KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 7


RECAP: ishu leaves for marriage with neha and riya.sona tries to set dev’s licks sona’s finger.sona and dev get closer during water fight and nikkie enjoys it.


sona whispers:dev
dev comes to senses and stands up
sona:its ok
sona sees all her clothes wet and wonders how will she go home
dev senses her tension
nikkie comes running
dev:give some clothes to so…i mean dr.bose
nikkie:how did u get wet?
devakshi are embarrassed.rani comes down yawning and is shocked
rani:dev beta how did u get wet?
rani sees pipe and sona
rani:how dare u?u r so shameless….u bathed with dev?
sona:aunti ji
rani:shut up….u want to woo him….how cheap
dev shouts:enough…not a single word against her
rani is taken aback to see rage in dev’s eyes.nikkie too controls herself.
dev:it was done by mistake
she leaves
nikkie:come di i will give u neha di’s clothes
sona changes and leaves for home

ishu calls nikkie
nikkie:hey mom
ishu:we reached here….u tell what happened?
nikkie tells abt water incident.ishu gets excited.
nikkie:u r just a kid….but u know what mami insulted sona di too….she tells whoel incident
ishu hits her forehead
ishu:offo bhabhi….but deb spoke for her its good…u try to make them closer…and yeah bhaiyya called he will be back with vikkie after 3 days
nikkie:ok mom

next day sona comes to house and makes breakfast
all eat.
rani:oh doctor…
sona:ji aunti
rani:from which college did u read?
sona: excel college
rani thinks sth: excel college….its the same college from where our dev studied….didnt u meet ever
dev and sona look at each other.they remeber sth and tear escapes sona’s clenches his fist.
dev looks at her with pain in his eyes
dev:if breakfast is over then u will get tea in room

rani goes to her room.kichu goes upstairs and rani asks what is he doing.he tells her taht today is dev’s important meeting and he had to take a fiel so he came to pick it
rani:oh yes yes…u go and i will just come to make him eat curd
nikkie hears this and thinks abt sth.
rani is about to go downstairs when nikkie stops her
nikkie:u cant go like this….after all u r gonna make dev bhaiyya eat for first time that too at MOM’s place so dress up a little like the owner of house
rani gets convinced and happily goes to her room
nikkie sees the opportunity and locks room from outside.she rushes down to sona and dev
dev gets call and gets tensed and panics abt deal
nikkie:bhaiyya dnt wrry u ill surely get the deal
dev:maa z not here and she used to make me eat curd….i felt relaxed…wt do i do
nikkie looks at sona for help
dev heads to go when sona stops him
dev looks at her holding a curd bowl in her hand.she moves towards him and extends spoon
both reminisce sth.(will tell u soon)
nikkie:how sweet….looks like love birds
dev eats and sona has tears in her eyes seeing which dev gets angry and moves closer to ipes her tears with his thumb and makes her look at him
sona understands and wipes her tears and dev leaves
nikkie smiles.sona gets a call and drops the curd bowl.nikkie gets scared
nikkie:di what happened
sona shivers badly and drops her phone and sits on floor in a corner
nikkie is hell shocked and picks phone
nikkie:hello…who is it?hello…
the phone was cut
nikkie goes and holds sona and hugs her
sona drinks water and relaxes.tears are flowing from her eyes.she wants someone to hold her tight.she wants to feel secure.but doesnt know how….

the day passes and sona goes home
sona:maa….he called me…on my phone
her mother gets tensed.
saurav hugs sona
sona:he wants me to stay away from dev…
landline rings and sona’s mom picks it and its again him
sona’s mom makes him understand that sona does her job only.
sooraj is on phone:fine…but i dnt want to see anybody near sona.
she puts phone and sighs.

sona avoids dev for next two days
dev is irked at this dinner time wind starts blowing fast.its starst raining too.
sona gets tensed
nikkie:di u can stay here tonight
sona:but how
rabi:no no u are a girl go to ur home
dev:look at the weather at least….give me ur phone dr.bose
sona gives her phone and dev talks to her dad
dev talks calmly and politely and requests him to let son astay at his home as its bad weather.
son atalks to her dad
dad:he is such a gentleman….great….u r safe we are sure.sona smiles and cuts call
rani:i asked u that day whether u guys had known each other in college or not?
dev coughs
nikkie:sona didi…have u ever fell in love?
dev looks at sona
dev clenches his teeth
nikkie:really?never?didnt u like anybody ever?
sona:no nikkie….never
dev pushes his plate and leaves for his room.nikkie and rani find his behaviour strange.nikkie shows guest room to sona and goes to sleep.rani has already slept.sona is thinking abt dev’s reaction and is getting afraid of storm and lightening.
sona:i should talk to dev.
she goes to his room and sees him in his sleevless black vest with red boundary and wearing a trouser.its his night dress.sona knocks and enters the room.

sona:i know u r angry…i am sorry….plz forgive me.
dev who was standing facing the window turns around angrily holds sona tightly by arams and pins her to the wall and shouts ”no”
dev shouts: why?why should i forgive u?and how many times?u r a betrayer sona a betrayer.u hurt me before.u r hurting me again.we loved each other madly.but u left me.u betrayed me.why sona why?what was my mistake?first time i fell for somebody so much but why did u do this?and still u r not accepting the reality taht we both still love each did u spend these 4 yeasr without me?i waited for u every second.but u…u didnt come.all these years i had been thinking abt my mistake but i couldnt fine it…u tell me why?why did u leave me?why cant u tell anyone that u loved me?why?why sona?answer me

dev as in rage and pain was evidnet in his eeys and sona bursts out crying……
sona:i am sorry dev….i am sorry…….

sad song plays in bg……`

next epi: sona sleeps in dev’s embrace…….?

i hope u understand the shirt forms i use for example ‘u’ for ‘you’ and ‘abt’ for ‘about’ and ‘y’ for ‘why’ and many more……

and i dnt get time to use apostrophe,comas,full stops etc as i always write in hurry as story ust pops up in ind when i sit to write.evenr i dnt proof read it so avoid my mistakes as ignore it….

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Credit to: angel

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  1. This mami is so damn irritating.. n her dialogue garib ki beti is jst pathetic

  2. Omg wow!! This story is really nice
    Pls upload the next epi soon

    1. Thnk u ? I will try to post asap

  3. Great job angel. Keep it up.

  4. Superb yaar … Keep it up….

  5. hai angel it’s very interesting and u r using many twist ….I like it very much. … today only I started to read from starting of ur ffs …it’s really very nice then the real one ur creativity was apprisable …….

    1. Thnx a lot…really glad u liked

    1. Thnk u

  6. u know what it’s actually a far better than the original track … love it …

    1. Thnx a lot

  7. Really nice. What is sth? I dont get that

    1. Thnx … sth stands for something

  8. what is sth??? loved devakshi today at great extent,what a great twist angel that they love each other from college!!!!!!! and i m glad to see new avtar of dev compare to original episodes. update ur next epi fast and if possible pls give us dt.

    1. Thnx a lot Tanya…. sth stands for something

      1. Thanks for telling

  9. It’s Super good!i just wanted it to never end!!!you are so good!!!i have read this like 6 times!?so so so good

    1. OMG 6 times….it matters a lot to me…thnx

  10. But wait a sec, angel, in the 1st epi, u showed that sona met dev for the first time when her father met with an accident and then she felt he had come to complaint to dev, not knowing he is dev himself. If they knew each other since Cllg, how come she didn’t recognise him. He wouldnt have changed in 4 yrs.

  11. And when they walk back home in epi 5 that have a little fight on devs charac, when dev tells her how he struggled in his childhood, n never had time for all this love. Wasnt sona supposed to know all this?

    1. all ur confusions will be cleared in coming epis

      1. Hope so… But awesome writing, funny how u described the’vest’ in so much detail.

  12. Nice episode plz post soon
    By the way Track is awesome

  13. so sooooory for commenting super late angel what a writer u r mashallah I m in love with ur ff and precap is sooo cute, and yeah I m very talkative so do bear with me

    1. Haha…thnx dear,,,it’s ok…na fine I also speak much

  14. When r u posting next part ??plzz post it fast….. I m waiting egarly…

    1. Actually I have tests and soon exams…its tough to update daily but I will write tonight

      1. Ok…. All the best …. in which class u r???

      2. have to give board exams of class 11

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  16. Hi angel …. it is very intresting ….. loved it …. i hv no words to appriciate u ….. plzz upload next part soon…..

    1. Hi….thnk u so much

  17. When is the next part coming?????

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