kucch kucch hota h (part 18) *HAPPY ENDING*


Hello…everyone…sorry for delay..I don’t know u all r sad or not but I’m really very sad..I’ll miss ur comments…I didn’t wanted to drag it…
So let’s start-


Ishita-no..this cant be true…ashok how can u so this….u r my frnd..nd u did this…why…oooo u r joking….but please dont do these types of jokes i dont like

Ashok-no…its not a joke…its true…i have kidnapped u

Ishita(shouts)-why…why r u doing..

Ashok(shouts louder)-bcoz of u….u r marrying that idiot raman…i love u ishita….i love u …u r mine nd u will marry me…only me

He cups her face

Ishita moves back

Ishita-no…im just raman’s…dont dare to touch me..

Ashok-sorry baby u need to accept the fact now I will only touch u…u know I called pandit he told tomorrow is a gud muhrat…so tomorrow I’ll marry u…

He laughs nd leaves

Ishita cries…she is shocked by his behaviour…


She cries

Raman on the other hand is crying seeing ishita’s pic

Dil ka rishta sad version plays

Ishita feels some vibration

Ishita tries observing…nd remembers she kept two mobiles

She smiles

Ishita-thnk god I kept two mobiles.. But I’m tied how will I call raman

She shifts her chair forward till she reaches the pointed table

She rubs the rope till it cuts…

She gets up nd unties the rest

She takes out her mobile phone

She hugs the phone

She searches for network…still no signal as she is underground…

At last near the corner of the gate she gets the signal..

Ishita calls raman

Raman is still seeing ishita’s pic…he receives the call



She cries

Raman gets up

Raman-ishita…ishita u r there

Ishita -raman …listen to me before someone comes…

He wipes his tears nd listens to her

She narrates the whole incident

Raman-what…ashok….I had doubt on him when I met him first time

Ishita-i can’t believe he can………

****phone cut******

***not cut but snatched*****

None other than ashok khanna

Ishita turns back shocked and filled with fear

Ashok-so u called him na how dare u

He slaps her

He ties her again….as well as her mouth

Ashok-now dare u move…

He leaves

Ishita cries

Iyer house

Raman is running everywhere

Raman-amma appa abhi….I got a call from ishita


Abhishek-wat did she say

Raman-she is kidnapped by ashok

All r in shock

Raman tells them the whole incident

Appa-ashok…I’ll not leave him

Raman-first of all we need to trace the number…I don’t know what that ashok must be doing with her…we need to reach her as soon as possible

Everyone nods

Abhishek nd raman r tracing the number

Amma appa r praying

Ishita cries later faints

Ashok laughs

Next day

Ashok dresses in sherwani

He opens the door nd walks in

Ishita opens her eyes

She fears..

Ashok opens her mouth

Ashok-baby…now u will be mine just mine…I was not able to find pandit…so leave pheras …we’ll do that later…but we will do the rest…OK

He kisses her cheeks

Ishita gets angry

She tries pushing …..

Ashok sits on a chair

He brings warmala….

He makes her wear…

He forcefully makes her hold that nd makes himself wear

Raman reaches the place

Ishita closes her eyes tightly

He makes her wear mangalsutra

A tear falls from her eyes

Ishita (mind)-raman…plz come…I’m urs…plzzz…

Ashok forwards his hand to put sindoor

Ishita closes her eyes more tightly

He is just 2 inch away …



Ashok on the floor

(Yeah!!!finally our hero’s entry)

Raman kicked him

Abhi brings police

Ishita opens her eyes

Raman beats ashok

Abhi unties ishita.

She hugs him

Abhishek calms her

Police take ashok

Raman runs towards ishita….

He hugs her tightly

Ishra cry

He kisses her all over her face

Raman-ishita….r u fine

Ishita nods

She throws the warmala nd breaks the mangalsutra

Abhi nd raman look on

Ishita-raman…u came …thnk u

She hugs him again

Raman-i had to come…

Abhi smiles seeing their bond

One week later

Ishra marriage done

They take blessings

Amma -take care of ishu

Appa-raman she is my princess take care of her

They cry

Raman hugs them

Ishita also cries

Abhi hugs them

He also cries

Ishita-abhi…why r u crying

Abhishek-why will I not cry…my sister’s vidaai…

He cries

Ishita calms him

They sit in the car …

Ishita is crying

Raman consoles her

The car moves

With a big board at back


They reach Bhalla house

Mrs Bhalla does her greh pravesh

Raman pics ishita in bridal state

He takes her to his ….sorry their room

He locks the door

He makes her stand

Ishita looks down

He makes her look at him

He kisses her

They have a passionate kiss

They go apart feeling suffocated

Raman makes her sit..

He removes her jewellery…

He kisses her forehead

He removes his shirt nd lies on her

Ishita shivers

He twined his hand with hers

Kisses her

Removes her pallu

And kisses her belly
Ishita-raman I love u

Raman-i love u too

They have a romantic nd passionate night


Raman is playing with a 5 month old girl

Raman-ishita thank u for giving me my second life…our ruhi

Ishita frowns

Ishita-who is first??

Raman -u

She blushes

He gives her a peck on her lips

Little ruhi closes her eyes seeing her parents romancing

Ishra-awwwww…she is so cute

They laugh


So guys with a heavy heart ..Bye…will miss u all…love u all… Silent readers at least now comment

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  1. Jasminerahul

    glad that raman saved ishita.ishra got married n their wedding night was romantic n passionate.they have ruhi too now.never thought that it will end so soon.but u ignored shagun completely in this update tho abhishek was there.i was expecting their wedding too.but tho its d last part u didnt mention what happened 2 abhi shagun

  2. Jasminerahul

    if u can plz post epilogue too with ishra n abhishek shagun

  3. Kumud

    Awwww really nice and lovely ending

  4. it’s awesome….never think that its going to be last episode….soo sad….anyway wish you all the very best…..

  5. it’s good…..but I’m very much disappointed…..

  6. Veronica

    Try for a new ff dear….I always liked your ff….It waa really awesome

  7. Awesome.. Its really nice and will miss u too.. !

  8. its really awesome. try for another ff.all the best dear

  9. why did u end the ff i am very sad and unhappy i loved it so much i am gonna miss this ff a lot

  10. I m soo sad that this ff is ending…. i loved it.. it was really awesome md i think u mst try a new one noww.. hope u’ll start a new one soon

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