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Well well special special and sabse zyada special thanks to qwerty sidhant purvi sohi ramya aamu lama rochika Kiya fabeeha ..nity presha diya anayaaali pallavi Nishu di zoya9 mystery msmahi paavu (glad to see you ??) farwah anu sidmin ki sadia cheenacp harshita purnima anshika daniya_khan_34 baby ..
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Episode​ 41 …
The episode starts with next day twinj was seen sleeping cuddling to each other as last night they worked for a long time …and was hell tired …

Kunj woke up and saw twinkle sleeping ….and smiled then realisation stucked him that it’s already 8:25…

K : abey siyappa queen uth …warna we are gonna late …

T : sone do nah …waise b I am hell tired ..plzz let me sleep she pulled the blanket over her …

K : wah Kya baat hai ek hi din me batti gul …haaannnn ….pata tha mujhe Tu nahi kar Sakti ….

Twinkle woke up with a jerk and angrily glares at kunj …

T : Mr sarna aren’t u getting late for office she says gritting her teeths …

Kunj looked at her and smriks and says that my office I am boss so my rules he replied back ..

T : huh move now I don’t wanna get late ..and get punished ..

K : meine tera haath pakad ke rakha hai haan ??? Jaa nah …he says making twinkle irritate …

T : haannn haannn going whatever hate u she said and left to get freshen up ..

Kunj smiled and said but I love you soooo much …twinkle heard him and smiled …he went to get freshen up in another room …

After 15 mins ..both got ready and came at breakfast table and twinkle made breakfast they had it still kunj was teasing twinkle …and she was getting irritated …

K : done shall me leave ???? …he stands and took his coat ..

T : shall we leave means ???? Mr boss u will go your way and I’ll mine twinkle says still irritated ..

K : are u sure ???? .miss taneja ..

T : yesss don’t worry about me ..Mr sarna …

K : hahah who said I am.worrying about you ok come soon …if u gets late even by a minute nah then u will bear punishment from your boss samjhi …

T : we will see that Mr boss …

Kunj went from there n thinks she will reach safely I know …he smiled …
@ bus stop
Twinkle went from.there to take up the bus …when she collided with a man ..her bracelet falls …

Man : I am sooo sorry …

T : it’s okay says twinkle ..and left from there …the man take bracelet and looked for twinkle but she left already ..

She was constantly checking the watch and thinks omg i wasted my 5 minutes in that case if I get late today I am gone what to do ….

Kunj reached office and notice that twinkle hasn’t reached yet and smirked ..
Now I’ll.show this siyappa queen attitude of being a boss …

Twinkle comes there and thinks omg I got late don’t know what will these sadu do now …

She meets other employees and went to kunj cabin ..

May I come in ????? …twinkle aksed with sheepish smile ..

K : yeah yeah come miss taneja ..u are 10 min late ..he says looking at the wall.clock ..

T : woh kunj …

K : ahem …ahem

T : I mean boss …she was going to say further when they again heard a knock on the door …

Come in kunj shouted and the same man enters the cabin with whom twinkle collided …

Hey kunj he said and looked at twinkle .
…. surprised ..

Hey Aryan kunj replied ..while he looked at twinkle and she was looking at him kunj sees them and got jealous ..

K : why they both are starting each other huh(thinks) ..ahem ahem he coughed to gained their attention ..

Ar : u are here ??? What a surprise ..He asked twinkle ..

K : u both know each other ..??

T : yeah I had bumped into him today morning ..that’s why got Late replied twinkle …

Ar : I am so sorry miss ..

T : twinkle ..

Ar : miss twinkle actually I was in hurry

T : I was in hurry too ..

They both were talking constantly without stopping even for a second but the one who has became coal till now was our lovely kunj ..

K : basss …is this office or what …he asked irritated ..
Ar : ohh I am so sorry twinke your bracelet he gave twinkle back ..

K : twinkle meet us in conference hall in 10 mins ..

T : okay she said and left from there ..

Ar : why u are starting me like this as if I had talked to your girlfriend..

K (think’s) : when I will tell.u truth then u will repent saale girlfriend nahi hone wali biwi hai meri..

Ar : kunj kunj …he said shaking kunj .
K : haan wo sorry how u came here today ..

Ar : wo yeah I actually came to talk about the new productions they continue talking …adarsh too joins them and kunj says lets go guys it’s time to see the presentation …they left for the conference hall ..

Twinkle swadheenta and others were already present there kunj adarsh Aryan trio enters and took their seats ..

K : soo miss taneja are u ready ..

T : yeah sir she said with full confidence

K : then go ahead he said and lipsed best of luck without anyone notice ..

Twinkle started her presentation and was showing the slides everyone present in the hall was very much impressed with twinkle …

She was constantly speaking but then forgot …the next topic ..she then recalls kunj telling her to never let go of her confidence if in case she will forget anything she should tell what she knows she closed her eyes and continued again while kunj smiles feeling proud of his lady love …

Soon the presentation ended and everyone left from there ….for the lunch ..

Kunj was going to ask twinkle for lunch when Aryan comes there …and stands in front of twinkle ..

Kunj closed his fist tightly being annoyed ..
Chipku kahi Ka ….he murmured ..

Ar : wow u have such a amazinggggg presentation I am impressive ..

K(think’s) : so.what ??? Tu impress hoke b Kya karega ..she is just mine ..

T : thank you soo much ..

Ar : can we be friends ???? …he said forwarding his hand ..

Twinkle looked at kunj who was fully red with anger he was giving just one look U ARE GONNA DIE TODAY to Aryan ..

T(think’s) : sadu sarna subah se bhtt zyada tang Kiya na …let’s see what I will do now pay back time she smirks ..and says friends to Aryan ..and they shake hands …

Ar : superbbb can we go for lunch ..

Twinkle again looks at kunj and says no yaar may be some other day as I have some work …

Kunj anger turned into huge smile and he smiled brightly …saying I know my queen is just mine …

Ar : arey par kyun ???

T : wo boss gave me so many works …

Ar : arey u are scared of him but let me tell.u one thing kunj is scared of me..he saying and kunj looked at him with Tu to Gaya bete look ..

Twinkle tries to control her laugh ..while Aryan continued ..

Ar : I will order him to send you with me okay ..

T : achaaa if boss doesn’t listen to you then ????

Ar : then I’ll pull his ears …

K : aryannnnnn kunj said pressing his teeth ..

Aryan makes aaj to I am dead wala face while twinkle was laughing silently kunj was angrily glaring at Aryan ..
Screen freezes ..
Aryan khanna : kunj’s one of the best friend ..his college mate now business colleuge too fun loving guy a big flirt plays a positive role …
So how was the episode guys …
I hope u all liked it …
Thank u sooo much who all commented ..
I was jumping from happiness that my dhamki worked …
Do comments guys ??????…
Wo I am bzy due to my cousin’s wedding isliye ???chup chup Kar thoda thoda likh rahi Hu ????…
Will post next one as soon as get free ..
Okay guys love u all …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned..

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  1. Nishuu

    Wow Sam it was awesome fantastic
    Fantabulous and wat not dear really loved it to the core
    Plzzz post next one soon my dear
    Love u sooooooo much????????????

  2. Superb ♥️
    Amazing ?
    Mind blowing episode?
    Fantastic ??♥️
    Kunj jealous ? awww ?
    Post soon plz give twinj romance

  3. Daniya_khan_34

    Awesome babes u nailed it sam plzzzpost asap love u loads ❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  4. P.....Secret

    Awesome dii…
    Loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u…
    Post on na…pls pls…
    Kaatil bhi jaldi

  5. Anshikajainn

    Sammmm it was just perfect…. I just loved it this Ff is my fav.

  6. Farwah fathima

    Hey sameera
    The epi was awesome
    I have no words to describe
    Ur toooooo good
    Really u write so well
    And yeah thanks for fulfilling the request
    I’m very happy after reading the ff
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz post the next one soonest
    Eagerly waiting for it

  7. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi sammu di too funny maza aagaya
    Luv u so much
    Post next soon

  8. Sohi

    Amazing episode sam?
    (sorry for the short comment, hell busy)

  9. Rochika

    It was sooooo soooo funny yrrr becoz of kunj jealousy..oh god!?????????????????..too good yrrr…awesome…it was stupendous and fantastic episode..mood fresh ho gya aapka episode pad kr..and thank u sooo much for dedicating this episode to me and others???????????
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  10. Amazing episode
    And funny too
    Bechara kunj ? ? he was getting jealous
    And Aryan wo to gia bechara
    Post soon

  11. Ramya

    Awesome Sam amazing it’s just superb
    The way aaryan said about kunj was hilarious
    Loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  12. sry yrr thoda late hu mera boss bhi esa hi khados h itna kaam karna padta h bas kya bolu isliye late ho gayi …………………..par episode was mindblowing ???? kunj ki jealousy amazing ??? thank u episode ko dedicate karne me ek mera naam lene ke liye bhi thank u yrr
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  14. SidMin23

    Nice and hahhahha jealous kunj sarna

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome funny fantastic

  16. Lama

    Hiii Sam,
    What an episode yr…..
    Superrrrr se bhi upperrrrr…..
    Kamaal kr diya yr…..
    Twinj ka tashan….Maza aagaya….
    Plzzzzz post the next part soon….
    Luv u….

    Ur sis

  17. Baby

    sam yrrrr ohhh god did big wala smile and did laugh pata hai subah se aaj mei bhott royi meri bst frnd se I had fyt n now finally subah se jakr now I laughed like m sooooo happy now I got relief and now am able to smile n dats jst because of u……..♥
    u r jst soooooooo amazing prsn always make me smile and laugh n do crazy stuff…….hahahaha voh crazy stuff mei teri writings pad padke krne lag gyi hun hhahahahaaa…….♥
    really maza aagyaa ♥
    loved it ♥
    hahahhahaaa kunj ki shakal n twinkle ki teasings bhott maza le rha tha na kunj baby hahahhahaa ♥ loveed it……♥ enjoy d wedding ♥
    n do post soon……..♥
    love u lods…….♥♥♥♥♥♥

  18. Amazing episode
    Loved twinj scenes
    And jealousy part
    Post soon and KAATIL too
    Love u
    Keep smiling
    Sorry for short comment as I have to go to school
    Post soonest

  19. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..sameera lovely episode… Aaryan has an amazing role….

  20. Aamu

    Tu ye le pehle✋???????????????????????
    Bohot buri hai tu..
    U know daayano se b buri…ulte per waali chudail jaisi..
    Gadhi..tune uje promise kiya tha ki wenever u will post u will ping me..
    Kaha gaya promise huh?..
    Wanna kill u..???…
    Ekto mood khaarab..upar se ye padhai balwas n upar se ye tu..?..
    Agar me kholti ni to ni pata chaltw muje..n obviously i would have missed misss sammeeeerraaa.???..

    Well this chapter was mazEdaar…loved it..
    Hindi dialogues were like a masala on chat..
    Sorry ham unique hai..ham desert oar topping nahi bolte ham masal on chat bolte hai?? .
    Well loved aryan characyer..
    Bechare ka popat ho gaya..
    He is joyfu..n yeah who plays his role.??

    Loved it..but hate you..
    Will read katil now only..i saw now..19 par cmnt kardiya tha..o

  21. Hey sameera … Its awsm… Beautifull… Cute …. Funny… Sweet…. Luvd it yr…. Post nxt soooooooooooonnnnnnnnn plzzzzzzz …..
    Byeee…. Luv u…. Tc

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