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kucch kucch hota h (part 15)


Offo!!!actually from hiding from u all I his in a storeroom nd there were mice nd I fainted now I woke up nd I have started writing…….hee hee just kiding actually my net pack was finished …so now its recharged so writing it…and i want to clear two misunderstandings… is prapti’s…actually prapti…its not based on KKHH movie actually i was not getting any title so i took this topic and another one of asmita…actually asmitaa…its abhishek not abhibof kumum bhagya i just wrote abhi in short form ..if that abhi would have been there then obviously i would have chose pragya….my second favpurite jodi first is one nd only ishra…so lets begin

Abhi-doctor …doctor plz save her..plz i cant live without her…plz doctor
Doctor-yes…yes..i will try..u go nd complete the formalities
Abhi-no doc u will have to save her not try…plz
He cries
He calls ishita and informs her about the accident
Ishita is in shock
She sits on bed shocked
Raman came inside
Raman-ishita now i will have to pack my bag ….plz help me…
He notices ishita
He sits on bed
He keeps his hand on her shoulder
Raman in a lil worried
Raman-shagun….wat happened to her….is everything all right
Tears fall from ishita’s eye
Raman gets worried
He shakes ishita by her shoulder
Raman-ishita….wats the matter….plz tell me
Ishita -raman
He hugs her
Raman pats her back
Ishita-raman….shagun met with an accident…she is critical….abhi told me ….
Raman gets teary eyes
Raman-ishita ..
He breaks the hug
He stands up
Raman-no…this cant happen
Ishita cries…
Ishita-raman…lets go to hospital
They rush to the car

Raman drives the car harshly as fast as he can

Ishita prays to god

They reach

Ishita sees abhi and rushes to him

Ishita-abhi….shagun hows she …is she fine …i want to meet her

Abhi-ishita plz calm.down …shagun is critical…she lost a lot of blood…doctors have arranged the blood….plz ishita dont cry

Ishita cries

Raman also cries

As they both r very attached to shagun…their besti…to whom they both shared things…who told them that they both love each other
Ishrabhi r crying nd praying

Ishita is crying unconsolably

Raman makes her sit down nd makes her drink water
She refuses…but he makes her drink

He hugs her

Raman-shhh…..bas dont cry …i know nothing will happen to shagun…she is very strong ….

Shagun is shown ….then ishrabhi r shown

Ishita is sitting nd remembering shagun’s smile…their memories…the time when shagun told her raman loves her….shagun voice is moving inside her ears….ishita…ishita …ishita lets go here…no ishita my tummy is full…..ishita plz lets go for shopping…ishita u r my bestie…..ishita …ishita i…..ishita


Rabhi(raman nd abhi) turn towards ishita

Abhi hugs ishita

Abhi-ishita plz calm down

Doctor comes out from ICU

Ishita-doctor ….shagun

Doc-she is fine….shs needs rest…we need to wait till she gains consious…

Raman thanks god

Abhi-doc can we meet her

Doc-after shifting her to room

Ishita nods

She thanks god


Ishita is sitting …she is holding shagun’s hand

Abhi is sitting ….he is holding shagun’s left hand

Raman has gone to bring her medicine



Abhi gets happy ..he wipes his tears


To be continued

  1. Amazing! But when did Abhi fall in love with Shagun?????

  2. Kumud

    Really nice superb

  3. Y is it Shagun and not Pragya

  4. Jasminerahul

    luckily Shagun is saved.Last scene of Abhi shagun was lovely.waiting 4 d continuation of Abhi shagun scene

  5. superb episode…..

  6. nice update thank god shagun is fine

  7. Shriti

    i think abhi means form yhm abhimanyu{mani}

    1. Asmithaa

      hmm.. shriti it is abhishek acp. in yhm.. not our abhi.. thank god!!

  8. Asmithaa

    hey please reply na.. abhi means abhimanyu from yhm or abhi from kkb?? it is confusing pls yaar..

  9. Asmithaa

    superb episode yaar!! i thaought abhishek acp as abhishek prem mehra.. thats why it is been published in kkb site..

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