Hello guys I am.back again kaha ho sab I know u all must me sleeping …aadhi raat hai waise bhi ????..
Episode 42 ..
The episode starts with Aryan turning towards kunj who can standing having a smirk on his face …twinkle was slowly laughing …

K : Aryannnnn ….kunj again said ..

Ar : haannn kunj bol nah he said gulping in fear …

K : to bata tujhe lunch pe Jana hai ..???? Haan ???? …bhtt zyada bhook Lagi hai Kya ??? …

Ar : lunch what lunch I don’t have lunch daily ..waise bhi I am on diet …I was just joking hai na twinkle ji..

He looks at twinkle and pleads to her to say yesss ..with puppy face ..

T : haan and laughs ..well I have some work I’ll be here soon okay ..

Kunj and Aryan nods and twinkle left from there ..

Ar : woh kunj I’ll meet u later I’ll too come after lunch he said and left before kunj could replied anything …

Kunj smiles and moves to meet twinkle he finds her talking to some colleagues and gets fully irritated …

K : ahh…I shouldn’t have asked her to come for office ….she is always bzy with someone else ..he irritatedly come to his cabin ..

Twinkle comes there and knocks on the door kunj who was working doesn’t notice her …and asked her to come ..thinking she may be receptionist ..

K : keep the files here and go ..still working ….

Twinkle looked at him and moves towards him and removed his laptop ..aside ..

K : what the …he gets quiet seeing twinkle …

T : Kya Kya hua ???? Lunch nahi Karna ??? …

K : no I don’t want to eat he said and moved towards window …

Twinkle went and backhugged him awww my baby is irritated shoo cute ..

K : huh whatever …

T : achaaa so u don’t wanna eat ??? ..

K : yess ..
T : pakka ..
K : haan ..
T : lock kardu ..
K : arey haan ..huh ..

T : k fine Mr sarna I am.gonna have lunch with Aryan she said and was moving towards door …

Kunj holds her wrist and pulled twinkle towards himself she landed on his chest …

K : u are not going anywhere ??? ..

T : kyun ??? I am starving ..and I wanna have my lunch …very badly ..

K : achaaaaa jiii ..but u are forgetting something ??? ..

T : am I forgetting something ??? …

K : yeah remember I told you if u get late even by a minute ..I’ll give u punishment
..he smirked at twinkle ..

Twinkle tries to run from there but kunj again holds her and pinned her to wall ..

T : kunj kunj shameless ..we are in office ..koi aajaye ga …nah ..she whispered ..

K : haan to aane do huh he said and tucked her hairs behind ..and moved his fingers sensuous on his face ..ready miss taneja for punishment ..

T : kunj plzz let me to go nah ..

K : no …he said and pecked her forehead ..then he moves towards twinkle cheeks and bites it ..

T : kunj kunj plzz leave me ??? Plzz she pleaded with puppy face ..

K : no I won’t baby he said and was looking at her lips ..
(Sajna ve plays in BG …….)
Twinkle closed her eyes giving him response …

They were moving towards each other when they again heard a knock on door …

K : ahhh I am gonna kill whoever it is he says irritatedly …and moved back ..
Twinkle smiled and he said come in …

Swadarsh came there and looked at an irritated kunj ..what happen to him ??? Adarsh aksed ….

T : umm nothing ..

Sw : don’t Tell me we have disturbed these love birds …

K : sahi kaha …he murmured but they heard him ..twinkle blushes ..

Ad : ahem ahem so that’s why u are soo irritated ..arey we came here for lunch but it’s okay u both continue we will leave ..

K : no guys I was just joking come we will have lunch …and where is Aryan ..???

Ad : he went for somework he said he will be back after lunch ..

K : acha hua ???…

Twinkle laughed at him and they had their lunch all the while kunj was ignoring twinkle and she was trying to gain his attention ..

T (thinks) : huh sadu kahi Ka ???..dekho kaise ignore mar raha hai ..

K (thinks) : huh siyappa queen kiss toh mein lekar hi rahunga agar meine nai liya na to mera naam bhi kunj sarna nahi …he smirked …

Twinkle looked at him with her puppy face but he turned his gaze ….

She coughed badly and kunj looked at her and gave her water …

K: dekh Kar nahi khaa Sakti Kya ???.
T : wo mein kunj …wo ..

K : wo wo Kya ..haan now drink he said feeding her water ..she smiled and looked at him with her tears eyes ..and he looked back followed by a cute eye lock sajna ve plays in BG …

Sw : aww shooooo cute …

They broke the eye lock and turned their gaze …

They had their lunch and left back for their works ..

Aryan came back and sees kunj is not present in cabin and sighs of relief ….kunj was standing behind him smirking he pat on Aryan shoulder…

K : Kya hua beta Aryannnnn ..

Ar : nothing kunj wo mein …

K : chal cabin mein waise bhi mujhe tijh se kuch private discuss Karna hai ..

He grabbed Aryan and took him to his cabin …while he was like I am finally dead now like ..face ..

K : to bata Tu kya keh Raha tha haan ..I am scared of you rytt ..

Ar : arey nahiiii ..kunj ..

K : then ??????? …u said rytt..

Ar : arey kunj tujhe to pata hai na i am a big flirt …thoda impression jama Raha tha …she is sooo cute yar ..

K (think’s) : isey impression Jamane k liye meri biwi hi mili huh …huh sochna bhi mat she is just mine n mine ..

Ar : arey waise I heard Teri hone wali wife tujh se Milne aayi hai NY saale milaye GA nahi …

K : who told u this ..????

Ar : arey I heard from swadarsh ..

K : acha so u don’t know who is she ???

Ar : nah yaar ..how would I know .u didn’t have said her name nor u showed us her pic …

K : okay I’ll make u meet her we will have dinner at my place what say ..

Ar : no no ..we will have dinner in xyz restaurant waise bhi meri treat pending thi I have invited swadarsh too u are also invited with Bhabhi …

K : okay yaar I’ll come with her ..n thinks u will get shocked seeing her ..beta just wait n watch ..

Ar : chal I’ll meet you sometime later ..

K : yeah ..go ..

Kunj smiles and got back to his work again …

Soon their work ended and twinj left back to their home…
Screen freezes …
So how was the episode ..???
I know twinj scenes less thay next wale me dungi romance …
Will be waiting for your comments ..
Again I caughted ..cold n flu ..and not getting sleep so thought to write this ..
It’s 4:25 rytt now …
Hope u all like it ..
Thank to all who commented guys ..
Love u all ..
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned..
Have horror drmzzzz ..

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  1. P.....Secret

    Amazing didu….
    Loved it ..
    So cute nd sweet..
    Love u

  2. SidMin23

    Amazing and love twinj scene and he will be in show knowing twinkle as kunj would be wife and get well soon

  3. Awesome ?
    Ab kya bolu no words ?
    Twinj scence is aww ?❤️?
    Kunj jealousy ????uff Kunj
    Whole episode is amazing ?
    Plz take care ur self plz. Take ur medicine ?On time and rest
    Post soon plz plz
    u r awesome sami ❤️♥️?
    Again fantastic episode

  4. Awesome ?
    Ab kya bolu no words ?
    Twinj scence is aww ?❤️?
    Kunj jealousy ????uff Kunj
    Whole episode is amazing ?
    Plz take care ur self plz. Take ur medicine ?On time and rest
    Post soon plz plz
    u r awesome sami ❤️♥️?
    Again fantastic episode

  5. Fantastic epi
    Bechara Aryan ??
    Next epi main Aryan ko shock mile ga
    And get well soon dear

  6. Ayesha51

    di di di……..

    u are awesome

    and the epi was marvellous
    mind blowing

    soo romantic

    kunj burning in jealousy

    kunj shocked twinkle rocked

    di di ek request hain

    plz next shot jaldi dena

    aur next shot me twinj ke beech dher sara romance chahiye

    ok di haan plz fulfil the request of ur chotu sis

    love u di to the infinity ♡♡♡♡♡


  7. Supriya18d

    awsm Epi Sameera…..luv it baby…..
    and luv u 2 ??? ?

  8. Lama

    Hii Sam,
    Awesoooooome epsiode…..
    Superbbbbb yrrr….
    kamaal kr diya……
    Kunj jealousy ????….
    Bechara Aryan ????????…..
    Plzzzz post next episode soon……

    Ur Sis

  9. Nishuu

    Wow my Sam baby it was awesome amazing mind blowing
    Loved it my dear
    And plzzz u take care of urself my dear
    Love u ???????
    Keep smiling
    Take care

  10. Rochika

    It was sooo sooo awesome and gr8 di!!!!
    This was really amazing..can’t describe in words..u write sooo good…so much better than me.??????????
    And yrrr take care..aapko kitni baar lagega cold…get well soooon….love u to core..
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  11. Daniya_khan_34

    Awwww sooo cute sam di today i am leaving for my hostel i will miss u and ur ffs i hope I could read another part also bye lovee u loads

    1. Sameera

      Awww daniya will miss you yaar …????…hope to see you back I wish I can give you another update of i started writing now it will take an hour max then after submitting will have to wait till night ….
      Just come back soooooooooonnnnn

      1. Daniya_khan_34

        Yaa sure my mom will be coming in 10 days soo i will read it in her phone kkk nd plzzz take care of ur health love u loads

  12. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi di amazing. Mind blowing outstanding. Kunj jealousy hehe maza aagaya
    Get well soon
    Ab aap thik hojayoge kyunki itni meethi dawa jo mili hai (comments )just joking
    Luv u so much
    Post next soon

  13. Daniya_khan_34

    Get welllllllll soooon sammmmm diii love u loads

  14. Amazingly portrayed

    Get well soon

    Post soon

  15. Hey sameera…. Yr bht hi kamal ki epi ha… Uffff amazing… Luvd it… Is m twinj scenes kam thy yr …. Pr nxt wali m bht zyada chahiye wo b alone ok…. Or lambi epi chahiye eri bday ki khushi m ….. Yr sameera i want ur nmbr…. ??…. Yr if u can plzzzz give me…. I want to talk to u…. I know its weired wish but plzzz yr somehow give me ur nmbr i want to talk to u on m bday plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Luv u…. Byeeee ….. Post nxt asap…. Tc….

  16. Sohi

    No words

    Just amazing episode

  17. JuneSpy

    Hi Sameera……………..??
    D epi was amazing.
    Kunj ke jealous hone se lekar uske twi ke liye concern hone Tak fabulously written. ???
    Plz do post d next epi soon?

  18. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….awesome episode…. Loved it….

  19. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  20. Farwah fathima

    Hey sameera
    Sorry for commenting late
    I sincerely apologize yaar
    The epi was awesome
    I’m speechless
    One of the best ff’s
    Was eagerly waiting for the epi aur ab dekho mein heen hoon sabse last comment karne wali
    I’m really sorry for commenting late yaar
    Was hell busy today so couldn’t comment
    Ab plzzz kehdo k tumhe mujhe maaf kardiya
    Yeh Jo ff tum hamare liye likh ti ho us ke aage humare comments kuch bhi nahi hain yaar
    And yeah take care of ua health and get well soon and give us more epi’s like this of this ff
    Do continue
    Plzzz naraz mat hona
    Hope u forgave me

  21. Baby

    ohhhhh terii sam pagal ho gayi hai itni bimaar hai tab bhi matlab phon emei screen mein aankhein ghusaa rkhii haii ♥
    dekh merko naa terepe bhottt gussaaa aa rha hai u don’t take care of urslf at all…….huhh…….
    srsly sam plsss yrr dhyaan rkhaa kr naa apannaaa or jab tabyat kharaab hai toh phone or use kr rhi hai headache nahi hoga kya…….or den rest bhi toh chaiye hota hai why were u nt resting like srsly u posted it at 4:25 a.m. u shuld hv been sleeping and u shuld hv taken medecines naaa……..m srsly like abhii toh theek hui thi m sure u mst hv had ice cream hainaaa…..yaa fir thanda paani pee liya hoga yrr tu bhii naa pls dhyaan rkhaa kr….nahi toh yeh teri dost ya sisjo bhi tu samjhti hai naa voh tujhse naraaz hoo jayegii……♥
    love u sooooo mch yrrr……♥

    n now coming to d episode ab kya krun itna dantna jo pada tereko huh…….
    achaaa I mean srsly too cute episode uff god ♥
    really I loved it sooooooo mch ♥
    it was sooo cute hahaha irritated kunj n still caring kunj ♥
    n hahahahahahaa maazaaa aayega srsly jab Aryan ko pata chalega ki uski bhabi kon hai hahahaha ♥ cant wait at all………♥
    srsly u nailed it uhhaannn obvio as always ♥
    loved it beautiful n funny ♥
    post soon 🙂
    love u alottt……..♥
    n yeah take care of urslf……♥
    get well soon sissy….♥ urf my DIIII 😉 hahhaa…….. 🙂

  22. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing superb episode sam
    Just really loved it
    Aryan is scared of kunj haha
    Awesome one dear
    N please do take care and have some rest
    Love you keep smiling

  23. Sam epi was awsm luvd it yr twinj scenes was cute just like u☺☺

    Yr tu na kisi din mjy apni cuteness sa mar dy gi by god

    Itny sweet or cute scenes hoty ha tery is ff m ??? i luv them really yr m teri isi cutenessssss ki wajah sa teri bht bht bht bht bht badi wali fan ho ???

    Ab bas jldi sa nxt epi da do ok ab mj sa wait nhi hota bht wait kr liya m na

    Or han yad aya sorry for late cmnt

    Fabee meri jaan tm q cmnt nhi kr rhi ho sam ka ff m ???

    Or yr tm mery msg ya call ka b jwb nhi da rhi ??? pleaseeeeee jaan agr tm mera cmnt parh rhi ho toh jwb da do or mjy msg kro

    Sorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy sam tery cmnt m m na personal matter shuru kr diye ??

    Bye ??
    Luv u???
    Keep smiling
    Take care of ur health

    1. Yr anu sorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy janu mjy maaf kr do wo mera cell yahan a ka mama ka pass tha sorrrrryyyy

      Luv uuuuuuuuuuu??????
      Take care

  24. Sameera bht hi kamal ki episode thi i just luvd it sam achi eisode thi twinj ka scenes bht achy thy han par bht kam thy mjy toh apni anu ki tarha dhare sary twinj scenes chaye nxt waly episode m

    Or han bht jldi chaye mjy yr ajj raat ko hi dy do plzzzz plzzzz meri or anu ki cutieeee pieee jo ho

    Ok bye
    Luv u??
    Take care , keep smiling infact laughing or agr tmry pas tmy hasany ka liye koi banda nhi ha toh meri anu jaan sa bt kr liya kro ??? q anu

    Ok ab paka wala bye

  25. sammu tu bimar h yrr jaldi se thik ho jaa aur apna dhiyan rakhna ye flu vagereh bauat ho rahe h aaj kal isliye aapna dhiyan rakhna OK dear
    aur episode par aate h episode was fabulous yrr mindblowing ? ? ??? ? ??
    get well soon dear
    post soon
    luv u

  26. Aamu

    Mashallah..masallah…epi hai mashallah..
    Yo u rocked shammu..
    Twinj scenes were .??????

    Post soon n do tell..bye..mumma calling thats y chotu cmnt

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