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Recap : mibir wedding …
Episode 21
The episode starts with everyone came back to amritsar and bid bye to eo …
Mibir were welcome in taneja mansion by leela who did aarti of them and let them enter in the house …
All were very happy especially leela to see her daughter in law …
Kabir was teased by twinkle n abeer who was not letting him to go inside his room and asking for compensation …
Kab : tumlog Bhai bhen ho ya kuch aur huh ..(u are my siblings or what )
T : hahah Bhai if u wanna go to your room u have to give us something…
Ab : yess twinki is right …

Kab : huh abeer u too …
Ab : yesss i am with twinki now ..
Twinbeer hifi and kabir makes haww wala face and gave them their compensation after that all went to Thier rooms as they were hell tired …
On the other side …
All were happy and as well as sad in sm while kunj cheers them up along with yuvi and they too went to see room kunj was smiling in his room recalling all the recent happenings and soon sleep took over him too …
2 weeks​ later …
Days were passing by all the post marriage rituals of mibir happened and now everything was sorted Misha too had beautifully coped up with her new family twinkle yuhi meher was bzy with their college kunj too got bzy in his meetings …And twinj was not getting time to meet eo …
Next scene …
Twinkle wakes up and came down and saw leela and Misha were serving the break fast …
T : i am going byee maa ..
Mis : twinkle eat something ??
Kab : yeah twinki …
T : no Bhabhi i am already late I’ll have something from canteen don’t worry and she hugs them and went to the college ..
Abeer drops her and meets meher there they both smiles seeing eo ….
Ab : meher why is twinkle so worried ??!
Meh : woh our exams were coming nah so that’s why …
Ab : ohh ok bye he hugs meher and left from there …
Twinkle along with yuhi and meher are in their class …
Lec : so students no no more masti only one month left for ur exams …Have u all started ur preparation ???
All look at eo with wth look and says no sir we will start ..
L : ok then starts soon saying this. He left …
They all came out and were talking …
T : i am hell worried guys …
Y : why ????
T : oh idiot see this subject soo tough
Meh : don’t worry twinkle we will do it

Twinkle sees her phone ringing and as soon as she saw the person name a broad curve appears on her lips she went aside to talk …
T : hii kunj ???
K : hey twinkle how are u i hope i haven’t disturbed u ??
T : no no it’s fine …
K : are u worried ???
T : how do u know ???
K : i can sense that in your voice ..
T : okay and smiles ..Can u meet me now ???

K : Umm now …okay I’ll meet u ..
T : if u have meeting then let it be ..
K : no i was free only ..I am coming to pick u from college bye ..
T : ok i am waiting ..Bye and smiles
They end the call and kunj pa came ..
Pa : sir u have meeting in next 15 min ..
K : cancel it .
Pa : what ????
K : what happen cancel it ..
Pa : this is sooo imp meeting ..
K : i have something more important to do than this ..
He took his coat and left from office leaving his pa behind who thinks kunj sir were never like this before …??
Kunj came to twinkle college she was waiting for him and sat in car …
T : hey ….

K : hiii …
They both passes a smile to eo and kunj started driving …
T : siyappa i haven’t informed maa ..
K ; don’t worry i have informed them that i am talking my cutest frnd for date he smriks …
T : date ????
K : yeah date and winks at twinkle ..
Twinkle was lost in him and was admiring him when kunj says let’s go we reached …
T : yeah …
Kunj opens car door for twinkle and they both went inside the restaurant ..And sees it competely empty …
T : no one is here ???
K : yess Coz I have booked this whole side …
T : what ???? But why ..
K : hah first time someone wanted to meet me by her own wish and i didn’t wanted that anyone disturb us ..
Twinkle blushes listening to it while kunj says let’s sit ..
K : what u wanna have ?
T : anything by your wish …
Kunj ordered twinkle fav dishes while she was shocked to see his new avatar
T : my favourite dishes (still shocked)
K : ab khud khaogi ya meri help chahiye he winks at twinkle…(will u eat by yourself or u need my help )
T : no no Mr sarna I’ll eat ..

K : okay then miss amritsar and smiles
They started eating while talking both were hell happy in eo company …
K : why u were worried twinkle ???
T : no i am not worried ..
K : really siyappa queen
T : u sadu sarna ..
K : i know u so just Tell me if there is any problem ..
T : wo see nah kunj our exms are going to start …
K : so u were worried for exms ???Twinkle he asked arching his eye Brow
T : no only for one subject which is so difficult and i am not getting anything
K : agar dil lagaogi to sab samjh me aajeyga …(if u concentrate well ull understand )
T : means ???? Kunj coughs and says ..
K : woh i mean u have to concentrate on it …
T : yeah i had but still i am not getting it ..
K : should i help u ??? I’ll teach u that subject if u won’t mind ???
T : seriously ????

K : yess ..If u want ???
T : acha g ab itna cute ustad mil raha hai to shagird kaise mana Kare ???
Kunj smiles at her and says so done …
I teach u that subject don’t worry ..
T : ok ..
K : u know twinkle i had topped in that subject and he started praising himself
Twinkle looks at him in disbelief n says hah overr ..
K : ummm nah …
Twinkle passes death glare to kunj while he makes a puppy face …
They look at each other and laughs loudly …
T : omg seriously kunj ..U are nah amazing…

K : yeah i know twinkle ..N thinks this smile i was missing this since we came here ..Don’t worry my lady love I’ll never let ur smile fade away that’s kunj sarna promise..??..
T : okay then I’ll come to sm..
K : i can come to TM ???
T : yuvi is also there nah ..
K : yeah i totally forgot about him .

T : let’s go …
K : wait let’s have desert now …
He ordered ice cream and they both feeds each other maintaining Thier eye lock and smiles …
Screen freezes…
So how was the Episode guys …
Ba byeeee love u all …
Plzzz comments guys …
Don’t worry this bakwas is gonna end soon ?????..(now don’t beat me for this ) .
Love u all ????

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  1. Radhakale30

    Hello di. Episode was just mind blowing ??

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    Its was really cute
    Post soon

  3. SidMin23

    What u gonna end this soon hope u will still continue to post as I enjoys reading your post don’t end this ff soon. TWINJ scene was cute.

  4. lovely???

  5. Offo nice episode kitni baar bolu yaar I m speechless ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️???but plz don’t end post soon sami❤️❤️❤️??

  6. Lovely episode
    Plz don’t end it so soon

  7. Cute episode
    Don’t end this ff plz
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  8. Fabulous episode
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    Amazing awesome fabulous cute lovely epi

  10. Amazing episode
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  12. Awesome episode

  13. Episode was fantastic
    But don’t end dear plzzzzzzz

  14. Ramya

    Sam it was soo cute n adorable
    Kunj is sweet BE cancelled his meeting for twinkle lovely
    Loved everything
    Love u keep smiling

  15. Fatimaa.

    Sameera…yaar dat was shooo cutee..
    Lovedd it…
    Post soon

  16. Presha

    Oye samy ki bacchi end kiya na toh margii…
    Well the epi was awesome…
    Just loved it….
    Twinj wee cute…
    Kunj is so naughty…
    Love u….

  17. Main phir latee ho gayee??….Maafi….jahapanah tussi great hoo….Maafi qubool karoo???.,.And definitely gonna beat you?for last statement…But naa ????,…..Super-duper episodee…..Post next soon ???

  18. SidMin

    Just loved it … so sweet Twinj moments were cute and the PA ?
    Love you post soon … and Don t end na pls …

  19. sorry for not commenting on other ffs of yours actually exams were going on
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaar do not stop your one of my favorite writer
    this one has no words to express

  20. sooo cutee

  21. Awesome epi….
    Luvd it…it was soo sweet…
    Post nxt asap….
    Luv u….

  22. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey Sam,
    Agar tune ye FF end jiya na TOH paaka pitegi Tu …..Tu milja mujhe batati hi Mai tujhe…..??????????
    Aide Kaise hme apne FF ki addiction dila k u will end it…..
    This is nt fair???????????
    HW can u do this samy… plzzzzzzzZZzZzzzz end maat Kr na yrr…..???
    Do continue with it….
    ISS episode k bare m Kya batau hamesa ki Tarah u left me speechless…..It was mind blowing amazing fantastic darling…..
    Awwwwww…..Kunj is soooooo cuteeeeee???????????…..APNI meeting cancel Kr di or Pura restaurant the k liye book Kr Diya…. There chotu SA date was sooo sweeetu.???….I loved it…..
    Post soon…..????????????
    And plz plz plz don’t end it so soon yrr… ..
    LOADS OF LOVE ?????????????????????
    Keep smiling ????????????

  23. Shalini15

    Oye meri sweetness ki dukan karela banne ke baare mein sochiyo bhi mat warna I won’t talk to you ????????? isliye agar main aap ki thodi si bhi kuch lagti hun to continue it.

    Well episode was jhakkas bindas awesome mind blowing fabulous superb as always. Kunj to hayeeeee kitna romantic hai pura restaurant hi book kar liya aawwwwww loved it so much ??????????????

    Post next asap don’t know kab aungi ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    Bye. ….. take care of yourself. ….
    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    Shollly shammmmmu…m reallly shollly…..
    Actually vacation me b busy ho gayi hu…
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    So mera ghar 5 minute ki duri par ahi..jab bhi aati hu to karti hu…
    Isliye abhi mene saare epi padhe ek saath..
    Sorry yaaaar…
    But reallly i loved it…
    Der date was???????
    Loved it…
    No no …….not loved it…
    Pyaaar hua hai…tumse or tumhare ff se b…
    Perfect…..juzt perfect..
    Sorry yaaar again..
    Can u do me a favour(pehle se hi bohot le rakhe hai…tum bologi k har baar cmnt karti hai or kuch na kuch mangti hai…but sorry for dat?)
    Actually can u pls msg me wen u post..just dat u hav posted..
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    1. Aamu

      U know me bohot sad…hu..
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      N i know tum ab puchogi hi..k wen i m going to start a ff…
      Sorry for dat..
      But shaayad hi start karungi..
      Pata hai koi ladki ne cmnt kiya tha mere os par..
      K me apne post khud hi cmnt karti hu…
      Mene to kabhi aisa kiya hi nahi??????
      N i m not getting any cmnts also…
      So sorry i’ll not b starting a ff

      1. Aamu

        N i know mera kehne ka koi matlab ni hi…
        Kyuki cmnt to karti ni..me..
        But sachchi mene abhi hi sab read kiye i loved it…
        Pls dont end it..
        Isse zyada kuch nahi keh pauungi aaaj…
        Kyuki me khud hi tym par read nahi krti to how can i scold u??????????

  25. Baby

    Ohhhhh my goodness sam diii…. 🙂
    Amazing….wwooohhhooooo….n aapna end krne ki to sochnaa bhi mat bilkul bhii nahii am telling u u need to amke another century…….

    Welll d episode uff mere dil mein thodi khali si jagah thi uffmere dil mein thodi jo jagah thi voh iss ff ne liya hai yeh kaisee bebasiyaan hain srriee…srriee….merii iss bakwaas ke liye ddiii…. 🙂
    Bt agar aapne apni ff ko end krne ka sochaa bhii naa or usko bakwaas kaha yaa kuch bhii den mein aapko har roz aiseee hi pakaungii…… 😉 😉 hhahahaa….maza aayga haiana….. 🙂

    Diii loved it sooo mch voh uff wala sch hai…. 🙂
    I loved it sooo cute sooo beautiful sch a marvellous piece I love it…… 😉 🙂
    Post nxt asap dii…. 🙂
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