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kucch kucch hota h (part 10)


Helllooooo everyone…. Sorry for delay actually i was busy with dusshera…. I was not feeling to post anything so lets start……
Raman-hawwww ishita u forgot ur frnd

Abhi makes puppy face

Ishita shouts-yeah yeah i remember abhishek …..abhi u ……o god how did i forgot….

She hugs him

Raman(a little jealous )(to himself)-how could she hug someone else im here hug me😣😣😣😣😀😀😀….and he ….hiw dare he hug my girl…

Ishita -abhi come in na

She takes him inside forgetting about raman

Raman-OMG ….shagun told ishita loves me but see how she ignored me 😣😣😣

He leaves angrily 😬😬😬


Shagun is standing thinking about abhi

Raman comes down and sees shagun standing in the same position as before

He goes to shagun

Raman-shagun ….shagun r u fine should i take u to hospital….come don’t worry u will be fine …i dont know what happened to u …u r standing in the same position as i left u

Shagun-raman raman im fine ….

Raman-r u sure

Shagun-ya im sure

Raman-then why were u standing in the same position as before


She blushes

Raman remembers after meeting abhi shagun became like this

Raman-oooooooo lagta kahi pyar khir utha h abhi ji ko dekhne ke baadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(oooooooo i think somewhere love as bloomed after meeting abhi)

Shagun again blushes


Raman-ooo wow

Shagun shouts -raman just stop it lets leave

They leave

Iyer house

Ishita makes abhi eat idli

Abhi-ishu ishu relax

Ishita-abhi i want to talk a lot with u

Abhi-ok ok let me eat …..we will talk ….but i love idlis made by aunty

Ishita smiles

Abhi eats

Abhi-hm lets talk …what do u want to talk to me

Ishita -come to my room

Abhi -ok

Ishita’s πŸ›£ room

Ishita and abhi r sitting on bed and talking

Ishita-abhi u know im in love

Abhi-wow …yaar ….with whom tell me

Ishita-with ….

She blushes

Abhi-tell i wanna know

Ishita -with raman

Abhi-ooo wow that guy who had brought me to ur house

Ishita nods shyly

Ishita-abhi….abhi…u need to help me

Abhi-what help

Ishita-i want to confess my love to raman but i m thinking raman should propose me

Abhi-its not bad if u propose him.

Ishita-but how ….i mean will it not look awkward

Abhi-no no…i will help u ….i have a plan

He tells her their plan

Ishita makes oooo face nd smiles

Abhi winks

Ishita-wow abhi wat a plam ha

Raman is thinking about ishek hug nd how Ishita ignored him

He gets angry nd jealous

Raman-how close they were ….how dare abhishek hug ishita ….my ishita …she is just mine

Ishita calls him

He rejects the call

Ishita-why is he cutting the call

She calls him again

He picks up
Ishita-raman …u went without meeting me
Raman-cos u were wid ur abhi
Ishita understands his insecuity
Ishita-so ..u know he will stay wih me in my house for few days
Raman gets highly jealous
Raman-so u called me to tell this
Ishita (naughtily)-no…i mean i wanted to tell u about abhi only …about how sweet he is
Raman-im feeling sleepy bye
He cuts the call

Ishita laughs

Abhi sighs her

Ishita makes successful thumb

They laugh

Abhi-so he is jealous

Ishita-yeah too much

Abhi-thats great our plan is working

*******fb starts********
Abhi-listen ishita first we Will have to see does he really lov u

Ishita-he loves me i know shagun also told

Abhi-ooho ishita u r not understanding…see if he loves u then obviously he will be jealous seeing u wid me

Ishita-yeah u r right

Abhi-so listen see first we Will make him jealous …..then after four to five days he will be very angry with u then will make u both drink….

Ishita makes angry face

Abhi-listen so….

Ishita-ok tell

Abhi-after making u both drunk …..i will lock u both in a room then

Ishita-haww abhi u r such a gr8 planner…..keep it up

*****fb ends******
Ishita- abhi r u sure it will work

Abhi-im 101% sure

Appa nd amma listen their talk

They smile knowing ishra love each other

Raman is very jealous nd angry

So hows it …..tell tell comment fast nd silent readers u also plz

  1. Jasminerahul

    raman jealous of ishita abhi.ha ha.2 help ishita 2 confess luv he is siding ishu 2 make raman jealous.lets c if d plan works or sweet that ishu’s parents r happy 4 ishra n raman finding abt shagun;s crush on abhi was cute.waiting 4 abhi shagun’s luv story too

  2. Lasya Priya K

    Wow… it’s overwhelming…. nice but plz make ur episodes a lil bit longer yaar…. it’s a reader request

  3. Day by day I am falling more for ur ff u have always rocked & u will always rock dear u r just awesome dear I am just speechless about ur ff

  4. Ankitha

    Superb plz continue

  5. Kumud


  6. Fab.!! It’s so cute ff.. Raman to be jealous.. And abhishek – shagun chemistry … That’s awesome

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