Kuch bhi saaza dena lekin maaf zaroor karna (swasan) ts part 1


hi guys m back….

this is a swasan ts..

character sketch

sanskaar- a don of kolkata..all fears him…..never care about anyone..age 23…

swara- daughter of sumi and shekhar who are buisness men…a very kind and sweet girl of age 15…never shows of that she is rich..

so now i am gonna give a short summary of the story till where it starts…..and forgive me this story will have very less dialouges….

sanskaars parents have been murdered by sumi and shekhar when he was just 15 years old…they killed them in front of them….this past led him to be a don…he was just wanting to take revenge from them….he thought to kill sumi and shekhar when their daughter will be 15 year old….

on swaras 15th birthday sanskaar killed sumi and shekhar in an accident while they were on their way home ….this news broke swara heart….sanskaars revenge was left…he wanted to destroy swara….he went to her house and brought her forcefully to his house…..he then raped her……swara who was aldready broken was left with nothing…she lost her parent,her house,her dignity….

but one thing still remained in her…her faith in love..she beleived she could change sanskaar…that sanskaar would love her back one day…..she tried every hook and crook to change him but by her every trial her hopes were getting less…few weeks passed….still sanskaar was a devil towards her….swara wanted to change this devil to her angel…although she is just 15 years old she was matured like an adult…one day a drunken sanskaar comes and forces himself on swara…..swara could not accept the sudden changes in her body….she was totally and completely broken….she lost her hopes in changing sanskaar….but still she kept trying…

after a few days swara comes to know she is carrying….she confirmed it with the doctor….at first she did not understand what to do….then she tok her old biology text book out and started reading a chapter about which its written on human pregnancy….her teacher hadnt started that chapter….she read through and noted the important points she has to take care on…..thats all a 10th grader can do….

she was exited to tell this news to sanskaar…she knew sanskaar would forget every thing when it comes to this matter…little did she know that she is going to get the biggest shock of her life…she saw sanskaars car coming and ran down…she saw sanskaar coming hugging a girl and the girl was kissing him…she could not even bear this…she went there and slapped that girl….sanskaar got furious…

sanskaar- how dare you slap my kavitha…who gave you the right…i told you that you are no one to me…

swara who was in the verge of crying- but you love me naa…what abouth our relation

kavitha-o common girl…what relation do you have with him..are you his wife,lover,gf…..no right what relation are you talking about..

swara nods her head in no…

sanskaar-get out of my house now…

swara- but i want to tell about what relation we have..

sanskaar–go get your bags and out…

swara goes and gets her bag…she come down with tears in her eyes…

swara stand before him…

swara- sanskaar ji…i wanted to tell you that..

that time kavitha pushes her to get out….

they throw her out…..outside swara is crying at her fate….she then return to her house…she finds all her relatives there…her relatives say that all the property is in their name…

swara had no idea where to go…she felt sh became homeless in a second…she was crying holding her stomach…

swara- i am sorry baby…u are very unlucky that you are going to be born to me…i became an orphan along with that even you too…please forgive your mama…but i promise you and sanskaar ji that i will take care of you…i wont let anything happen…

swara had taken some money from sanskaars house thinking she will need it…she takes a bus to the outskirts of kolkata….she reaches there…

she tries to do some job but nothing was coming right…either there was no job otherwise she was not qualified or its that kind of a job she shouldnt do during pregnancy…

she was totally helpless..with the leftover money and buys one small cot for herself…she takes it and goes behind the temple and settles there….there was a small room at the back of the temple…it was used as a store room…but now there was nothing there…she settled down there with her cot…slowly all her money started getting over….



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  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Oye…You are back with a BANG.. Huuu*dancing in my room…It’s so interesting dear.. Plz continue..And yeah, this time swara shouldn’t forgive sanky easily(not in funny mood mein maafi).. Waiting for nxt.. Plz post soon if possible..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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    Poor shona
    Dont give up

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