kucch kucch hota h (part 16)

So sorrrrrryyyyyy for the delay ….I was busy with diwali shopping ….nd ya I will write abhishek as abhishek only coz when I wrote it in short form abhi …then because of this its posted on kkb site….
So let’s begin-
Shagun opens her eyes

Ishita gets happy

Abhishek is looking down…he has not seen shagun


Abhi looks up

Ishita-shagun…r u fine…I got afraid u know….why did u do that

Shagun-ishita …ishita calm down I’m fine…and it was just a small accident

She hugs ishita

Shagun-bas….don’t cry ……I’m fine

Abhishek – shagun u know I got afraid….I thought I lost u….yaar ….I love u

Shagun is surprised by his confession

Ishita smiles

Ishita-i think I need to give some personal time to love birds

Abhishek nd shagun feel shy nd embarrassed

Ishita leaves

Abhishek-shagun…I think I should also leave…..I am sorry if I said something wrong…I just told u my feelings

He gets up to leave

Shagun holds his hand

Shagun-no….u didn’t said anything wrong

Abhishek gets shocked

He turns back

Shagun nods

Shaagun-yeah…I also love u…since I saw u first time

Abhishek hugs her

They cry and pacify each other

Ishita is outside the room

Raman comes

Raman-ishita why r u outside …come in

He forwards his hand to open the door

Ishita stops him

Ishita-no…don’t go inside

Raman-why some monster is there or what

Ishita-arrre…..raman …abhishek nd shagun r having some personal…love talks

Raman chuckles

Raman-personal…and love talks…means

Ishita-yes they have confessed

Raman-oo wow….we also had same confession

Ishita raises her one eyebrow

Raman-i mean u were also ill and shagun also

He winks

Ishita smiles

Abhishek is shown feeding shagun… He helps shagun get up..they r talking…blushing….kissing when no one is around

Ishra r smiling seeing newly loved couples

Shagun gets discharged

Abhishek asks Mr nd Mrs Arora that can he stay with shagun for a few days
They nod
A Boy is shown….ishita’s age only…

He is wearing red t shirt nd dark blue jeans….nd black spectacles…. He is handsome
He is Mani
He knocks ishita’s door

Ishita is laughing with raman

She hears the knock nd goes to open

She opens nd gets shocked seeing Mani

Raman-ishita …who is there

He comes nd stands next to ishita

Ishita-.Mani u…where were u since a long time…I didn’t saw u once I left the school…yes we used to talk on whatsapp…but u gave me a big surprise

She hugs him

Raman looks on with some jealousy as Mani is hugging ishita tightly

They break the hug

Mani sees raman

Mani-ishu …who’s he???

Ishita smiles

Ishita-he is my fiancé..

The word ….he is my fiancé is running around Mani’s mind

Mani-Fiancé…??..u r getting married

Ishita-yes…but why r u so shocked

Mani’s POV-
Ishu …u r just mine….how dare u marry someone else….no u can’t ….u r mine in all sense

Raman shakes mani

Raman-r u fine

Mani nods nd gives a faint smile

Ishita-come in …we were going to have lunch come u also have with us

Mani nods

Ishita is serving

Mani is staring ishita….

Raman is feeling awkward….nd is feeling mani’s intention wrong

Raman pulls ishita by here waist

Ishita gets shocked by his move

Mani gets angry but doesnt show by his face

Raman-mani don’t wanna know our love story

Mani (angry)-ya sure…why not

Ishita blushes

So tell me did u like the new entry of the villain …..coz without the villain the story won’t move on
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  1. in real mani is a good friend of ishu . but u are showing him ass villan .its intresting

  2. Kumud

    Nice but not mani as a villain that doesn’t suit him

  3. it’s good…but be regular yaar…..

  4. Jasminerahul

    Abhishek too luvs sharing.their confession n romance were sweet.mani as ishita’s friend made a surprise entry.but he seems to be a possessive lover.can’t imagine mani as a villain

  5. good …..

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