Hello guys how are u all see I am back as I said that I’ll post this in this week and I had to fulfill my promise ???
So I am soooo sooo happy today again a silver jubilee for me on our love twinj I am sooo happy guys and I wanna thank each n every one who supported me throughout I can’t even define what I am feeling now …?????…

So.a very big thank u to all ….
Well I anyone had not read my other story intro then do read it …
KAATIL (A Revengeful love) …
Well silver jubilee suprise is on the way too ….
Excited for blast ????
Shall we begin ..
Silver jubilee blast …
Episode 25 …
The episode starts with a confused Twinkle standing in her balcony in her own thoughts …
Twinkle pov ::::
What’s rohan said was that true I am really in love ???? No yaar how can I fall for him no this can’t happen but y it can happen right ??…as he is going to marry me but we didn’t wanted to marry eo ohhhh my gosh I will get mad some day huh ….
Pov ends …
She went to her bed and was turning her sides as she was not getting sleeping she came out in garden and sat near pool side dipping her legs with a mug of coffee in deep thinking when someone comes there and keeps his hand on her she shouts but the person keeps hand in her mouth and she sees kunj and they both look at each other followed by a deep eye lock ???(sajna ve plays in BG ……)
K : it’s me Siyappa queen..
T : kunj u ??? (She says in weird voice )

K : what language u are using twinkle I know u are an alien but this is India baby ??and winks at twinkle …

She bites his hand hard and his hand was still kept on her mouth …

K : ouch …what tha hell …u are a wild cat …
T : huh …

K : what u are doing at at his night ???

T : huh I can sit it’s my wish …

K : ok sit …he turns to go twinkle holds his hand …

T : sorry…

K : turns towards her shocking n says what ???? U said sorry …

T : yeah sit na …

Kunj gets surprised seeing twinkle and sat beside her dipping his legs too ..

T : coffee ???

K : but what will u have then ???

T : we can share ..

K : wow yaar what a new avatar (thinks)
He takes coffee cup from twinkle hand and sips it …

K : u are stressed about something ???

Twinkle gets surprised as how he know that and looks at him and then says NO ..
K : don’t lie I can read it on your face ..

T : but how do u know ???

K : coz I lo…

T : what ???

K : I mean I was your x enemy nah so days why and turns her face to there side n thinks what u were going to do kunj sarna first time she reciprocated to my feelings if I would have confessed then she would have spilled that hot coffee over my face ???…

He was lost in his own thoughts when twinkle shakes him ..

T : what happen ????

K : nothing …

T : can I ask u something ..

K : haan ask ..

T : have u ever fallen in love ..

K : what ??? ..No ?..

T : hmm …

K : why u are asking …

T : no nothing it’s quite Late let’s sleep ..

K : yeah …

They both stand up to go when collided again and fall in pool …
Both get fully drenched in water and was looking at each other passionately as if they are now going to eat do kunj holds her by waist twinkle gets shiver by his touch ….he was moving towards twinkle when they heard some noises and came back to their senses …

K : I am so sorry ..

T : it’s okay they came out of their pool and heads towards their but still looking at each other by turning ….
Next morning ::::
In kunj room …
Kunj was sleeping peacefully when someone enters his room wearing cream and pink saare she went to the window and removed curtains and the sun rays fall on kunj but he hides it with his hands and turns to other side …
K : plz let me sleep nah ..twinkle (yes she was twinkle )

T : chalo kunj it’s quite late ..

K : plzz let me sleep ..

Twinkle moves towards him and pecked his lips slightly and moves back he opened his eyes and pulls her beneath him …

K : u are looking gorgeous jaan ..

T : thank u Mr sarna …

K : but I wanna sleep ..he slept turning

T : wake up wake up …

K : I wanna sleep Kunj now woke up from his sleep and saw yuvi standing there with angry face …and realised that was his dream …

Y : Bhai wake up now …u were doing weird things today ..

K : what I did ..

Y : what u did mujhe to sharam aati hai kehne me Bhai me waisa ladka nahi Hu and he cries fakely ..I think I should ask mum n dad to get u married quickly ..and laughs

K : huh now u just get lost my from room he throws pillow and yuvi and he ran from there laughing …

The dream which I badly wanted to be true hayeee siyappa queen tune Kya Haal kardiya hai mera he smiles hugging his pillow and went to get freshen up ..
After sometime kunj gets freshen up and came out in towel twinkle comes in his room and sees him like that he too looks at twinkle and thought it as his imagination again …

K (think’s) : not again I know it’s not my siyappa queen …

Kunj kunj twinkle shouted standing far away from him he came back to senses ..
K : u were actually here ???? He asked shocking ..

T : what do u mean yes I am here ..

K : why u came here ..

T : mummy g asked yuvi to call u for bf r but he said he didn’t wanted to go as it about his respect he was saying something weird so he asked me to call you …

Kunj curses yuvi under his breath and says realises that he was in towel and he stand behind curtain …

T : what happen why u are hiding yourself …and stares at him ..

K : huh siyappa queen handsome ladka dekha hi nahi tadna shuru huh …

T : u are saying as if I am seeing u like this for first time so let me remind u I saw u fully naked too …
Kunj gets shocked and recalled a childhood incident when he was a kid and usha made him bath and he came out fully naked and Twinkle saw him and started teasing saying shame shame puppy shame …
He looks at twinkle angrily who was trying to control her laugh u shameless creature just get lost from my room ..

Huh I don’t wanna stay here too and see u like this par u have a s*xy body I must say she murmurs …

Kya kaha ???? He asked raising his eye brow …I know I am hot ??..he comes out of the curtains and twinkle eyes popped up seeding his abs ..he was coming closer to twinkle but it’s yours only nah he winks at twinkle

Nothing huh just come soon she says and ran from there blushing he smiles and ruffles his hair n got ready …
@ breakfast table ..
Every one was there having their bf kunj too comes there and looks at twinkle and recalls their convo and smirks at her while she again. Blushes badly rohan comes there and greets everyone too kunj again gets jealous seeing him ..

T : hey ro come have bf ..

R : yeah baby doll ..

K (thinks) : I’ll punch his face someday for sure …

Shanaya too comes and holds kunj hand and take him to breakfast​ table twinkle looks at their entiwned hands and gets burned fully …
T (thinks) : if she meets me alone nah then she will be gone ??..
They all sat rohan beside twinkle and shanaya beside kunj twinj were stealing glances of eo but we’re burning in jealousy also ….

R : let’s go somewhere what say ..

S : let’s go to the farms where we use to go in childhood what say guys ..
All nods in yes while elders asked them to go they all got ready and went ..

@ farms :::
They all went to mango yard and was having fun rohan was with twinkle and shanaya was with kunj rohan n shanaya winks at eo ..as it was their plan to make twinj realised their love …that’s why they came here …
Kunj badly wanted to be with twinkle here twinkle condition was not less ..
T : why I wanted kunj to be with me ro is my best friend but still I wanted to be with kunj why babaji …
Mibir and mehbeer were romancing yuvi was trying to flirt with mahi twinj were restless ronaya were having fun looking at them all they all plucked mangoes ..
Twinkle goes from there without anyone notice and she was fully irritated now she went and climbed one mango tree and was sitting on his branch sucking mango looking fully cute and was talking to her self why babaji why what’s this feeling haan I wanted to be with kunj but I don’t wanna realise it’s love what’s this love plzz show me some sign nah plzzzz babaji …
Kunj listens to her voice and was searching for her n thinks where is she I can hear her voice but can’t see her is she became Mr India oh no miss India he was in his thoughts when he looked up at tree and gets shocked seeing twinkle and gets mesmerised …n says she will kill me one day for sure ..
K : what u are doing there just come down …
T : I don’t wanna come ..

K : why ????

T : my wish ?

K : what my wish just come down ..

T : no I won’t ..

K : stop acting like a kid be mature ..

T : huh …

K : so u are not coming haan ..

T : yes u understood it now ..

K : huh he hold twinkle leg and pulls her she gets scared bit falls in kunj arms and hugs him being scared (sajna ve plays in BG ….)
She broke the hug and looked at him with teard eye and punched him hard on his chest he was still lifting her in bridal style ..

K : twinkle I am so sorry but see there was insect it would have bite u ..

T : aww thank u so much she says ..

They heard clapping and hooting sounds and turns to see their siblings ..

Kunj makes Twinkle stand while their cousins teases them and they blushed badly after that all left for the farmhouse …
Screen freezes ..
So how was the episode guys ???
Do comment …
I.wanna make.it more long ..
Par Tu will not accept its length so ..
I hope u all enjoyed …
And and hopefully in next episode twinkle is gonna realise n that’s my promise ????…
Ba byeeee …
Love u all …
Plzz comment today plz plz nah ..
Sameera ?????

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  1. thank you so much for posting
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    teasing was speechless
    moreover I could imagine every line of your writing and this quality makes you special

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    Episode was just wow
    It was fabulous, amazing, lovely episode
    Liked twinj scenes very much ?
    Congratulations for ur silver jubilee
    Hope this ff also reaches till hundred episode ?
    I’m just waiting for their love confession
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  3. Presha

    Samy finally u posted it yaar…
    I was waiting impatiently…
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    Too cute..
    Post soon
    Love u…

  4. Awesome,fantastiC. ..
    Finally you came
    Congratulations for your silver jubilee
    Please post soon

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  6. SidMin23

    Sameera fantastic episode and everyone teasing twinj and twinj were jealous and hope in next part for sure twinkle will realize her love for kunj. Well do post both ff soon as I am enjoying both ff.

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute lovely epi…n congo for completing silver jubliee

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    Hey Sam,
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    U nailed it dear…..???
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    Congratulations or silver JUBLIEE
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