KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 8

Sorry guys actually I am preparing for my exams so I couldn’t update….
sth stands for something….


Sona sits on floor and cries
Sona:I am sorry dev…plz forgive me…plz
Dev kneels down and sees her tears.he cups her face and kisses her cheeks to stop tears from flowing.sona hugs him tightly.he picks her up in his arms and places her on bed and caresses her hair.she holds his hand.he sits by her side half leaning on bed.sona straightens her self and keeps her head on his chest and wraps her arms around his too encircles his one arm around her shoulder and the other hand is on sona’s hand that she had kept on his torso.
Sona:plz forget everything…sorry
Dev kisses her forehead and pats her head slowly.soon sona dozes keeps looking at her sleeping beauty.he shuts his eyes and the flashback starts….

(its all flashback now)

A black coloured car enters college.a handsome guy wearing a suit steps out of car.he is dev dixit.
All girls get completely mad over the same time a beautiful girl is coming out of her class holding her notes and collides with dev but he holds her from her waist and prevents her from falling.the girl is sona.her notes fly in air and fall on them who are lost in each others eyes in leaning position.
Sona looks at her notes and stands straight.
Dev:u should say sorry
Sona:why should I?u collided with me first.

Dev:u were lost in ur notes
Sona:look mister!
Before sona could complte her sentence she looks at dev from top to bottom…
Sona:are u a professor?
Dev:do I look like professor?
Sona:at least look at urself for once!!!u r wearing suit…i mean normally boys wear casual clothes but u look like business man.
Dev doesn’t say anything and goes
Sona:wait…huh…stupid guy
She picks up her notes and goes to her class.
Princi enters their class.
Princi:welcome again guys…i know its mid year but a student has joined college as he had recently shifted in this city…i hope u will behave properly with him as he is very yound but very talented as well…plz welcome dixit
All are shocked to hear the name
Sona:dev dixit?the business tycoon?
Dev enters and sona is taken aback to see him as she remembers her last encounter with him.
Sona:so that’s why he is wearing this suit…damn it…i thought he is professor!!shit
Girl:Gosh he is so handsome
Girl 2:look at his face yar soo cute

Pia(sona’s friend):what do u think sona?
Sona:hmm…he looks nice

Rohan(college hunk) played by chirag of meri ashiqui tumse hi…

Rohan:not more than me
Sona laughs at him
Rohan gets angry
Dev sits by sonakshi.
Dev looks at her and doesn’t say anything.sona makes a pouty face.
Its break time for 1 hour.
Sona:I am so tired piya
Piya:so am I…hey look is he dev
They see dev leaving college
Piya:where is he going?
Sona:how would I know?
They go to canteen to eat sth…
After an hour dev returns just before his class
Sona:how punctual he is.
All classes are attended and now its time to go home
Dev sees rohan and his friends near his car
Dev:can u plz step aside

Dev:its my car
Rohan:so what?its ur first day so ragging is compulsory
Dev:I am not interested
Rohan:but we are…
Dev:just leave my way
Rohan:oh…angry?what will u do?he pushes dev again and again and he falls down.
Dev controls his anger
Rohan:don’t try to mess with me…i am the only hunk of this college…got it?
Just then rohan receives a tight slap by sonakshi…
Sona:u r the most shameless person I have ever seen in my life…don’t u know how to respect others?just get lost,,,go…
Rohan gives her ab angry glare but leaves

Dev stand up in surprise
Sona:u ok?
Sona:listen I am sorry for misbehaving with u…
Dev:its ok
Dev extends his hand:frbdz…
Sona smiles…

Few days pass and sona dev become good friends but dev doesn’t laugh or enjoy much.
Sona:where do u go in lunch time?
Dev:yeah…i manage office and college
Sona is stunned
Sona:but why?
Dev:sona it took a lot of effort for me to reach this level…my mom sacrificed her happiness and health for me as we were poor but she wanted us to study and make our future,she did evrythng for us which no mother could do…so just to get rid of slavery,poverty,that dark of the world I studies hard and hard ignoring all the happiness and joys of life…i became a business tycoon in a very young age but sudy was left too…so I came here to complete my studies and handle business as well…

Sona holds his looks at her.
Sona:dev whatever it was…happened in past now u dhiudk enjoy.u should know the value of life.u should know what childhood is…what happiness is…
Dev:I dnt have time for this
Sona:find some time
Dev:how do I?
Sona:doesn’t ur family feel sad to see u stern and serious all the time?
Sona:change urself
Dev:I seriously dnt know how to do it!
Sona:hey bhagwan…ok chill I will help u…i am with u
Dev:with me?

Sona is dumbstruck to listen to her
Sona:give me ur address
Sona:oho u question so much
Dev gives her his address
Dev goes home to ishwari and changes and sleeps in her lap
Ishu:all the time work work and work…when will u enjoy ur life
Next day as dev is come for breakfast he gets a parcel
Nikkie:who sent this?
Dev:dnt know
He opens it and finds a dark blue half sleeve T-shirt with jeans and sneakers.
Rani:who sent this?
Dev sees a note…

Its says:

” My dear friend dev,

. I know u wear only suits etc but those clothes are very boring.all taunt u but u r unaffected but being ur friend I dnt like this.U need to be happy cause I want u to be happy.and I will help u as I promised.u must be wearing ur suit.just take it off and wear these clothes,its ur teachers dnt think how I am ur teacher.i will explain later.just wear it and come to college.if u wont come wearing this then I will not talk to u…all the best,..i am waiting to see how many girls will die after seeing u….”

. your beautiful smart friend
. Sonakshi

Dev smiles
Dev thinks:mad girl
Ishu:who sent it beta?
Dev:no one maa…
Rani:let me throw it…u dnt wear such clothes
Dev:no Mami…its ok…
Ishu sees the smile on dev’s face
Dev goes and changes and he is looking damn cute….
He descends down the stairs and his family is dumbstruck to see him.
Dev:I am going to college.
Neha:my bhai is so handsome
Riya:but how did thei change come in him?
Nikkie:chill guys,..its all good finally he is out

if those boring clothes…
All smile while rani is upset

Dev goes out and is surprised to see a bike.
Dev:kaka(driver)…whose bike is this?
Kaka:a girl came and asked me to give this letter and keys to u.
Dev takes letter and reads it

. “hi dev…me sona again…i know I know u must be thinking abt bike…its nit a gift for u..,its my brother’s bike.i am still not capable financially to gift u sth big.dnt dare come in car.come like a hunk on bike.dont say no as u have to bring bike or else I wnt be able to go back home today.and yeah there are goggles on bike too,plz wear them too”

. sonakshi

Dev smiles and looks at bike.he touches it.he wears goggles.driver smiles to see him,dev sits on bike and tries to ride it.he reaches college and as expected a girl screams to see him and all boys get jealous.sona turns to look at him and is gets off the bike.takes off his goggles and smiles at sona.sona smiles back.he comes towards her and presents a rose.sona wides open her eyes and accepts it.
Dev:thnx for today madam
Sona:much more is waiting mr dev.
She laughs and goes
Dev keeps looking at her till she is gone
Dev thinks:I will wait too sona…
He smiles and goes to clas,…..

Next epi: Changes in dev….

Pretty long epi guys…hope u enjoyed…and dnt worry all ur confusions will ne cleared in the upcoming epis….and if u have any queries u may ask me…i always reply to each and every person in comments…u may see….

Sooraj’s role is played by jai from pyar Ki ye aik kahani…..
Rohan’s role is played by chirag from meri ashiqui tumse hi….

Keep commenting and smiling ? ☺ ☺ ?

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