kucch kucch hota h (part 13)

So now I’m happy yesterday there were 10 comments…Thnk u so much everyone…so let’s start

Ishita comes in excitedly

Raman-what happened what did they say

Ishita-they said yes but only for 3 days

She makes puppy face

Raman pulls her cheeks

Ishita laughs

Raman-Im going to take bath after that I have to go somewhere


Ramna-u will come to know today

He goes

Ishita is confused

Ishita-what will i come to know

She also goes out


Raman-aunty…I have to go for some important work

Ishita stares him

Raman winks

He goes

Ishita-what is he talking about

6 pm

Ishita gets a call from raman

Raman-ishita…open ur cupboard and take out the gift nd come down

Saying this he cuts the call

Ishita-gift…for me

She quickly goes nd opens the cupboard

Ishita takes out the gift

Ishita -o wow so cute dress

She goes to change

She comes out

She is wearing white frock (its of net ….there is a red bow at the back and she is looming awesome)

She opens her hair

Nd wears golden heals

She goes down

Raman was waiting there

He gets engrossed by her beauty

Ishita-how am I looking?

Raman -s*xy

He winks

She smiles

Ishita-why did u said me to wear it

Raman-there is a surprise for u

He ties cloth around her eyes and makes her sit in the car

He takes her somewhere

They reach

He opens ishita’s eyes

She gets surprised seeing the decoration

There is a candlelight dinner

And a bed with roses spread all over it

No one is there

Ishita-wow raman …what’s this

Raman-i thought to spend some time with u

He bends down on his knees

Raman-this is the first time I’m proposing someone…I don’t have practice….so ..I want to say

He tries speaking

Ishita laughs

Raman-im getting tensed and u r laughing….OK now I will say

He closes his eyes

He holds ishita’s hand

Raman-ishita ….I don’t know when it happened but since childhood I have loved u ….I want to spend my whole life with u…will u marry me

Ishita has tears in her eyes

Ishita nods

He smiles and makes her wear the ring

He gets up

He comes closer to her

Raman-can we have a candle light dinner.

Ishita-ya sure

He takes her

He makes her sit and then he sits

Raman gives her wine
She finishes it in one gulp

He too finishes it

They both get up nd look into each others eye

They both come closer nd closer to each other

They r now too close that they can hear each others breath

They have a liplock

Raman gives her French kiss

He bites her lower lip and she bites his upper lip

Raman holds her waist and pulls her even more closer

Raman pushes hispshis tongue into ishitas tongue

They break their kiss

Raman picks up ishita

He takes her near the bed

He makes her lie down

He lies upon her

He gives her kisses on her neck ..cheeks …forehead and lips

Ishita embraces his love nd romance

Raman opens his first button of shirt ..then second nd third

But ishita stops him

Ishita-this after marriage

Raman smiles

He gets up but Ishita pulls him

Ishita -I didn’t said no to kiss

He smiles

And kisses her again

Raman-yaar ishita u spoiled my mood


Raman-i thought today we will….but u

Ishita-i said na after marriage

Raman-really u spoiled my mood

He gets up

Raan-lets go home

He goes near the car angrily

Ishita-khadoos Kumar…he doesn’t understand anything

She goes nd sits in the car

The whole journey raman doesn’t talk to ishita

Ishita(to herself)-o god ..now see he is angry ..how to say sorry to him

They reach the house

Raman goes up leaving Ishita

Ishita-what to do …his full mood is spoiled…Ishita u should have not stopped him….after all he is ur fiancé….

She goes up

Raman changes his clothes nd goes to sleep on sofa

Ishita changes and comes out

Ishita-what to do…

She goes nd sits on the floor next to raman

Ishita-raman ….why r u angry….u should understand

Ramna- wat should I understand …..always u spoil my mood …now go nd sleep nd let me sleep

Ishita-will u not sleep with me


He turns the other side

Ishita-stay angry…

She goes nd sleep……


Raman wakes up

He sees ishita sleeping

Ramna-she is sleeping so nicely nd she doesn’t care in talking to her or not

He goes nd sits beside her.

He kisses her forehead

Ishita opens her eyes nd sees raman

Raman sees her nd gets up

But she pulls him

Nd kisses him

Ishita-im sorry for yesterday.

Raman-was this the sorry u gave me

Ishita-ya maybe then

Raman-then I will always be angry

Ishita makes angry face

He kisses her cheeks

He picks her up in his arms

She blushes

Raman winks

He takes her to the bathroom

Nd locks the door

(Now u can think wats happening inside…I will not go into detail …u will get detail one after their marriage …pakka)

After taking bath

They come out

Ishita-now happy

Ramn-yes very much

She smiles

Shagun house

She is talking to abhi on phone..
Shagun-reallly they confessed

Abhi-yes and yesterdsy raman took her somewhere

Shagun-o wow so romantic

Abhi-hmmm….I know …they r so cute na


Shagun(to herself)-one day we will also do the same

She blushes.

Abhi-shagun r u there


Abhi-im thinking can we go for coffee today

Shagun-yes sure sure

Abhi-ok then be ready I will come to pick u


So this much …I know this one is boring….next part I’ll try to make interesting…bye

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  1. Tvfan1

    Um…..very romantic?

  2. I just loved this ff. Really thank you very much.

  3. Nyc .. really vry romantic

  4. Jasminerahul

    u showed so much of romance.then why do u say that its boring?loved ishita’s dress.no wonder raman got lost in her.candlelight dinner was damn romantic with sensual scenes.finally they became one n ishu had to break her determination 2 do it only after marr 4 the stubborn angry raman.hope it doesnt affect their future.finally a shagun abhishek scene.now they r going on a coffee date.lets c if abhi will fall 4 her or not

  5. Sooo cute romantic scene nice

  6. It’s not boring…..today episode was just awesome….at last finally Raman gets successfull…..

  7. arrey yaar very much intresteing

  8. Kumud

    Very interesting and romantic

  9. Great episode!!! Very romantic. But I have a question: How is this ff based on the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Just wondering. But still your ff is really good. Keep it up!

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