Hello guys I am back after a long time I know what to do these health first and that bekar college second haww my life had become a total mess …
So sorry for this much Late …
No proof read ignore mistakes
Well let’s begin guys …

Recap : all reaches farm house for picnic …and a new entry ..

Episode 24
The episode starts with everyone looking at kunj and the girl hugging and smiles while twinkle was burning in jealousy…
T : huh she again came back..
kunj breaks the hug and looked at the girl with a wide smile …
k : shanu….baby
T : huhh kunj its shanaya ..

k : twinkle but for me she is shanu ..
s : yeah twinkle…and she looks at kunj and smiles and went to usha manohar and meets everyone…
Ba : shanaya good to see u ..
S : thanks Mami
Mis : oyee u forgot me ..Haan

S : mishuu how can u forget u soo sorry i wouldn’t had came in your wedding
Mis : okay let it be
(Note : shanaya is Misha paternal cousin and kunj childhood friend but twinkles enemy ????)
After meeting everyone she came near twinkle …
S : hey twinkle how are u ???
T : yeah i am fine
K : shanu let’s go i wanna talk to u soo much as i missed u soo much …
S : i missed u too and she side hugs him
Twinkle sees this with anger in her eyes

T : but kunj first have ur lunch nah ..
U : yeah kunj …
K : ok maa …
All the members sat on dinning table and kunj makes shanaya sit and sat beside her twinkle gets teard eye and went from there without anyone notice ..
Twinkle pov :::
Ahhh why i getting possessive yeah she is his friend soo what i have many friends why i didn’t felt good seeing them hugging it’s friendly hug what’s is this twinkle tears u can’t cry no it’s his life let him do what he wants …All were having their lunch no one came to ask me too huh shanaya hate u …

Pov ends …
Twinkle was crying in the lawn she doesn’t knew why she is feeling so hurt seeing them close she wipes her tears …And tries to calm herself ….
On the other side ..
Kunj and others were having their lunch when suddenly​ he noticed twinkle was no were to be seen …
K (thinks) : ohh shit where is this siyappa queen where she went ..N says where is twinkle …
L : she said she doesn’t feel like eating
RT : but leela …
L : let it be if she doesn’t want g …
RT : ok …
Kunj thinks what she doesn’t want to eat siyappa queen aloo parathas lover he stands up n says i had done ..I’ll be back in a minute …All nods and kunj left from there …And twinkle was coming inside farm house they both collides …
T : what the ….Kunj u

K : siyappa queen then who else it would be haan …
T : woh …
K : first tell me why u hadn’t your lunch
T : woh I was …Umm didn’t wanted to eat that’s why she says not looking at kunj …
Suddenly abeer kabir mish meher and shanaya comes there …
Y : twinkle Bhabhi ….
S : Bhabhi ????
Y : yess shanaya u didn’t knew that twinj allaince is fixed already …
T (thinks) : wow yuvi i love u for this just look at these shanaya face …
S : oh wow kunj …
K : what should we do now guys ???

S : let’s play Something ..
Ab : yeah it’s good idea …
T : I am going I don’t wanna play anything …
K (thinks) : what happen to this siyappa queen from morning she is behaving weirdly ..
Y : Bhabhi let’s play nah n whispers to twinkle I know u are jealous of shanaya and Kunj closeness ..
Twinkle passes a death glare to him while he makes a puppy face ..
All.insist twinkle and she agrees to play
Meh : let’s play dumsharads ..
Ab : nope yaar ..
T : yeah we should play Something new ..
Meanwhile yuvi takes the water pipe and throw the water on all off them..
K : what the …

T : I’ll not leave u yuvi …
Y : u only wanted to play Something new na bhabi g ..
They all.wre running behind yuvi to catch him it was perfect weather they all are playing in water and jumped summing pool Twinkle was standing in the edge …everyone were enjoying in water and they didn’t notice twinkle was not inside pool she was smiling looking at all of them when she felt two hands on her waist back hugging her she turn to find kunj smirking …
T : kunj …
K : twinkle …

T : go n enjoy na with ur shanu baby n she turns her face ..
K(thinks) : oh babaji so she is actually jealous hmm kunj sarna sahi mauka hai iss jhali ko pyaar Ka ehsaas karane Ka ..
T : kunj kunj ???where are u lost idiot

K : ha twinkle …
T : leave me she turned to go but his grip was more …
K : everyone is enjoying n u are here that’s not fair ..
T : means ???
Before she could react kunj lifts her and throws twinkle in pool all laughs and he too jumps in too ..

T : I’ll not leave u today monkey she started to chase kunj ..
K : huh whatever …
After about an hour everyone comes out of pool and went to change …
Kunj comes out with his wet hair twinkle was passing by kunj had a towel in his hand he looks at twinkle …
He signals twinkle to dry his hair and she looks at him blank ..
T : he wanted me to dry his hair ???ok I’ll do it …
They were moving towards eo when kunj passes by and twinkle turns and saw shanaya behind her …
S : kunj I’ll dry your hairs ..

K : ok shanu baby he looks at twinkle who was burning in jealousy n smiles ..
T : I can’t take this anymore and she runs to her room ..
S : plan accomplished ..
K : thanks yaar ..
S : anything for u kunj ..
They hifi as it was Thier plan to make twinkle jealous ..
@ night …
Everyone was sitting in lawn and having chit chat all boys were doing barbecue and all girls were sitting chatting with eo …
Kunj comes with plate of barbecues and ask shanaya to taste it and peeps from his corner of eye and saw twinkle angrily glaring at him n smirks …
S : it’s so tasty ..

Mis : yeah kunj it’s too tasty ..
Kunj went back to cook more when a handsome boy comes there and blindfolds twinkle …
Kunj looks at him angirly …and is shocked n thinks huh how he came here
T : who is this ..
B : guess janeman ..

K(thinks) : janeman my foot ..
T : rohan …
Rohan is childhood frnd of them while Shanaya was besti of kunj and both twinj are jealous of rohan/twi and kunj/shanaya closeness
R : awww janeman ..he makes twinkle turn n she hugs him tightly and kunj looks at them stunned …
K : now he came here huh..n he doesn’t realises that his barbecue was burning along with him too…
Rohan meets everyone​ and takes their blessings ..
He went towards kunj and whispers in his ears “Bro ur barbecue is burning ” all laughs and they all sat to have Thier dinner twinkle was Continuously taking with him and kunj was getting jealous ..
After sometime all left to their rooms but still twi was with rohan ..
K : she is not getting sleep today sleeping beauty ..but why I am jealous yeah I had to be jealous coz twinkle is gonna be my wife and looks at them huh I am going to my room ..
Here in lawn ..
R : so ?

T : so ?
R : u and kunj are going to get married ?
T : yes may be ..
R : u love him ?
T : nope yaar ..
R : lie I can see that in your eyes ..
T : there is nothing like dat..
R : ok tell me u can see him with any other girl ???

T : Umm no n thinks about shanaya n kunj ..
R : it doesn’t matter to u if he doesn’t talk ???
T : no yaar why it will matter n thinks no it’s matter alott ..
R : idiot u are in love ..
T : huh it’s nothing like that I am going to sleep bye ..
R : ok bye gn ..
Twinkle goes to her room and thinks am I really in love and that too with my enemy why it feels special to be around him jaise “KUCH TO HUA HAI…

Screen freezes on twinkle confused face …
So how was the shot guys ..
I didn’t know what I wrote ..

Will twinkle realises her love for kunj ..
Well guys I am quitting Tu and I won’t be able to upload my ff till June coz of my bzy schedule so sorry for that I’ll try to comment on ffs …whenever get time

Next one was my silver jubilee I don’t want to write it with bad mood as I had to be a blast so I’ll post in June only hope u all understand …
Ba byeeee love u all…
Sameera. ???

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  1. SidMin23

    Aww cute jealousy part love it especially twinkle was jealous ? and later double kunj too jealous as twinke was with different guy. Hope twinkle realize that she love kunj and waiting for silver episode of this ff yo it officially going to be 25 episode. But we have to wait until June

  2. missed you so much and cannot wait to read you silver jubilee and the worst part is I have to wait for another month I keep thinking about your ff every night and cannot keep this curiosity for another month
    but its ok college first par time milne par post karne ki sochna
    this one was a blast hopefully twinkle realizes her feeling asap
    loads of love and will always wait for your return to tu

  3. Ramya

    Sam missed u n ir ff alot
    N it was amazing awesome lovely
    Kunj n twinkle jeoulousy woww superb
    I hope twinkle realise her love soon
    N srsly I should wait for June
    Koi nahi tere liye kuch bhi
    I’m waiting for Jun to come
    Loved it dwar
    Love u keep smiling

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute fantastic funny epi….jealous twinj….

  5. Superb episode sameera ok fine jab bhi free ho na jab hi post karna ❤️❤️???❤️❤️ Loads of love ❤️ you

  6. Presha

    Will miss u samu
    Plz back with a blast
    Loved this epi vry much..
    Post soon..
    Love u..
    Keep smiling..

  7. Aamu

    Kisne cmnbkiya…
    I mean ajjj jldi kar di..waise daily to nahi karti…lekin jab b karti hu late krti hu na..!
    Well dis epi was a blast babes..
    Both jealous of rohan n shanaya respectively…was?????????

    Lovely…dhamaaka..n superb..
    N u r leaving TU..??????
    Well padhaai hai na.! To me kya kar sakti hu..fir bhi ye to bol sakti hu na..!
    I love u baaabbbbbyyyyyyy????…

  8. Awesome sameera I missed your ff alot dear
    I liked jealousy twinkle

  9. Fatimaa.

    Heyy sameera…
    Awww the epi was soo cute….
    Yaar muje ye jealousy wale tracks bade pasand ate hain….well me bhi isi track ki savar hu????????…
    Lovedd the epi…
    Post soon love u????????

  10. Baby

    ohhhh god sam…♥
    june tak……chalo tumhare liye june tak wait karne ko bhi tayaar hain ham……..
    sam di………srsly too cute too adorable hayee jealousy♥
    ohhhhhhh god lovely huh…ab samajh aaya kunj ko 😉
    wat is being in jealousy hahaaa………..really too cute………jst loved it…..amazing marvelleous…..♥♥♥♥♥♥ speechless……♥♥♥♥
    bt u r not gonna end it at any cost………☺
    well kuch toh hua hai pyaar hogya hai……….. 😀
    really osm loved it ♥
    lods of love………♥
    all d best for ur studies……..♥
    till d time u will return I wuld be on my holidays soooooo will enjo ur ff more….☺
    love u dii…….♥

  11. Hey epi was awsome…. I luvd it… The jealousy track was amazing… Enjoyed it alot… Plzzzz post nxt asap…

  12. Amaya_bhardwaj

    OMG Sam..
    It was sooo dammm cuteeeee epi….
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww JST loved this jealousy track..????
    Mst Mind blowing epi….
    Twinj jealousy part was splendid….
    Plz ye jealousy track Thora or continue Krna next part m….If possible…..
    Plz post soon
    Come back with a blast epi….As it will be your silver jubilee epi???
    Best of luck for your studies…
    Love you ????????
    Muuaaahhh. ????????

  13. Twinj

    Hey sam
    Finally u posted….tera previous epi padha tha par cmt nai kar payi sry yaaar….woahhhhhh kya likha hae yaar….itna jealous woahhhhh….this track is fab…awwwwwww it was so cute yaar…aab toh intazaar bhi nai hiraha but am compelled to wait till june…koi nai intazaar he sahi…can’t wait for ur silver jublieee come back soon….no doubt I will be waiting

  14. Sohi

    Episode was really lovely
    Liked both of thems jealous scenes
    Take care of yourself
    Do continue

  15. Sohi

    And a big sorry for commenting late and not commenting on ur previous posts ?

  16. Nice episode

  17. Episode was amazing

  18. Superb episode

  19. Lovely episode
    Liked twinj scenes
    Do continue

  20. Fabulous episode

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