KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 9

Hi guys….thnk u for all ur precious comments….i am so sorry as I can’t fulfill ur request to update daily as on 26 of this month my board exams of class 11 are starting and I am preparing for it.moreover I wnt be able to update from 26-10 due to exams…pardon me for that….
~Sandy:- actually in my country “Pakistan” when we enter college we have only two fields to opt 1-medical 2-engineering…once we complete it ans get grades after that we can opt any field we like when we go in a university….eother if its business and u have studied medical it doesn’t matter….so for now as sona and dev are in college so They have same class…

Recap: Sona sleeps in dev’s embrace.Flashback starts about dev and sona.sona starts to bring change in dev…

Today: Sona sits in class and waits for dev’s turn to enters and all are shocked.sona smiles.
Girl 1-OMG he is so hot.
Girl 2-I want him plz…
Rahul clenches his sits with sona.

Sona:I told u that college will get a shock
Dev smiles.
Professor comes in class and tells about the dance competition in college.
A guys stands:sir as usual Rahul will win…
Sona rolls her eyes and stands up
Professor:u want to say sth sonakshi?
Sona:yes sir…actually another student also wants to participate…
Sona:dev dixit
Dev is stunned and looks at sona.
Professor:interesting….sure he can…
Dev grans sona’s hand and makes her sit
Dev:are u mad?I dnt know how to dance…what will I do?
Sona:when sona is here not to fear….I will teach u.
Dev:u know how to dance?

Sona gives him an unbelievable look.
Dev:ok ok sorry…
Rahul:no matter what I will win only…
Sona:we will see…
Rahul pushes dev but he stays calm and Rahul leaves.sona gets angry
Sona:why dnt u fight back?
Dev:I dnt like this…
Sona:but u need to know how to fight for rights…
Sona:ok what if someone tries to hurt ur family?will u stay quiet?
Dev:never….i will kill that guy

Sona:then?try to fight for urself too….
Dev gets to thinking….

Sona:what happened?
Dev:just forget everything and tell me how do I get out of this dance mess??
Sona:nothing will happen dev…just practice and u will win…
Dev:is it easy?
Sona:do u trust me?
Both smile…
Sona:we will start practicing tomorrow in the dance room
They attend classes and head to go home

Sona:mr dev…

Sona:how am I supposed to go home?
Dev looks at the bike…
Dev:oh sorry…umm…let me drop u…
Dev sits and sona sits behind him
Dev:hold me tight or u will fall,,,
Sona gets hesitant and doesn’t hold him
Sona:I am fine…
Dev starts driving but suddenly applies brake and sona collides with dev’s back resulting in the clashing of her lips on dev’s neck leaving a lipstick mark startling dev and sona.
Sona sees the mark and dev feels as if an electric current has passed through his body…
There is an awkward silence between both of them.
Dev drives to sona’s home.
Sona:thnx…come in
Dev:no u go…i have work in office.
He is about to get off the bike
Son:what r u doing?
Dev:its urs

Sona:its ok just go
Sona nods and he leaves.sona unknowingly touches her lips and smiles…she rushes inside.
Dev reaches office and all smile sheepishly to see him.he is not able to understand anything.he finishes work and goes home.
Nikkie notices lipstick mark and signs Riya.riya smiles naughtily
Riya:bhaiyya…all ok Na?
Neha:u look like tomatoe
Nikkie:no no looks like someone has left a mark of love on u
Dev:shut up…what r u talking about?u should stop watching movies…
He goes to his room while sisters laugh….
Dev takes off his shirt and goes to washroom.he washes his face and looks into mirror and is shocked to see lipstick mark on his neck.he reminisces sona’s collision with him and smiles.he touches the mark.
Dev:what magic are u doing on me sona?
Sona also thinks about dev and smiles…

They keep attending college and sona keeps helping him in dance practices.rahul gets irked seeing their closeness.and one day….

At off time sona heads to go to home when Rahul keeps a hand on her mouth annd drags her to store room.sona tries to shout but he doesn’t let her speak anything.he tries to misbehave with her.he means to kiss her but he receives a kick from behind and sona is relieved to see beats Rahul viciously and sona is shocked to see this shade of dev,rahil is badly injured and is bleeding.due to beating him continuously dev’s hand starts beating holds him from collar
Dev:never dare do it again or else u r dead…
He throws him out and sona is in star of shock mot because what Rahul tried to do but what dev did.
Dev takes sona’s dupatta and wraps around her.
Dev:u ok?
Sona:what was this?
Dev:what do u mean?
Sona:u beat him.u never raised voice but today…
Dev:u remember u once asked me that if someone tries to hurt my family what will I do?this is my answer,..
Sona:yeah but that was family…
Dev:sona….u r my family too…
Sona is holds her hand.son a see his hand bleeding and screams
Sona:idiot look at ur hand
Dev:its ok
Sona:no its not…
Sona tears her dupatta and ties on his hand…

Dev:it was filmy
Soba has tears in her eyes
Dev gets serious and cups her face.he wipes her tears
Dev:sorry…i am ok dnt worry
Sona smiles and he drops her home.sona is in air and jumps on bed.
Saurav:have u gone mad?
Saurav:no doubt…
Elena comes
Elena:who has done this magic on u?
Sona:dnt ask right now…let me rest…she falls on bed and hugs her pillow tight thinking about dev….
She instantly gets up and receives dev’s call

Dev:hello sona…u ok?
Sona:i am ok dev…dnt worry
Dev:I was worried…just tell me whenever Rahul disturbs u…
Sona:dnt worry dev…

Dev smiles…
Sona:dev…dnt go to office tomorrow
Soba:because I am saying,..i have to take u somewhere
Sona:to u childhood
Sona:u will understand tomorrow
Dev:as u wish…
Sona:bye dev
Dev:bye sona
Both are smiling and don’t cut call.
Sona laughs
Sona:I am cutting it dev
She cuts call and dev smiles whole heartedly….

Next:masti time….

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  3. U have boards in class 11????? Don’t ull have it in class 12?

  4. U know how it is, if u are wanting to take up a profession in medical u take up grad n post grad in that field, like if u do medical in class 12 n want to take up commerce in college u can do that but then u no longer can be a doctor.

  5. So nice!!! Because of you I have created an image in my mind that sona and dev had a past!!!!

  6. But u know that’s the technicality of it, so never mind. I have already been irritating u with these ques…but u R otherwise writing pretty well, especially for a 11th grader.

  7. All the best for ur exams n all the best for ur ff too.

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  8. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

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  14. Wait a minute isn’t this the real episode of krpkab???

    1. No hahaha this is called a fan fiction jenny?

    2. No jenny….its my self made story…a fan fiction

  15. It’s a illusionary story written by the fans of what they feel and how they want the story to go.

  16. Superb episode… Good work Angel

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