kucch kucch hota h (part 12)

Guys calm down ….I was not angry I just wanted to see more comments so just acted …I’m sorry ..sorry sorry sorry…. For being rude or I can say blackmailing u …don’t worry I will not end it …so let’s begin…
Everyone is in shock

Abhi(shouting)-doctor how can we call him he is not picking his phone plz save ishita plz

Doc-i cant…we need to call raman …else

Amma-plz abhi tyr to call raman plz….

She sits and cries

Appa consoles amma

Appa-madhu …dont worry our ishu is strong …come we will pray to murgan

They leave

Abhi sits beside ishita

Abhi-ishita plz wake up….

Ishita is continuosly taking raman’s name

Doc checks her again

Doc-plz try calling raman …she is getting even more critical

Abhi has tears in his eyes

He nods and goes out

He tries calling raman

Raman rejects the call

He calls him again

Raman again rejects

Raman-i know shagun has told u but I want ishita’s happiness

He calls him again and again

Raman gets angry

He picks up

Raman-i know shagun told u but I have to go so just stop calling me I’m in airport

Abhi-raman plz don’t cut the call just a min for ishita

Raman-for ishita why

Abhi-raman ….ishita

Raman-what happened to ishita why r tensed ….and ur voice is Also heavy …plz tell abhi wat happened to ishita

Abhi tells him everything

Raman gets teary eyes

At the back doctor is shouting-her pulse rate is falling

Raman-ishita…abhi I’m coming

Raman runs out

He tries stopping taxi but no one waits

Raman-its night nd no taxi is stopping I have to reach there

He cries

Raman-i will run nd go ishita’s house is near

He runs

Ishita’s face is shown calling raman

He runs faster

Amma and appa r praying

Abhi is tensed and is standing near ishita

O re piya song plays in BG

Raman reaches her house

He runs to her room

He stops at her room gate

He sees her then abhi

Abhi sees him

He runs to her.

He sits beside her

Raman holds her hand

Raman-ishita see I have come back …ishita open ur eyes plz…ishita open ur eyes I’m here with u

He kisses her head

Then kisses her hand

Ishita(slow tone)-raman… Don’t go…raman..

Raman -ishita see na im here with u….open ur eyes or I will go

Doc again checks her..
Doc-thnk god u came now she is fine…she just needs rest ….

Raman thanks god

Abhi-thnk u raman u came

Raman-i had to come …just for my ishita

Abhi smiles

Amma and appa come in

Amma-raman beta Thnk u ….

Raman-no aunty …no need to say thanks

Appa-no beta…u came back…we know u both luv each other…

Raman gets a lil shocked

Amma-yes beta we knew.

Raman smiles

Raman-aunty ….can I stay with ishita today plz…its night also ..plz I want to stay with ishita

Amma -sure I will inform ur parents

Raman nods

Abhi-raman u go nd change

Raman nods

Abhi thanks god

Raman comes and sits beside Ishita

He holds her hand

He lies down

Raman -ishita….sorry I misunderstood u …I will never go away from u…

He kisses her forehead

He switch off’s the light and sleeps


Raman wakes up

He goes to brush his teeth

Abhi comes in

Raman comes out

Abhi- raman can I come in

Raman-dont be formal yaar …u can come

Abhi smiles

Abhi-raman is ishita’s fever low now

Raman-ya I had put cold water cloth on her head…she is fine

Ishita opens her eyes

Raman-ishita ….

He goes beside her.

He makes her sit

He kisses her forehead

Raman-r u fine

Ishita doesn’t respond

Raman -ishita say something

Ishita slaps him

Ishita-i don’t want to talk to u …u were going to Singapore …go na …u don’t care for me…. U didn’t thought wat would happen with me if u leave me …u didn’t once thought of me….

Raman smiles

Raman-ishita ..im sorry

Ishita-i dont want to talk to u

Raman-but listen to me

Ishita-no i dont

Raman-so u want me to go back to singapore….ok then i will leave

She gets worried

He gets up

Ishita holds her hand

Ishita-again u r going….leaving me alone

Raman lipses no

He hugs her

They cry

Raman-dont cry…I will not leave u …..never….I’m sorry I misunderstood u…I love u

Ishita-i love u too and don’t try to go away from me again …if u will go na then

She starts beating him again

Abhi smiles

Raman tries saving himself

Abhi leaves from their as he dont want to come between them

Raman runs

Ishita runs behing him

Raman jumps on bed

Ishita comes on bed

He gets down

She also gets down

She slips
Raman holds her

Itni si baat h song plays in bg

Raman moves his lips near hers

He tries to kiss

Ishita pushes him

Amma calls raman

Raman makes puppy face

Ishita- awwww….

He gives him a peck on his cheeks

He smiles and tries giving her too

Ishita- go amma is calling

He smiles and leaves

Mr and mrs bhalla r present there

Raman -maa papa aap dojo

Mr Bhalla – puttar him ishita ka haath mangane aaye h tere liye

He gets shy

Ishita also listens and gets shy

Mr iyer-sure

Raman-but after 6 months when we will complete our study

Mrs iyer-yes beta sure

They smile

Raman feels shy and goes to ishita’s room

Ishita notices and goes to bed and sits and acts she didn’t heard

Raman comes in and locks the door

Raman goes near her

He sits beside

Raman-so its decided


Raman thinks

Raman -that we will get married..after 6 months…then u will be mine forever

Ishita smiles and hugs him

Raman holds her face

Raman-ishita u know that I was so afraid yesterday

Ishita nods with smile and tears

He then gives her a peck on her lips

Ishita-so at last u took a kiss


They smile

Raman-so now I’m going


Raman -my home

Ishita-dont go plz stay here for a few days I will ask Amma and appa and uncle and aunty also..plz

Raman-u ask first

She goes to ask Amma and appa

Raman smiles

So guys this much for today… Tell did u like it or not

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  1. loved it….awesome episode yaar….you r good writer and also good actor……

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    I luv this. Pls keep it up

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    Superb update soon

  5. Nice super cute ishra scene super duper super episode

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    Ishra scene was so emotional.rly lovely,confession was so beautiful.romance was too sweet

  8. Amazing!!!!

  9. Sorry for yesterday

  10. Enjoyed it to the core… superb… waiting for more masthi

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