kucch kucch hota h (part 3)

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I’m really sorry for delay actually I’m suffering from viral fever and I don’t know what’s happening with my temperature its rising and falling now its 101 …but I’m posting it bcoz I thought it’s a long delay so let’s begin-
Raman is continuously looking at the door
Shagun notices

She asks
shagun- raman what happened why r u upset
Raman- nothing actually I’m waiting for ishita she was not well but she said she will come
Shagun- might be aunty didn’t send her
Raman- but…
Shagun – mmmm…raman ….she might be fine no need to worry …hmmm….can I come in ishita’s place for today
Raman- no……..i mean ya sure
She sits next to raman
Whole day raman was talking about ishita
Shagun was feeling bad and insecure she had a fright of loosing raman’s friendship
Raman didnt eat food
Shagun- raman why r u not eating ur tiffin…u toh like parathas
Raman- i dont know whats happening im not feeling well actually from two days im eating iyer aunty’s hand tiffin maybe thats why
He leaves….

Shagun becomes upset
Shagun- raman I’m seeing u have became more close frnd of ishita than me
Raman- shagun its not like that
Shagun- no raman may be but I’m not jealous
Shagun gives a fake smile
Raman- no shagun u r my best frnd
Shagun – OK now tell me truth things whatever I ask
Raman was totally confused by shagun’s words
Shagun- who sits next to u

Raman(still confused)-ishita
Shagun – for whom were u waiting in morning –
Raman- ishita
Shagun- whose tiffin u like more
Raman- ishita
Shagun – who is ur best frnd
Raman- how many times ill tell ishita …ishita and only ishita
He gets shocked by his words
Shagun spoke these lines so fast that raman had no time to think so he told truth
Shagun(with fake smime)-i told u
She turns back with tears in her eyes
She leaves
Raman sits on stairs
He recalls shagun’s questions
He then recalls ragun’s promise
He feels sad for shagun

Iyer house
Ishita wakes uo in a hurry and panics she is getting late for school
Mrs iyer comes
Mrs iyer- ishu ishu ishu calm down today i have not sent u school
Ishita(with a shocked face)-but why amma raman and shagun might be waiting for me amma why did u did this im angry with u ill not talk to u
She angry lies down
Mrs iyer looks on with a sad face
Some time later
Mrs iyer comes and sits next to ishita
Mrs iyer- ishu look who has come to meet u
Ishita turns backback
Mrs iyer- come in beta
Ishita gets happy seeing shagun
She gets up and hugs shagun
Ishita- shagun u came to meet u thank u so much I’m so happy now
Mrs iyee was happy seeing ishita happy
Mrs iyer- u both talk I’ll prepare snacks
Ishgun- ok
Ishita asks shagun about the work done in school and about raman also
Shagun – relax I’ll tell u everything
She tells her about the work done and also about raman was missing her
Iahita- ohh I’m feeling bad for raman he used to eat my tiffin nd today
Shagun- leave it don’t be upset let’s play something
Ishita- yes come
They r shown playing teacher teacher and doctor doctor and hide and seek and barbie doll…they r shown playing pillow fight
They r laughing and enjoying
Shagun is happy
Its evening
Mrs iyer comes inside
Mrs iyer- shagun beta ur papa has coem to take u
Ishgun- so early
Mrs iyer- its evening i think u both enjoyed alot thats why u didnt came to know how time passed
Ishgun look at each other and get sad
Mrs iyer- arre why r u sad one day again shagun will come or when ishu u will get fine ill send u to shaguns house
They both nod
Shagun bids bye to her
Mr arora picks up shagun
Mr arora- so my doll dis u enjoyed
Shagun- yes very much
Mr arora smiles
Mr arora- so shall we leave
Shagun- yes…
While siting on the bike
Shagun(in her mind)-ohh now i understood why raman enjoys with ishita bcoz she is so sweet i also enjoyed with till now i never enjoyes this much with raman
Guys I know its small but i promise as soon as I’ll be fine I’ll post long episodes pakka promise…..so see u

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  1. Jasminerahul

    i rly missed ur ff n thought u discontinued it n was very sad.but happy 2 c this update 2day.take care of ur health.
    raman is missing ishita very much n shagun is very insecure n sad that now raman is more closer 2 ishita.sad 4 shagun.shagun ishu play scene was cute.loved shagun thinking that ishit is very sweet n thats y raman likes her this much.hope shagun remains like this n never turns negative.waiting 4 ishra meet n cute ishra scenes.

  2. Jasminerahul

    when will ishra n shagun grow up?i’m enjoying their childhood moments very much

  3. Akshata

    i just read in one go, to be honest its awesome, do continue.

  4. Kumud

    Well written really love it so cute

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