kucch kucch hota h (part 5)

So I’m happy and satisfied by ur comments thank u everybody…. U all took my anger seriously I didn’t knew but its gud I’m happy yesterday were the most comments till now so let me Stop my bak bak …so let’s start
Ishragun have a hug
Teacher is changing places
Ishra are holding each others hand tightly and have make fingers crossed
Fortunately they r not separated and shagun is made sit beside them
They all r happy
They r shown playing eating each others tiffin they r shown making each other eat by their hands
Ishragun r 23 years old . ishra r bestest finds. Most of the time raman likes to talk and stay with ishita
(U all r thinking right….raman loves ishita)
Raman- maa maa maa where r u maa
Mrs Bhalla-yes puttar
Raman- maa I’m passed I have got 2nd rank in whole India
Mrs bhalla- I knew it coz ishita was teaching u ..u both studied whole night together …then how will u both not get gud marks
Raman- now guess who is first and third
Mrs bhalla-ishita first as usaul and hmmm shagun third
Raman- nice guess maa…OK I’m going to my room
He turns it
He smiles seeing the pics and sticks one more pic
(So let me describe all the pics ….
Ishra childhood pic together
Raman has made a heart inside that heart is ishita and raman’s pic
It is beautifully decorated by ishra pics
Ishita having moustache after eating ice cream
Ishita laughing
Ishita making pout and poses
He has captured all their moments and stuck them behind the mirror)
He sees it for some time
Raman- ishita i dont know u love me or not but i luv u since i saw u first time…in childhood i did nt understood but now i understood why i felt connected with u I LOVE U ISHITA …..I LOVE U
He kisses their together one pic
Iyer house
Ishita is making everybody eat sweets
Everybody is asking the reason
Ishita-so now let me tell u all the reason …the reason is im passed and i have got 1st rank in whole india
Mrs iyer gets happy
Mr iyer hugs ishita
Mrs iyer makes ishita eat sweet
Mr iyer also makes her eat sweets
Ishita- so amma ..im going to my room
Mr iyer- ok go
Ishita closes the door
She opens her cupboard and takes out a box
She smiles seeing the box
She sits on hee bed
She opens the box
She takes out a photo and kisses it
The photo is none other its of raman
Ishita- awww my raman u r looking so cute in this pic …actually i dont know why its happening to me i dont know it haopens with u or not but actuallly …actually raman …I LOVE U …i dont know how it happened but my this feeling is just for u …my raman
She hugs that oic
Raman kissing photo and ishita hugging photo together is shown
Arora house
Shagun is happy
Everybody is happy
She makes everybody eat sweets
Shagun- im so happy i cant tell u all how much happy i m….papa today its night stay in ishita’s house so can i go
Mr arora- yes beta u go
Shagun – thnk u
She calls and informs ishita and also asks her to inform raman
Ishragun r excited for night
RAMAN(to himself )- today night stay I can’t wait but I’m afraid if by mistake I confess my love to ishita then
Ishita is thinking the same as raman
Shagun-i know raman u love ishita but I love u but I will not be selfish as ishita also loves u so I will bring u both together I will love till I die but I don’t want to make u love me without ur wish today’s night ishita and raman it’s for u today I will make u both confess each other…
They three have a smile on their face at the same time
So thsi much for today i know its short but tomorrow pakka long one comment i want at least 7 comments

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  1. Shalu

    So Shagun is positive or negative……..and today episode was nice one dear……….from childhood v could see that Raman started to love Ishu but when did Ishu have her soft corner for him…….watever it is the episode was nice……..good thing that Shagun is not coming btwn them……..???

  2. Wowwww!!!!!! Superb episode i loved it to the core it was out of the world!! Waiting for ishragun night stay. I hope they confess their love tmrw

  3. Superb episode i loved it to the core it was out of the world!! Waiting for ishragun night stay. I hope they confess their love tmrw

  4. nice.happy to see shagun as positive character.

  5. Nice super duper super episode

  6. nnoce one dear but pls dont make shagun negative…just a opinion

  7. Excellent……superb ….amazing……etc etc

  8. Kumud

    Awesome superb can’t wait to see how he proposed to her

  9. Jasminerahul

    last school scene was nice.nice that bcz of ishita raman scored well.ishra esp raman’s collection of their pics was so nice.they both luv each other secretly.but they duno whether d other person luvs them or not.but shagun knows it.tho she luvs raman she wants ihra 2 unite.thats so sweet of shagun.hope she remains like this n never turns -ve.plz bring a nice guy 4 shagun

  10. Words r limited bt to praise u I need an unlimited word…… I can’t bring out my feelings in words as u r such a brilliant writer……

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