Kuch bhi saaza dena lekin maaf zaroor karna (swasan) ts part 3


Guys thanks for all your response…sorry I am extending this to one more episode..sorry I could not reply to you all individually…

Sanskaar rushes her to the hospital….he was shocked to see her condition…kriti was crying so the nurse came and took her and feed her bottle milk…

So I know all of you wants to know the reason…so the fact is..

Sanskaar is a cancer patient…he comes to know about this and hides it from swara…..it was all his plan about throwing swara out of the house so that she can live happily even though it would be a difficult…so he never cheated swara..he in fact had started loving her..

Sanskaar was thinking about how his life changed…doctor comes out..

Doctor-swara is very weak you have to take care of her..she had been starving now we have given her food…she will be fine..

Sanskaar- thanks doctor..

He goes inside and finds swara feeding milk to kriti..

Sanskaar-ohh. Sorry sorry..

Swara-there is nothing left in me which you haven’t seen…

Sanskaar feels sad when she told that..

Sanskaar-swara I am really sorry…please forgive me..

Swara-your one sorry will get rid of all that I suffered..

Sanskaar looks sadly…

Swara-i am sorry ji but then you only thought about revenge. I tried to say about our child many times you never listened to me…

Sanskaar felt very bad…sanskaar feels a bit dizzy…he felylt all his control going ….he faints..

Swara gets shocked…she calls the doctor.

The staff take him to op..swara gets confused why they are taking him to op..

Swara was waiting outside crying…

Doctor comes out..

Swara-what happened to him..

Doctor -we are doing his chemotherapy treatment now for cancer..if he survive this he will be saved otherwise we will loose him forever..

Swara was extremely shocked…only tears could take way to her eyes….

Swara sits on the ground with a thud…

After two hours…

Doctor comes out…

Doctor-the treatment was successful but he slipped into coma…

Swara cries hard…

Doctor-its OK…you can bring him back to life…you can make him want to get up..presently there is no hope in him for waking.. Like he doesn’t have a reason for him..

Swara nods…doctor goes.

Swara-i will not let anything happen to you ji…

Swara goes inside..

Swara-sanskaar ji now I understood why you avoided me..I understood why you left me…I will always be with you and now its your turn to always be with me…you will have to get up…if not for me at least for kriti our child…please you know right she is the symbol of our love..you want to live with her know….I dont wat her to become a fatherless child….you have to get for us….. Crying….

Swara stays with him all the time…she takes care of him completely…she doesn’t leave him alone except the time she gives milk to kriti…

After few days there was some movement in him…swara calls the doctor…

Doctor-he is out of Coma and after two days you can take him home.. Swara gets really happy…she starts jumping like a kid…

Sanskaar sees this-still a kid..even after giving birth to another kid….god how many kids will I handle…

Swara hears this…

Swara-oh hello. I am not a kid OK..?.. My fault I got over exited…and I have stayed all alone in the temple so I much matured than you..

Sanskaar smiles seeing her fighting like a kid.. She makes that angry pout…sanskaar just wanted to capture her lips…

Sanskaar goes to Swara and kisses her and shocking her…..she too responds…

They break it…swara hugs him tightly..

Swara-never leave me alone I will die…

Sanskaar-shh no I will never leave you..

After two days they go back…

Both swara and sanskaar wanted to feel eo again….but..

Sanskaar-swara when you turn 18 we will become one again…now you are still small..it was my fault I forced myself on you..I don’t want you to get much pain..

Swara-but its ok..

Sanskaar-no swara…no


They both sleep hugging kriti…

After two years on swara’s birthday…

At night(guys this is the first time I am writing something about this a bit in detail..I really have no idea and this just a small version from the different ff I read)..

Sanskaar picks swara and puts her on the bed in a bridal style.. Swara blushes…

Sanskaar-i love you…

Swara-me too..

Sanskaar-so you also love me..

Swara-no even I love my self..


Swara-just kidding I love you..

Sanskaar-where is kriti..

Swara-i have put her to sleep and now don’t waste time..fast..

Sanskaar-ohho my lioness is fast..huh…

Swara blushes..

Sanskaar removes her cloths and then his…he covers them with a blanket…he starts caressing all her body parts. .swara was mourning in pleasure….it was making him crazy…


Sanskaar-your sure..

Swara nods as sanskaar enters into her and she cries…

Sanskaar-your OK..

Swara nods.

Sanskaar continuous entering…. And then collapse onto her…

They both sleep cuddling each other…

After 1 month swara gets pregnant again…sanskaar takes full care of her and then after nine months swara gives birth to a baby boy …

So that’s it… Hope you all liked it..

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  1. Simin

    Happy ending

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    Srsl why u wrote in such a hurry?? ??? dear u can take time naa butt it is alsoo awesomee ???

    1. SRSL

      Dii its because I had wrote evry thing in detail but when I submitted it evry thing got deleted and I had to write all over again..

      1. Rabia

        ohooo thank its totally okayy i knowww what one feels when our hard work got deleted

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  4. Rosey

    happy ending and cancer news was major twist

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Hmmm,dear mein abhi abhi tu main aayi hu.. Sorry for not commenting in previous chappy bcz it was night, so I slept..Chappy is marvelous, stupendous.. Loved it.. Haww??swara became lioness,not bad ha??.. Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. SRSL

      Thanks uma…you always comment on my ff..thanks …you to tc..

  6. Deeksha

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  8. I just wanna now how old Sanksar was…! Can you please tell me that!!

    1. SRSL

      23 years old dear..

  9. Mahavir

    awesome dear umma ummmma love u a lot….love this ts soooooo much

  10. i loved it
    it brought tears in my eyes
    next time pls give a more detailed one just a small request
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  14. Arshaanya

    Sorry to say bt m not satisfied wid d reason u gve… fine he was cancer patient n thought abt her acc to u bt atleast he cud ve thought abt her future n planned something bt na jus forced her raped her n throw her out… atleast cud ve planned something for her future where she’l go n al…. anywayz it was nyc

    1. SRSL

      Dear he thought she will go back to her house..he did not know about what her relatives did..if he tells her calmly to move on…she would never listen as he knows that swara loves him…and about raping that was just for revenge after that he started loving her…but then he came to know about his cancer..

      1. Arshaanya

        Okay if he thought she wud go bck to her home bt for once in these months he didn’t try to c or chck whtr shez fine or not…
        Ur concept was amazing bt i thought u wud show or expln lil more dats it..

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