Kuch bhi saaza dena lekin maaf zaroor karna (swasan) ts part 2


Guys thanks a ton for all your comments…many of you don’t want swara to forgive sanky easily but my story is kinda diff….so sorry if it does not reach you expectations..

Swara was really hungry and she had no money left.. .she went and asked food from many people…no one gave her.. She went and sat on the steps of the temple and started begging…tears were continuously rolling from her eyes….she thought of the time she was treated like a princess…many people came and threw 1dhs on her….she took it and kept it in her bag….she then collected all the money and went to buy food …..

Like this many months pass…some times swara would have to starve for days…otherwise she would get money fast….but then she became weak and weak….all her power was deteriorated…..she was all tired…

On her ninth month….

These nine months were like hell to swara…she used to go on starving for days…some times she thinks that its a miracle that nothing happened yo her baby…every moments she thanks god for keeping her baby alright even in these tough conditions…

One day as swara was begging for money on the stairs she felt pain in stomach….she could not bear the pain….she somehow reached back to her room….she sat there crying in pain.. The pain started increasing….she did not know what’s happening…she cried loudly…this pain could not be accepted by her as she is just sixteen years old…

She cried in pain for two hours unless a woman came there hearing her cry….the woman was a gyno doctor….the woman helped her in giving birth….the woman told her to push but swara did not understand what it meant….

Swara-how should I push…aahhhh…

Doctor-you don’t know how to push…what..

The doctor helped her in pushing….at last she gave birth to a baby girl…after giving birth to the child swara looked at her for seeing the baby…once she saw the baby she bursted out crying….thinking about all the pain she suffered cause of the baby…she hugged the baby so tightly as if some one was gonna snatch it from her…she kissed the baby’s face all over..

Doctor-but I can’t understand why you don’t know the meaning of push you are big enough to know the meaning…

Swara-i am sixteen…

Doctor looked at her in disbelief….

Doctor-how…but then her phone starts ringing and she goes..

Swara feeds the baby milk…she was thinking a name for her baby at last she kept her name as
Sanskriti….she know seed sanskriti….swara calls the baby as kriti..

Days passed Swara got very less money…a lot of people stopped giving money as it was kind of banned by government…

It has been almost 1 week she has gone without food…even her milk had also got over two days back .. She did not have the power to stand up and console her starving daughter. .

Sanskaar and kavitha were passing that temple. They were on the signal…kavitha looked at the beggers sitting there with disgust..they were swara with baby….swara had turned the other side so kavitha did not see her face

Kavitha-look at them sanskaar..I hate these useless beggers…sanskaar looks at them…that time swara turns back…

He found a swara who was weak,pale,tired….her eyes were clearly showing her pain…

Sanskaar got shocked to see her in this condition….he found that her legs were not still and she was gonna fall..

Sanskaar rushes towards her and catches her…swara looks up and finds sanskaar…she completely lost her balance and fell on his arms.

Swara showed him the baby indicating him to catch her otherwise she might drop her..

Sanskaar quickly catches the baby….he could not understand what was happening…

Swara-i am sorry sanskaar ji …I could not become a good mother to our child..I had promised you that I will take care of the baby…but I could not…I have made her starve since two days….please ji if you can please buy some milk for her…..I can’t live without her..

And faints….sanskaar rushes both to the hospital….

Precap-last episode…

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