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Episode 4
Recap : twinj first meet after leap

The episode starts with twinj breaking the eye lock and looks up to see d girl apologizing them they smile and left from there ….
wedding was completed and adarsh and swadheenta are decalred as husband and wife all claps for them then twinkle congratulates and then kunj …
A : what happen kuñj .???
K : who is dat girl ??? Pointing towards twinkle ????(note twinj has not seen each other after kunj left for new York )
A : wo she is swadheenta friend twi before he could complete his parents call him and he left ..

Kunj pov :::
Why I am feeling as if I know her ??? But she is soooo cute and is looking very pretty today I must say her smile woah kunj what u are thinking …
Twinkle pov :::
Who is he yar ??? Why I am feeling like I know him but I must say he is very hot uff twinkle what u are thinking u are going to get married after 6 months ..
Twinkle with her friends came back to swadarsh and kunj too comes there ..
A : where are my shoes ???
T : how would we know ???
A : twinkle don’t tell me u hide it ..
T : yeah we hide it give us money and take ur shoes …
K : no he will not give u moñey..
T : who are u haa ..
K : I am his best friend cum brother ..
T : so ??? Should I do ur aarti ???
K : ur wish u can if u want and smirks
T : oh just shut up …

They again started fighting like how they used to do in childhood …
A : ahh guys shut up .. okay twinkle and my other sils I’ll give u all moñey …
K : no adarsh u’ll not give them I’ll find ur shoes in 10 mins ..
T : ohooo confidence …
K : over confidence …And they both stare at each other with tashan
Kunj started finding the shoes twinkle was laughing seeing him struggling ..
T : hello Mr whoever u are ??? U’ll never find the shoes ..S it’s better u stop searc for it …

K : so miss beauty it’s challenge I’ll find it don’t worry kunj passes a smile and left from there ..
T (thinks) : why I felt like he is kunj oh no kunj is in new York now huh ..
After 7 mins kunj sees twinkle smirking looking at some direction where a old lady is sitting and behind her chairs something was kept …
K : ohooo so she has kept shoes there ..
He runs to the side and touches the lady feet and was taking out the shoes when twinkle sees him and shouts ..
T : stoppp …
Kunj looks at twinkle and she comes there and takes shoes and runs while kunj ran behind her …
K : u cheater …

T : huh … Whatever ..
Kunj pulls twinkle towards himself with her hands on her back he came closer to twinkle and she closed her eyes and gets nervous and kunj stnaches shoes and ran from there giving his cheesy smile to twinkle
T : cheater kahi ka huh ..
Kunj was going to give shoes back to adarsh while twinkle and other girls look at him angrily …
A : okay okay kunj give me ..
Kunj looks at twinkle then gave her shoes back …While twinkle smiles ..
A : what u have done ??? Kunj .

K : it’s their right bro to take something from their jiju so I gave it back n smiles while twinkle and others too smiles looking at kunj…
Twinkle goes to kunj and he turns …
K : u want something ???
T : nah I came to give ur phone back ..
K : oh thank u soo much and he moves his hand to take phone and incidentally their hands touched and they feels a current and again looks at each other (bas itni si tamanna hai plays in BG ..)
Twinkle smiles and went from there while kunj too smiles …
On the other side …
Leela babee usha RT and manohar are in taneja mansion lawn chit chatting ..
U : don’t know when will kunj come back
L : yeah …
Man : don’t worry usha he will come back he has to come back for his wedding ..
RT : yeah monu ..

L : I think we should ask kids once if they are ready or not …
RT : no need leela kunj and twinkle will never deny for wedding ..
Man : yeah it’s their grandparents last wish and by hook or crook we all will fulfill it they see garland’s pics of kuber asha Raj and sakhshi …
U : yeah even kunj agreed for wedding
L : hmm yeah twinkle too agreed
RT : no worries this wedding will take place surely …
All nods in yes and smiles …..
While leela and babee talks about mibir wedding and this continues …

Next scene …
All went to have food and they had a memorable moment twinj was staring at each other but they didn’t knew why ??
After sometime twinkle was standing with her friends and kunj wants to talk to twinkle so he went towards her …
Twinkle friend : oh yaar how much fun we had today right …
T : yeah we enjoyed alott …
F : now next we will enjoy in your wedding …And she smiled …
Twinkle smile fades away while kunj smile too …

T : yeah my wedding hmm …
K(thinks) : she is going to get married uff I shouldn’t talk to her what will she think he left from there silently …
He was sad but he didn’t know the reason behind it while twinkle searches for him to thank him but he left from there …
Soon everything ended and twinkle went back to taneja mansion ….
Whole night twinj was thinking about each other and then slept ….
Screen freezes..

So how was the episode …
Ba byee love u all …
Do comments …warna ??I know u all remember black n white mail …
Tata will post soon …

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