kucch kucch hota h (part 14)

I know u all will kill me now….I know it was a really long delay…I’m sorry plz don’t attack…OK I’m ready to face all ur dangerous comments…still I’m really sorry…so let’s begin before u point ur gun towards me…
Shagun gets ready for the coffee
Shagun-o god im so nervous. ….coffee with abhi…

She is wearing a pink knee length dress a silver clutch ..and a silever bracelet…with open hairs and golden heels

She calls abhi
Abhi-so ready
Abhi-ok then I am also going to get ready
She cuts the call
Shagun-i will have to be confident…its just a coffee calm down shagun….

Ishra room

Ishita is cleaning her cupboard

Raman comes nd hugs her from behind


Raman-what raman..huh

Ishita-raman im cleaning my cupboard leave me or else amma appa will come….see the door is open

Raman-so…what..im romancing with my wife not neighbours

Ishita pulls his ears

Ishita-leave na

Raman-no….ok if u r saying then only on one thing i will leave u

Ishita-what ???

Raman-give me a kiss


She kisses his cheeks

Raman-arre listen so…on my lips

Ishita widens her eyes

Ishita-raman door is wide open…no I will not kiss u…leave me ..

Raman -no


Raman leaves her nd jumps on the bed

He looks at the door nd sees no one

Ishita laughs

Raman gets up

He pulls her close

And kisses her lips

Abhi enters

Abhi gets shocked

He closes her eyes with his hands

Abhi-chi chi…u both na …open romance

Ishra get shocked

They leave each other

They rub their lips

Ishita eyes raman

Raman-abhi vo see na ur frnd always asking kisses

Ishita widens her mouth

Abhi-I’m sorry ….I disturbed ur romance

Raman-its gud u came…she was not leaving me

He smiles nd leaves

Ishita-such a big liar

Abhi-its OK ….I understand..

He giggles

Ishita-abhi u na

She beats him playfully

He laughs

Abhj-ishita ishita listen na

Ishita stops


Abhi-plz suggest me cloths …I have to go for coffee with shagun..

Ishita-ooohooo….coffee with shagun…

She teases him


Ishita-see that blush

Abhi-u r …..

He leaves having blush on his face….

Abhi gets ready

He reaches shagun’s house

He calls her nd calls her down

She comes down

He gets engrossed by her beauty……

He winks

Shagun blushes

Abhi-lets go

She nods

They reach coffee bar

They order

Shagun-o shit…I think I have forgot my phone in the car

Abhi-wait I’ll bring.
Shagun-its ok ill bring

Abhi-ok .

She goes out

She takes the phone
Shagun-my jaan(phone) …i was afraid thinkinh where u went

She smiles

While she is crossing

A truck comes and

Ambulance siren is ringing

Abhi-shagun…wake up ..open ur eyes plz
To be continues
Bye everyone…I will have to hide somewhere so that u all don’t find me..

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  1. yeah…you better hide cause you are going to get dangerous comments u know. well right now i am angry at u too. I mean u didn’t post anything for so many day!!! Anyways, really amazing episode. Hope that shagun doesn’t die. But I have a question which is… how is this ff related to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?

  2. Kumud

    Where the hell where u since been waiting for ur ff really annoyed with u. and nice one but the way hope nothing happens to shagun

  3. Jasminerahul

    shagun dressed so well 4 d date.i imagined in d dress u mentioned.abhi engrossed in her beauty was sweet.but shocking that during d date she met with an accident n abhi is in pain.so sad.hopefully everything will b ok.ishra scenes were very romantic

  4. I’m not going to attack you….but I also angry with you…..episode was awesome with ishra romance……

  5. nice update ishra romance was nice omg shagum met with accident pls update soon

  6. Asmithaa

    Superb episode… And Abhi with Shagun??? We want Abhigya together yaar… And anyways nice update…

  7. Lisa

    Nice update keep writing

  8. nice but after many days superb romance between ishra

  9. Awsm… it is really mind blowing ff !! It was late bt anyways it soo nice..

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