kucch kucch hota h (part 9)

So Thnk u everyone for ur lovely lovely comments so let’s start our episode-
Raman-today’s day was horrible

Ishita-yes …it was nice cooking and eating but cleaning ….huhh

Shagun-hmmmm…I’m really tired …Ishita aunty uncle r they coming tomorrow


Saying this she becomes upset and looks at raman

Raman also becomes upset

Shagun notices

Shagun-ishita ….I want to talk to u



Ishita nods

Raman makes an expression of why

Shagun winks

Raman smiles

Shagun takes ishita to her room

Ishita-yes wat do u want to talk

Shagun-about raman nd u

Ishita-me and raman ….

Shagun-i know ishita u love raman

Ishita (tensed)-ramna…no i dont

She rolls her eyes

Shagun-dont try to say lie ro me i know everything

Ishita-yes….yes…i love him…but i dont know he loves me or has the same feeling for me

Shagun-stupid….he has the same feeling



They have a hug

Amma-vishwa do u don’t think Ishita loves raman

Appa-ya madhu I know ishita has developed feelings for ramma

Amma-but raman….u think he has the same feeling ..

Appa-maybe…i want that ishita should get married to raman

Amma-yes me too

Appa-we will have to talk to raman

Next day
Amma appa reach home

Ishita smiles and hugs them
Ragun smiles

Shagun-so aunty shall we leave now

Ishra- now..

Ishra stare each other

Appa and amma notice

Shagun-yes raman we should

She stares him

Raman-yaa we should

Ishita-ok then bye

Shagun takes raman

Raman looks back at ishita

Ishita gives a fake smile


Shagun-raman were u mad

Raman-why did u say that we should leave

Shagun-bcoz ir we will stay there i dont know ishita will confess but u will so confess

Raman-ya u r right

A young boy is shown
Wearing blue t shirt and black jeans
He is very handsome
He is abhishek
(Yeah vivek i love him and my ff is adhoora without him)
Abhi-hello do u know where ishita iyer lives

Raman-ya she is my besti …and u

Abhi -im her old school frnd. ..after she left that school and came to another school i didnt met her once

Suagun is admiring him
(Love at first sight)
Raman-ya she told me about u
Abhi-can u take me to her house

Raman-yaa…..shagun u wait here im coming

Shagun is admiring abhi

Raman-abhi come

He takes him

Shagun-wats this what is happening to me ..

Raman rings the bell
Ishita opens

She gets happy seeing raman

She hugs him

Ishita-u came back to stay


Ishita-then what happened

He shows her abhi

Ishita didn’t recognize him

Ishita-whose he

Abhi-ishita I’m abhi ….abhishek…

Ishita-who abhi

Raman-aree Ishita ur old frnd

Ishita thinks for sometime


So this much

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  1. I love it

  2. No other words it was mindblowing episode

  3. Ankitha

    Super se upper hai dhi continue plz

  4. Jasminerahul

    all r thinking abt Ishra.wow.from shagun ishita came 2 know of raman’s feelinhs.but as shagun said raman shid confess his luv 2 ishita.When raman decided 2 confess ishu’s school friend abhi entered.What twist abhi is going 2 bring?Shagun getting attracted 2 abhi so fast was unexpected as she was in luv with raman.Abhi shagun will b great

  5. Kumud

    Wow lovely and towards the ending bit is funny

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