kucch kucch hota h (part 4)

Hello everybody..I’m not happy by us comments only 3comments but we there r 2 comments coz there r 2 comments of jasminerahul she is the only one who comments daily…anyways I’m still unwell temperature increased to 102…doc said it will take time….and ya if i will see less comments then from next episode i will directly start the episode i will not say hello also
So lets start
Shagun is happy
She thinks about their moments whole day
She understands why raman has became more close to her and now she has no objections to it
Iyer house
Ishita- amma amma did u called shagun
Amma- no beta she came on her own
Ishita- ooooo but i enjoyed alot but listen tomorrow i will go to school
Amma – ok now go to ur room
She goes happily
Bhalla house
Raman is thinking about ishita
He recalls shagun’s words
Raman- whats this yaar raman whats happening to u …i have hurt shagun but the truth is that ishita is my best frnd when i stay with her i feel connected to her
Raman is shown thinking and then ishita is shown playing with her doll
Dil ka rishta song plays
Raman- let me call ishita and ask her about her health
He calls ishita
Ishita picks up the phone
Iahita -hello
Raman- hello ishita r u fine now
Ishita- no
Raman- what haopened r u not well
Ishita- yes im not well bcoz u didnt came to meet me once see shagun she came to meet me today i enjoyed alot with her
Raman- what shagun came
Ishita- yes
Raman thinks something
Ishita- hello raman r u there
Raman- ya…ya.im there..ok ishita i have to complete homework so bye
Ishita- bye
She cuts the call
Raman- shagun went to ishita’s house she was angry with me did she went to ishita to provoke her against me…let me call shagun
He calls shagun
Shagun picks up the phone
Shagun- hello
Raman- hello shagun u went to ishita’s house to provoke her against me
Shagun- wait why i will provoke her against u i went to see her di she said this to u
Raman- no she didnt said that she told u both enjoyed so i thought while enjoying u nust have provoked her
Shagun- raman how could u think that …ishita is much better than u she is sweet to everyone she never feels jealous or insecure
Raman- shagun listen to me
She cuts the call
Raman- hello hello
Raman(to himself)-what did i did i again hurted shagun …how to say sorry to her…ishita…ya ishita can have any idea
He calls her
Ishita- hello
Raman- ishita actually i want ur help
Ishita- help what kind of help
Raman- actually
He narrates the whole story….
Ishita- raman what did u did have u gone mad raman shagun is so gud and u …i think this all is happening bcoz of me ..
Raman- no Ishita nothing is happening bcoz of u its my fault I have only mistaken shagun plz help me
Ishita- OK let ne think
She gets an idea
She tells him there plan
Ranan- thank u ishita u r my best frnd thnk u thnk u so much
Ishita- its ok raman
He cuts the call
Raman- i knew ishitaonly has the solution of my problem
Next day
Raman is waiting for ishita
Ishita comes she sees raman and goes near him
Ishita- raman…raman did shagun came till now
Raman- no she didnt came
Ishita- thnk god i came on time amma was not letting me come so fast but appa understood my situation….anyways did u brought that sorry card
Raman – yes i have brought
Be shows her the card
Ishita- wow its so cute…now we have to wait for shagun
Sometimes later
Shagun comes
She sees raman
She ignores him
She goes near ishita
Shagun- ishita lets go out
Ishita nods
She turns back and signals raman
Raman nods
Ishgun go out
Ishgun r swinging
Raman comes running he falls down intentionally .
Shagun sees and runs towards him
Shagun- raman r u fine did u got just
Raman holds his ears and says sorry he gives her the sorry card
Shagun sees it and gets teary eyes
Shagun- raman im sorry
Raman- no im sorry i scolded u
IshitaIshita- no u both have to sorry to each other and have to bcom frnds again else I’ll not talk to u
She fills air inside her mouth(muh fulana in Hindi)
And turns
Ragun see each other and smile
They hug ishita from behind nd kiss her cheeks
She smiles
They have a hug
So this much for today im still angry now from todays comment ill decide that i wilk say hello to u or i wilk directly start the episode without talking to u all …bye(in anger)

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  1. Wowww!!!!! It was awesome. But when will they become big.pls make them big asap.i want to see ishra romance

    1. Tanvi

      Ya I’m thinking to make them grow up asap

  2. I literally waited for ur epi…simply awesome

  3. Nice episode but why u r angry

    1. Tanvi

      I’m angry bcoz in previous epi there were only two comments

    2. Tanvi

      Thnk uu I’m angry bcoz in previous epi there were only two comments

  4. Nice and innocent story .i liked it and get well soon

  5. Episode was super cool……. Fantastic….. Fantabulous………. & lot & lot more…….…I was having a smile on my face all while……and actually from where do u get all these ideas……

    1. Tanvi

      Thnk u so much Thnk u Thnk u Thnk u so so so much

  6. Shalu

    Nice one…..and get well soon……was having a smile on my face while reading it……..???

  7. Loved it it’s so cute love their bonding get well soon dear

  8. Jasminerahul

    oh…so sad that raman mu shagun n scolded her.but loved ishita uniting ShRam.swinging,falling,saying sorry n giving sorry card,after patch up ShaRam hugging n kissing ishita were so cute.swinging reminded me of childhood

  9. Akshata

    awesome update

  10. Kumud

    Awwww so cute and get well soon

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