kucch kucch hota h (part 6)

So hello everybody I know u all r excited for their night stay so let’s start without wasting any time
Ishragun smile at the same time
Amma and appa r going to chennai thats why they asked her to plan a night stay
Ishita bids bye to them at the airport
She hurries up and comes back to home
She is running and saying – where to hide it ?where to hide it?aiyo ….where to hide my lovely box if raman or shagun sees it i will so die …hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…haaaa let me hide it inside my bed
She quickly opens her bed and hides it under the things kept
Ishita- now its safe but i have to plan games and snacks and i have to prepare beds for raman and shagun
She starts cooking snacks …she cooks chowmien and pasta and orders the rest
She plans games
She then makes ragun’s bed
Ishita- huhhh….done now i have to wait for raman and shagun
Ishita is waiting
Suddenly door bell rings
She gets happy she quickly opens the door
But there was courier man.
She takes the courier
She waits for ragun
The door bell rings
She opens and gets happy to see raman
Ishita- raman u came but shagun she didn’t came till now
Raman- OK OK madam will u let me in or talk to me here only
Ishita- sorry come in
Ishita(to herself)-plz murgan help me I don’t want to express my feelings help me control myself
She makes her finger cross
Raman(to himself)-oh god what to do whenever I see ishita I’m not able to control my feelings help me plz
Ishita- raman….
Ishita- shagun didnt came till now…I think I should call her
Actually ishita is trying to be far from raman to control her feelings
She calls shagun
Shagun- hello ishita im on the way don’t worry
Ishita-ok come as fast as u can
Shagun- why what happened
Ishita(to herself)-what to tell u shagun I don’t want to express my feelings
Shagun- hello Ishita r u there
Ishita- haa I’m there …shagun u come
Shagun – OK OK I’m coming
She cuts the call
Raman comes in
Raman- ishita what did shagun said is she coming
Ishita- yes she is on the way
Raman- ohh so what to do now
Ishita – let’s Decide more games
Raman- OK come
They r making chits for game
Ishita’s hairs r coming on her face
Ishita is making it fine again and again
Raman adores her
Sab tera……song plays in background
Suddenly bell rings
Ishita- I think shagun came wait let me See
Raman- OK….
Raman (to himself)-huhhh in safe till now but I’m still not able to control myself
Ishita opens the door
Its shagun
Ishuta- very early u came
She makes angry face
Shagun holds her ears and says- sorry
Ishita still makes angry face and folds her arms
She sees shagun’s face and smiles
They have a hug
Raman- ooo what’s this why a hug alone I’m also here
They three have a hug
Ishita’s room
Shagun- so ishita what r the games
Ishita- today we will play games which we used to play when we were small….like musical chairs….parcing the parcel
raman- nice idea
Shagun – so let’s play
They start a song and set timer
They start the game
They pass a pillow
The music stops and ishita is caught
Ishita- aaaaaaaaaa why am I caught
Ragun- now ur challenge
Raman – so now sing a song
Shagun- for someone special
Ishita sings tere sang yaara female version
Raman adores her
Shagun notices and smiles
They start the music
Music stops and shagun is caught
Shagun makes puppy face and says- no not I
Ishra- goooooooo
Shagun stands
Ishita- sooo ur challenge is u have to pull Raman’s hair
Raman- what noo noo its wrong
Shagun- no raman Ishita gave me the challenge nd I have to accept it
She pulls Raman’s hair tightly
Raman shouts
Ishita laughs
Raman- tumhe Badi haasi aa rahi h(u r having very much fun)
Raman tickles Ishita
She laughs
They play truth nd dare
The challenge goes on ishita
Shagun gives her the challenge
Shagun- so ur challenge is……..is…..some naughty challenge…. I will give…hmmmmmmmmmm…..haaaaaa…..u have to kiss Raman’s cheeks five times
Ishra- what
Ishita blushes
Raman(to himself)-arre waah raman tumhari toh saari wishes puri ho rhi h(wow raman ur all wishes r being fulfilled)
He smiles
Ishita bends to kiss raman
She feels shy
Shagun-kiss or else punishment
Ishita-ok OK wait
She closes her eyes and holds Raman’s face tightly and kisses raman
She leaves
Ishra feels shy
Shagun smiles as her plan is working
They all r laughing
Shagun- now I’m feeling sleepy
Ishra- me too
Ishita – actually shagun u will have to share ur bed with me
Shagun(to herself)-uhh my plan was to make ishita and raman sleep together
Shagun- ishita actually I have to sleep alone u can sleep with raman actually the reason is I have no control on my legs nd hand
Ishra- what but how ….how can we sleep together
Shagun- so its not a big deal…u can sleep else I will feel sad that because of me u r not able to sleep
Ishra- OK fine
Ishra r sleeping together
They r not able to control them
Ishita (to herself)-aiyyo mugan what’s did instead of helping me u r making me sleep with raman
Raman(to herself)- its gud and bad….gud is that my luv is sleeping beside me nd bad that I m now not able to control myself
They sleep
Ishita wakes up at night to drink water
She drinks water and sees raman sleeping
Ishita- awwww u look so cute while sleeping
She kisses his forehead
In sleep he pulls her
She feels happy and shy
Raman is holding ishita’s hand in sleep
She also sleeps holding his hand
At 4 am raman wakes up
He sees ishita and smiles
He kisses her hand
She holds her hand tightly in sleep
He smiles
Raman- its a gr8 chance to hold her close
He holds her close
Ishita comes more close to him
So everyone how’s it
Share ur views …….

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  1. Nice super duper super episode

  2. Words r limited bt to praise u I need an unlimited word…… I can’t bring out my feelings in words as u r such a brilliant writer…… i wanted to read the next one fastlly…………………..waiting………….waiting…………………………………love you loads dear…………………………..

    1. Tanvi

      Thnk u yashu I’m always touched by ur comments

  3. Fabulous episode. For the first tym in ma life i felt proud of shagun?? ishra moments were awesome!! Loved it so much

    1. Tanvi

      Thnk u Thnk u so much

  4. Fabulous episode. For the first tym in ma life i felt proud of shagun?? ishra moments were awesome!! Loved it so much.

  5. nice update
    pls kep shagun positive

    1. Tanvi

      Thnk u….u may come to know shagun is positive or negative

  6. Jasminerahul

    shagun is really trying 2 bring ishra closer.kissing…sleeping with raman…slep scene was romantic

  7. Kumud

    Wow lovely

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