko dedicate karti hu.agar wo na hote to mein ye kabhi nahi jeet ti….she said clearing her fake tears ..

Kunj laughed at her antics ..and pulled her from the table they both lost their balance and fall on the couch ..with twinkle on top of kunj …

They both were looking at each other .. passionately …followed by a deep eye lock ….

K : it’s perfect time to give you punishment he winked at her ….she smiled while he tucked her hairs behind her ears and moves his fingers on her cheeks ..

He moved closer and pecked her both checks …she smiled and pecked his forehead …and they move closer getting engaged in a deep lip lock …they broke it after few mins and looked at each other ..

K : if I get these type of doses family nah then do …balle balle ..he winked at twinkle ..while she turned red ..

T : u are such a shameless ..creature
K : yes I am …he smiled and switched their positions…

T : now leave me punishment over ryttt

K : not yet …wo punishment to boss ki taraf se thi…

T : ahaan ??? ..

K : yes he said when his phn beeped ..ahh now who is this …

They got up from there and kunj looked at the message ..

K : omg I totally forgot we have to go for dinner …

T : dinner ????? ..

K : yess just go and get ready don’t ask me questions ..

T : okay…she was going towards the room but kunj pulled her she crashed on Him before she could say anything he kissed her and she responded …they both were breathing heavily ..

K : now u can go punishment overr..and winked at her ..

Okay she said blushing and left they both got ready …and left for the restaurant ..
@ xyz restaurant ::::..
Swadarsh Aryan were sitting when kunj comes there with twinkle behind him they didn’t saw her ..

Ar : abey saale u are late …

K : sorry yaar I forgot ..

Ar : now will u tell me where is Bhabhi .
K : yeah kunj said and move aside there twinkle was standing having a 440 smile on her face …aryan gets 440 volt shocked …

Ar : twinkle ?????? ..he said looking at kunj ..

K : Bhabhi ..

Ar : what ??? ..

K : I mean u were saying Bhabhi Bhabhi from long time so Twinkle Bhabhi now ..he said and winked at him ..

Ar : so she is one who stole my buddy heart he said and Kunj nodded ..

K : laga na shock ..he whispered to Aryan while he replied bhtt Zor se ..

Ar : that’s why I was thinking Tu itna sadu face kyun Bana Raha tha pehle nahi bol Sakta tha …

Ad : chalo guys now bakbak baadme let’s have dinner ..

Sw : haan plzz .

T : yeah ..

They all sat and started telling twinkle and swadheenta about their masti in college …

Ar : kunj u remember ziva ..our classmate ..

K : haan I remember ..

Ar : yaar she is getting married ..
K : what ??? How ??? Haan ???? ..

T : why u are asking what how haan ??? She is getting married ..that’s it she said feeling jealous ..

Kunj senses her jealousy and smirks ..while Aryan continues ..

Ar : arey bcoz kunj used to like her ..u know twinkle ..they both used to roam in college together all the day ..bunk classes together go for outings u remember na kunj ..

K : yeah wo bhi Kya din thay i need that days those outings …kunj saidd and twinkle looked at him with I am gonna kill you now expression …
Screen freezes …..
So how was the episode ???? ..
Haha I hope u all liked it …
Ba byeeee guys …
Thanks to all of you who commented on last one love u guys …
See anayaali dediya ???dono episodes …hope u enjoyed ..
We’ll have a blast enjoy your birthday ..
Ba byeeee guys ..will come soon ..
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned..

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    OMG !!! sam amazing yrr♥
    yrrr ek or episode plss aaj paavu kaa asli bday hai mene nakli mana liya tha mei dat ebhul gyi thi hahaha uska 10th july ko aata ahai or issi baat pr humko ek or episode pdne ko bhi mil jayega…..♥
    ufff srsly yrr d episode soooo cute romantic lovely ♥
    love u ♥
    post soon 🙂 😉
    mene fasa toh nhi diya naa :)geez m in naughty mood merko shararat krne ka mann kr rha hai as mere aaj ut khtam hue hain ab kal se fir padai…..hehehe…. 🙂

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