Hello guys how are u all first of all so sorry for late coz I.went to my aunt home and didn’t got time to post I was taking leap from this epi only but delayed it so enjoy twinj fight …
And baby kunj was 10 years old and twinkle was 8 …
I am glad u all are liking it ????
And Amaya thank u soo much yaar and my previous ff names ..
Twinj rab miliya …
Ishq forever twinj …
Recap : twinj entry and elders fixing their alliance …

Episode 2 …

The episode starts with twinj angrily looking at each other when usha calls them ….
u : kunj twinkle kids come here have dinner ….
k : coming maa..
they went inside and saw everyone sitting on the dinning table …
twinj went to the same seat and again looks at each h other …
K : this is my chair …
T : so ??? I have touched it first so it’s mine now …
K : don’t mess me with …Rat
T : just shut up monkey …
Raj : kunj twinkle sit …

K : see nah dadu this is my chair …
R : kunj twinkle is ur Freind nah so gave her ur seat today …
K: no she is not my friend (thinks)
T : huh she pushed kunj slightly and sat on his chair …
(Bachpan se hi kunj ki har cheez par twinkle ka Haq hai ??)
asha : kunj u too sit beside twinkle ..
K : okay …
all sat to have their dinner but twinj was looking at each other …
Kunj pinches twinkle inside the table ..
T : ouch …
L : what happen twinkle ???
T : nothing mumma and she stares at kunj …
K (whispers) : this is ur punishment for snatching my seat …And smirks ..
T : now see monkey what I’ll do with u ..
Twinkle makes her spoon fall and bends down to pick and bites kunj hand …
K : ouch …
R : what happen kuñj ???

K : nothing dadu while twinkle smirks and whispers to him this is the punishment for giving me punishment huh….Monkey ??
All had their dinner and tanejas left from their …. While kunj was just looking at the bite on his hand ..
Next day ::::
Kunj comes to school and was going towards his class when he saw twinkle at play ground and went towards her ..
K : what happen u here ???
T : my wish and makes faces ..
K : huh u are nah rat only and he left to go …
When he sees some boys teasing twinkle ….
T : go from here …

B : u messed with us right now see ..
They are moving towards twinkle and kunj was staring at them angrily …
K ; what happen to this rat why she is not beating them she only can beat me not others silly rat huh…
He moves towards twinkle to save her when principal comes there and punishes that boys …
PR : thank u soo much twinkle for complaining about them ..
T : it’s my pleasure mam ..
K (thinks) : ohh nice step…

Note : kunj is 2 years elder than twinkle
He went to his class while twinkle went to her class …
Days passes by twinj fighting was increasing day by day but lil they knew that hatred is the first step towards love
Next weekend …
Now this time sarnas were invited at taneja mansion and asha and leela were looking off for the arrangements …
T : mumma who is coming ???
L : kunj yuvi and others twinkle …

Twinkle makes faces while kabir and abeer teases her …
K : awe twinkle we will get u married to ur enemy …
Ab : hawwww twinkle then u can fight with him daily …
They both hi-fi when twinkle says no ways I’ll never marry dat monkey ..
L : twinkle beta I told u nah not to call him monkey and if u fight I’ll not talk to you is it okay leela scolds twinkle while she runs to her room ..
After sometime sarnas came there and all were chit chatting and all when kunj was looking for twinkle ….

K (thinks) : where is this rat she hasn’t fight with me today …
He went to the garden and sees twinkle sitting sadly …
K : ohh rat what happen …
T : ………
K : u will not fight with me today ???
T : no …
K : why ???

T : bcoz mumma scolded me coz of u I hate u …
Kunj feels bad and then he remembers usha too scolded him and says I hate u too …Huh and he left from there ..
Later after sometime manohar tells everyone that he got job in new York and was going this week and also tells him dat sarnas were to going to new York to enjoy their vacations and all congratulates them .. ..
@ airport…
Sarnas and tanejas came to airport …
Kub : have a nice journey …
R : thanks yaar …
T : yuvi u will not forget me nah and she looks at kunj …
Y : no twinkle u are my best friend right
T : yeah they both shake hands ..
Kab : kunj have fun …

K : yeah and I’ll miss u kabir and he looks at twinkle …
Kab : we all will miss u too come back soon ???
K ; yeah …..
Sarnas left while twinj were teard eye and thinks now with whom they will fight …
After a month sarnas came back and usha informed tanejas dat kunj stayed there only to complete his studies while twinkle looks on …
Screen freezes..

So how was the episode guys ….
Do comments…
So next epi leap ….

Comments comments next epi jaldi milega (Dekho again black n white mail ????) ….
I’ll post next one soon …
Ba byee love u all …

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  1. Sohi

    From now on ur black and white mail Queen huh
    Loved their cute fights
    And their for each other was good
    Post next episode soon
    Do continue

  2. Mia12

    Hey samy..
    Jus Awesome twinj fight was,,????? oh god Kunj pinches twinkle hand n twinkle bites Kunj hand,,????? can’t control my laughing,,????? but last scean that twinj are separated,,??? but excited 4 the leaps,,??? post next soon,,☺☺☺
    With lots of love..❤❤

  3. Aamna_2690

    It was too cute??n emotional too??Baby TWINJ are adorable☺☺They feel bad for eachother n care too??post next episode soon?
    Loads of love ??

  4. Baby

    Hahahhaa sameera dii… 🙂
    Thanks for clearing my doubt hehehe ohh god bt too cute episode dere fights were really amazing hehe…..
    N also d episode….dii r u angry wid me as I dont c ur cmnt in my posts phele toh apka sabse phela cmnt hota tha….I mean m srriee if I did any mistake…. 🙂
    Loved d episode sooo mch m laughing agn rat n monkey r too cute…..
    Love u lods…..♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡★☆♥♡☆☆♥♡★
    Posg soon dii….. 🙂 🙂

    1. Sameera

      Thanks yaar baby I am so sorry I forgot names can u plz tell me names if ur writings so that I can read ????

      1. Baby

        ohhh dii no dats fine i was jst joking bas i was missing u sooo mch ☺
        love u………☺

  5. ???????????nice episode and plz jaldi se jaldi post ?????

  6. Simiyy

    Hey Sameera
    I just loved it
    Twinj are too cute
    Post soon
    Loads of love

  7. Fabulous and cute episode

  8. Kruti

    Cutieee cutieeessssss…..????…..legit cute fights…..Amazing epi
    Continue asap

    Loads of love

  9. Anshikajainn

    Yrr it was soo cute

  10. It was awesome and funny too ..Post next epi soon

  11. Loved it…awesome

  12. Loved it… Awesome

  13. Presha

    Hey sam awesome just loved it…. ?????????……
    Love it… ?????? to core yaar….
    Loved twinj fight too….
    Nd post as soon as possible bcoz ibm addicted to ur writtings…..

  14. lovly..cute..epi

  15. Fatimaa.

    Heyy sameera..
    It was just amazing…
    Loved it dear

  16. Shalini15

    Hi my sweetness ki dukan you are back hayeeeee I’m so happy to see you back with another ff. Well firstly really very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry for not commenting on your last episode nd promo ????????????????????? dekho kaan pakad kar sorry bol rahi hu maaf kar do pleasssssssssssssssss ???????????????Actually I was not active on tu since 4-5 days so couldn’t read ??????????? abhi tu open kiya to find your this new ff so sabse pehle ise hi padha with first part nd promo.
    It was too good awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Hayeeeee phir se twinj ki hatreds dekne ko milega nd this time their marriage is already fixed in their childhood wow it’s really very interesting plot nd too good story ???????????????? loved it too much.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? loved twinj fights nd their moments. Now post next part very very very very very very soon.

    Waise is nacheez ko miss kiya? Nahi kiya mujhe pata tha varna mujhe inform jaroor karti apne is new ff ke bare mein… so sad ???????? well koi nahi maine bahooooooot miss kiya apni bullet train suspense queen romance queen ko. Ab jaldi post karna next part.

    Achha now babye jyada bore kar diya .

    Love you my Blaite mailer??????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Sameera

      Awww thank u sooo much actually o wanted to inform u par kya karinge my pm was not opening and I didn’t knew why so couldn’t inform u ????
      Waise I miss u too yar and post ur ff soon nah missing it and ur fs too plshh

  17. SidMin23

    TWINJ were beyond cute and their cute little fight are sweet and now I am sure that twinj will miss each other as kunj is staying their for his studying. And guy do comment so we could get next part soon and Sam your black and white mail do work sometime

  18. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️Lovely. Lpved it
    Post soon❤️❤️

  19. Cute episode???? …
    Cuties Twinj ?post next soon

  20. Samu dii sorry for late comment actually today only my exams ended..this was fantastic fabulous love u dii..
    Post soon…

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute lovely epi

  22. Ramya

    Awesome Sam amazing
    It Means twinj have feeling fr eo frm childhood only wows
    Don’t know what happens next
    Love u keep smiling

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