The Krraaazzzyyy 4!!! (OS)

Hello everyone…l love the 4 leads of Swaragini very much, hence wanted to write something about their friendship and bonding which wasn’t shown aptly in the show (my pov)
So here is my os and all 4 of them are totally crazy here. Hope u like it?

“Ahen…Ahen! What ll happen to me now? That budwa sir will kill me if l don’t submit my assignment by today and see my bad luck, l have lost it” Swara welled loudly.

Ragini took out some cotton from her bag, stuffed it in her ears to protect her eardrums and started consoling her “Swara, my Shona. Don’t cry like this. You must have misplaced it somewhere and ll get it surely. Now stop your melodrama. See because of u the whole canteen became empty and the canteen wale bhai is shooting daggers at us for slowing down his business today”.

Swara immediately stopped and hit Ragini “Don’t tease me. I’m so much tensed and you are irritating me even more”.

Ragini rubbing her arm, signed her to look front and whisphered “Don’t blame me only. Look what your two anmol ratnas are doing”.

Swara craned her neck to look in the said direction and saw Laksh sleeping soundly with a cute smile and Sanskar gorging on his Samosas hungrily as if he hadn’t eaten them since 100 years.
Swara now lost her patience and hitting the table hard, now yelled at them ” You duffer good-for-nothing idiots. I’m undergoing such a life-threatening crisis and you aren’t even bothered?”

Still no reaction from SanLak side.

Irritated now Swara gave them each a nice slap on their cheeks which brought them to the reality of their surroundings while Ragini started laughing like a mental.

Laksh, waking up with a jerk, retorted back at Swara while rubbing his cheeks ” You Bhootni!!! Why did you hit me? I was having such a beautiful dream of dancing in the pool with the hot Sunny Leone. Idiot now l ll kill u.” saying this he started chasing her.

Seeing this new chaos, Ragini started to laugh more clutching her stomach and in the process fell down from her chair but didn’t stop.

“Arre Pagal Ladki, shall l call the mental asylum for you? I’m damn sure you must have told Swara to irritate us and see because of you my lovely Samosas have also fallen on the ground” with this Sanskar started crying.

Ragini hit her head and told him “Don’t worry Sanky baba…Your Deepika Padukone is waiting for you with a big plate of Samosas near the college gate”.
Now Sanskar became very happy and started clapping his hands like a 3 year old kid and dragged Ragini with him towards the gate, without listening her,all the while shouting, “Deepika…Deepika…where are you Jaaneman? I’m comingggg”.

Meanwhile after running around the whole college, Swalak had reached the field now.

Swara ( super angry mode) ” You Gadhe…now wait l ll show you my Kung-fu power” and took her fighting position.
Laksh said “You Bhootni. Don’t brag about your faltu powers which you have learnt watching those childish Kung-fu Panda movies” and showed his tongue?

Insulted now Swara gave him a hard kick on his leg and he winced in pain and started dancing around the field holding his leg “Bhootni, what you did? Haye mera paer tod diya”
While jumping around he pushed Swara unknowingly, who lost her balance and fell into the nearby mud puddle and got drenched completely.
Looking at her now muddy avtar Laksh started laughing and said “Now Bhootni is looking like Mud-Dayan…He He He?Serves you right” Saying this he fled away.
Swara also got up and ran after him.
Sanskar had been searching for Deepika frantically by running helter skelter. In this process he was also dragging Ragini with him who has now completely lost all her energy and was just moving along with him like a lifeless body. She was cursing herself in her mind as her plan backfired.

“Bhukkad yaar…Please l can’t run anymore. You keep running like Milkha Singh. But please spare me”.

Sanskar was in no mood to listen and said “No you told me Deepika is waiting for me. Now bring her and also my Samosas varna mein tumhara sar phod donga” He threatened her still running.

Ragini now got an idea. She knew Sanskar loved to dance???. So she played his favourite dance number “Nagin” on her phone.
Immediately jerking her hand away, Sanskar began grooving on the song like a Nagin???

Now free from his torture, Ragini sat on the ground folding her legs, resting her hands on her face and began enjoying the new ‘Tamasha’.

SwaLak came there and were astounded seeing Sanky’s Nagin dance. Ragini on seeing them popped the question “Swara how did you become ‘Brown’ Bhootni?” and began to laugh heartily.

Swara now fumed and stopped the music and shouted “Oye! Ragini ki bacchi…stop your laughter ki dukan and help me in retrieving my assignment.” Saying this she crossed her hands in front her chest and began tapping her foot.
Sanskar, now very depressed, yelled like a baby ” Swara, first you threw my Samosas and now you also couldn’t bear my awesome dinchak dance and stopped my favourite music. Go, l won’t help you” saying this he turned away.

Before anyone could react, came a thunderous voice “Hey! You 4 idiots!!!”
All looked towards the direction. It was none other than Kavita the Chipkali. She was smirking and was dangling a blue file? in the air.

Swara widened her eyes in disbelief “My assignment. Kavita!!! Wapas de…” and lunged towards her.
But Kavita taking advantage of her height, held the file up in the air and Swara started jumping around her trying to catch it while the other 3 were watching the scene with their mouths hung open. But then they came back to their senses when Swara shouted at them rolling her eyes, “Arre bewakoofon, help me”.
All 3 saluted her and said “Yes Captain”.

Now Swara looked at Kavita and smirked, “Ab tu dekh”.
Kavita looked at her with a weird expression while Swara began pulling her hair from behind with all her might and yelled near her ear, “Chipkali if you don’t want to become takli, give the file”. Kavita screamed in pain but didn’t let go off the file.

Now Sanskar came near Kavita and grabbed her other hand, “Look I m very hungry” and dug his teeth on her hand. Kavita now screamed even more and started hitting his head with the file but he didn’t pay any heed.

Ragini thinking to trouble Kavita more looked around and saw the cycle stand. An idea flashed in her head⚑?⚑. She went there and picked up a cycle with all her strength and said, “Kavita baby get ready, you are troubling my Shona na. Now see I’ll throw this cycle on you and smash you into 1000 pieces completely” and began to laugh loudly in Mogambo style.

Laksh came running towards her and interrupted, “Offo! Stop your filmy drama and drop the cycle now. Look I’ve got some mangoes from the nearby tree and also some tomatoes and eggs from canteen wale bhai. Let’s attack Kavita with these”.
Ragini nodded and both started hitting Kavita with those stuff in full force.

Now Kavita was completely drowned in the eggs’ yolk and juices of tomatoes and mangoes. But apart from her, SwaSan were also not spared from RagLak’s nishanebaazi?
While Laksh hit Swara’s face with mangoes, Ragini had hit Sanskar’s head with tomatoes, though unintentionally.

SwaSan putting a stop to their activities, hollered at them “Kiske side ho tum dono?”
RagLak making an innocent pout face replied “SORRY”.

Meanwhile Kavita freed herself from their clutches and threw the file on Swara’s face, “Duffer, take it but remember I’ll come back”. Swara was about run after her when the others stopped her and Sanskar said, “Jaane do uss Chipkali ko. We got the file na, so let’s celebrate with Samosas.”

All 3 hit their heads and yelled at him simultaneously, “Shut up!!! Don’t take the name of Samosas again”.
Sanskar pouted and pretending to be angry began hitting them with the leftover tomatoes and eggs.

Ragini shouted when an egg hit her dress, “Gadhe, you spoiled my kurti. Now Dadi ll kill me and do tandav on my dead body. You could have hit me with a mango na”.
Sanky said “No, I’ll eat the mangoes so get beaten by these” and continued his antics.

Now all 4 of them began hitting each other as if it was World War 3. After some time, they got exhausted and stopped finally. But looking at the mess around them and their own condition they began to laugh heartily.

Swara jumped on Ragini and hugging her tightly said “Yes, I got my assignment. All thanks to Swaragini Power”.
SanLak looked confused and asked, “Oh hello!!! We both also helped you, remember.”
Swaragini in unison, “Ya ya, we know” and began laughing again.
All 4 of them had a group hug and shouted “Yeh DOSTI hum nahi todenge”.

Sanskar added with excitement, “Haan! Samose ke liye bhi nahin”.
Ragini losing her patience “Phir Samose!!! Tu rukh Bhukkad…I won’t spare you now”.
SwaLak in unison “Hum bhi!!!”
And with this all 3 began chasing our poor Sanky baba and the day passed…


Please don’t hit me with tomatoes and eggs if it wasn’t funny???
I tried my level best so do give me your views whether you liked it or not….

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