kucch kucch hota h (part 2)


Hello guys I’m so happy seeing ur comments and ya jasminerahul I have disconnected my old ff bcoz it was boring and it was all about family drama but this ff I have planned everything …..so guys let’s begin…
Here we go-

Bhalla house
Raman – mummy…mummy
Mrs bhalla- yes puttar
Raman- u know today I made a new frnd ishita
Mrs bhalla- really….very gud how’s she….
Raman – she is very cute…she is talented and intelligent…
Mrs bhalla- gud.. Gud..
He smiles….
Arora house
Shagun- papa…
Mr arora picks up.shagun and kisses her
Mr arora- yes my baby…
( guys lets imagine mr and mrs arora as…….hmmmmmmm……hmmm…as….i think bala and vandu or…..romi and old mihika……hnmmmmmmm…..i think romi and mihika….)
Shagun- papa today i made a new frnd ishita…..
Mr arora- ohh….
Shagun- yes papa …she is too gud….
Mr arora – just like u
He tickles her she giggles….
Iyer house
Ishita is very haopy and she is jumping here and there….
Mr iyer- what happened to her why is she jumping so much
Mrs iyer- bcoz today was her first day in school …and when she came back she was very happy and now see jumping
Mr iyer- ishu beta stop stop….
Ishuta stops jumping and looks at vishwa
Mr iyer-hmmm im thinking too take my princess to eat ice cream…..
Ishita gets happy and shouts yes yes
Mrs iyer- no vishwa whenever she eats ice cream she gets cough and cold
Ishita- no amma nothing will happen
Mr iyer- ur amma is like this only…come lets go
Ishita happily nods and goes….
Ishita is excited for school …and can’t sleep ….she is thinking about ragun
Raman on the other hand is excited to meet ishita and is not able to sleep
Raman- why am I feeling so excited when I met shagun for the first time I was not so excited but when I met ishita I’m just waiting to meet her
Dil ka rishta song plays….
Next day….
Raman is waiting for ishita from a long time….
Ishita comes..
He gets happy….
Raman waves his hand ishita also waves……
Raman- ishita come keep ur bag and let’s go and play outside
Ishita keeps her bag
She goes out with ragun….
A big class boy pushes ishita…
She hurts her leg badly ….
She cries
Shagun goes near her
That boy laughs
He says- see her how she is crying like a baby hahahahahahaahah
Raman gets angry
Raman – how dare u push my frnd and make her fun…
Raman is about to beat that boy…..
Ishita stops him
She cries and says-no raman let it be…I’m fine don’t fight plz
Raman- but ishita he pushed u…
Shagun- raman plz don’t fight see ishita has got hurt we should take her to infirmary…..
Raman helps ishita get up
They take her to infirmary…..
Doctor puts dettol
Ishita cries
Doc- don’t cry …u will be fine
Doc- how did u got hurt
Raman tells doctor everything
Doc- inform this to ur class teacher..
Ragun- ok
Ragun help ishita in getting up and take her to class
Teacher comes
Raman tells teacher about that boy
Teacher- gud u didn’t get into fight…don’t worry I will talk to his class teacher… And ishita do u want to go home should I inform ur parents
Raman gets tensed..
Ishita- no ma’am I’m ok

Raman gets relief…
Teacher is showing movies and fairy tales ….
Ishita is feeling pain she so holding her leg tightly..
Raman sees her worriedly..
Raman- ishita r u fine..
Ishita- yes
She gives a fake smile
Ragun help ishita in walking .they take her to mr and mrs iyer
Mr and mrs iyer get tensed
Mr iyer picks up ishita
Ishita cries
Mr iyer- beta what happened to her
Ragun tells him everything…
Mrs iyer- thank u beta for helping Ishita
Raman- no aunty ishita is my frnd and its my duty
He smiles..
Amma has made paisome for ishita she makes her eat
Raman is tensed for ishita
Raman- ishita was crying…is she fine or not …I think I should call her…
He calls her
Ishita picks up
Ishita- hello
Raman- hello ishita r u fine now
Ishita- raman ..u ..yes I’m fine now..
Raman – u take rest
Ishita- yes raman bye
Raman -bye
He cuts the call
Due to pain ishita has got fever ..
Mrs iyer- vishwa whenever she is in pain she gets fever …call doctor
Mr iyer- ok wait
Doc comes..
He checks Ishita …
He gives her injection
Doc- she needs 3days rest
Next day
Raman is continuously seeing at the door
He tensed
Shagun notices..
Guys I don’t know u will believe or not but I’m typing it for the 3 time bcoz whenever i type light goes and my WiFi goes I had type long in previous one but now I’m afraid that if again goes so this much for now or else light will go comment guys

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  1. Nice long episode u will Wright

  2. Jasminerahul

    romhika as shagun’ parents?OMG!raman is more excited 2 meet ishita.poor ishita is hurt bcz of some notorious guys.shaRam r so caring.raman is so much worried 4 ishu.

  3. Ankitha

    Wonderful , superb , marvellous I just love your ff. Nice long episode . Plz continue .

  4. Kumud

    Lovely love it

  5. Loved your storyline…
    But can you pls make the cover photo little more clear becoz I luv divyanka and ruhanika…..so pls

  6. jasmine Rahul

    update soon

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