KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 20


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RECAP: devakshi get married.vicky misbehaves with sona and she feels uncomfortable.sona makes her first rasoi after marriage and all bless her but rani feels irked.


Dev:ok maa…
Ishu:where r u going?
Nikkie and Riya:what??
Dev:what happened?
Vicky:bhai…its ur first day after marriage and u r going to office.dont u know that u should romance with yr wife.
He keeps his hand on sona’s shoulder,she just smiles thinking him as devar.
Ishu:u r not going anywhere
Dev:but maa my work
Sona:its ok maa…let him go
Sona goes into room angrily
Nikkie:see u have made her angry…
Dev:I am going
Dev leaves

Riya:how can he leave bhabhi angrily like this??
Mama:what happened to him?
Ishu:God knows….kichu clean the table.
All go in their rooms
Sona in room sits angrily.
Sona:its first day after our marriage and this guy just left me alone…stupid duffer idiot
Just then she receives a call from dev
Sona:what is it?
Dev:u may abuse me later my sweetheart
Dev:oh sorry…i left u alone for a surprise
Sona:what surprise
Dev:if I will tell u then surprise wont remain a surprise
Dev:no ifs and buts…i will send u a dress….be ready till evening… We will go out
Sona:ok fine…as u wish…
She smiles and cuts call…

She waits till evening and dev comes.he hands over a packet to her.she opens it and gets mesmerized to see a beautiful white saree.
Dev:now close ur mouth or else flie will enter
She smiles and wears the saree.
Dev is mesmerized to see her
Sona:I know I am looking stop staring…
Dev smiles
Sona looks at the jewellery
Sona:what do I wear?
Dev stands behind her
Sona:what r u looking at me?
Dev makes her sit on chair in front of dressing table
He takes out diamond bangle.sona is stunned.
Sona:dev this…

Fb shows when dev and sona were in college and loved each other.they went on shopping one day and sona saw many beautiful diamond things which she liked but wasn’t able to buy due to noticed all her choices and decided to surprise her.
Fb ends

Dev:within these four years.I bought all those things which u wanted.i wanted to gift u on ur every birthday but situation didn’t allow today I am gonna fulfill that wish.For those 4 years these 4 gifts for u.
He kisses sona’s wrists and places bangle on it.
He then takes out a diamond ring and kisses sona’s fingers and places the ring smoothly.
She smiles.
He locks sona’s hair behind her ears and kisses her earlobes.he places beautiful diamond heart shaped ear rings in her ears.
He sits in her feet and holds her feet.he kisses her feet.sona shuts her eyes
He takes out a beautiful and shiny diamond anklet and makes her wear it.
He makes her stand and places a beautiful waist jewellery around her waist and sona shivers.
Dev hugs her from back and places his chin on her shoulder
Dev:I love u mrs.sonaskshi dev dixit
Sona shys and turns back and hugs him tight.
Dev:u have to leave all ur shyness at home today
Sona:what do u mean?
Dev smiles:surprise….

Next epi:consummation

Can’t write more…have to do fast preparations…and yeah ff pic shows the saree sona is wearing and her gifts…if its not clear then I will show again in next epi…
Love u guys….tc…?

Credit to: angel

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    Lovelly episode angel….. I loved the anklet it is very beautiful…. Superb episode ???… love u lots ????

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    Amazing episode i m waiting for next episode plz update soon


    Amazing episode i m waiting for next episode plz update soon awwww u have given the same precap which already given in previous episode

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