KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 19

RECAP: devakshi are married and so are neha and ranvir.sooraj is arrested.


riya sets room for devakshi after bidding ateraful good bye to neha and ranvir.
dev is eager to go to sona.ishu makes sona sit on bed and wishes her a happy life ahead.mama comes and blesses her.
vicky sits with sona
vicky:i havent been introduce to u
sona:u must be’s bro
vicky:yes my bhabhi
sona smiles
vicky extends his hand.sona shakes hands smilingly but feels uncomfortable when vicky presses it hard.vicky smirks while sona gives confused smile,
nikkie:let me send dev bhaiyya
sona shys
riya nikkie vicky dont let dev go to sona until he gives them last he gives up and gives money.
he goes to his room and finds sona already asleep.he smiles to see her and kisses her on forehead.
dev:sorry for being late….i love you

he sleeps beside her.
next morning sona wakes up and looks around surprised
sona:where am i?
she looks at the other side to find dev sleeping.she hits her head
sona:shit!!sona….how could u forget….u r married….oh no its my first day after marriage!!!
she shakes dev
dev:what is it maa?plz let me sleep
sona:not maa….sona
dev gets up:sona!!
sona:dev i am so worried
sona:its my first day in my sasural….my rasoi?
dev:u know how to make food….
sona:what if sth goes wrong??
dev holds her hand:i am with u
she smiles and dev kisses her forehead
sona tries to go but dev pulls her back and wraps his arms around her neck
dev:i wasted yesterday’s night
sona shys
dev:so wt abt now??
he smiles mischievously at sona and tries to get romantic while sona hits him and stands up to get ready
dev:for how long will u run mrs dev dixit??
sona laughs

they go down and take everyone’s blessings.sona goes in kitchen and prays for her happy life,she starts preparing kheer.she prepares breakfast for everyone according to their diet.
kichu:dr didi let me call evryone
sona rotates spoon in kheer when dev comes and holds her from back.she is startled
sona:what r u doing here
dev:came to see what u r doing
he keeps hand on sona’s had and rotates the spoon with her.sona smiles
he cuddles sona’s neck while sona pushes him
sona:someone will see
dev:arey!!u r my legally wedded wife.doesnt matter
sona:dev!!get out of the kitchen
dev grabs her waist and pulls her closer

their foreheads touch and dev looks at sona’s lips.sona gets nervous
dev:i waited for u for u long
she smies
dev:i love u
spna:i loe u too
dev caresses her cheek.he moves his finger on her lips.
sona shys but then widen her eyes
dev:she is in room
sona:riya is smiling at us
dev:let her begin the day with smile
sona:shit….nikkie is also here
dev:dont disturb the romance….
dev sensuously: sona…
nikkie:sona nahin bhaiyya…..its maa
dev opens his eyes and immediately turns around and coughs
dev:actually i came to get water
all giggle
ishu pulls his ears
ishu:u have become naughty
dev:maa plzzz
sona smiles
dev hugs ishu
dev:i love u maa
ishu:stop buttering
dev kisses sona’s cheek and runs from there.sona stands in shock while others widen their eyes
ishu shakes sona
ishu:what magic have u done on my son
sona smiles while ishu kisses her forehead

all praise sona’s cooking.vicky kisses her hand while she feels uncomfortable again.ishu gifts her a necklace while mama gifts her gold bangles
mama:these were of our mom.these r old but …
sona happily takes them and wears them
sona:this is a special gift for me from ur side….i dnt care its old or new…i u wont have given me simple bangles i would have taken happily bcz u would have given me wityh love and that is more important for me.
all are touched while rani fumes at her husband for giving gold bangles.mama hugs sona
dev:mama ji is very special for me….just like my dad
ishu:i am lucky to have him as my bro
all share a happy family moment while sona prays for happiness throughout!!!!

next epi: gifts surprise and consummation………?????????
it will be a bit romantic but i wnt cross the limits as required for writers …. bashers must stay away…,

yes guys i am better than be4 and my mom is also ok….sorry for not replying to all of u in previosu epis…….thank u for ur immense love…….

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  1. Very. Nice

  2. Asmita...

    Good one Angel… And kitchen was too good… Both of you get well soon… 🙂

  3. Asmita...

    Kitchen scene

  4. very nice episode
    well done angel
    u r a very good writer
    i must say…
    plzz continue writting like this and never stop it.

  5. get well soon angel and your mom tooooo

  6. Smileflakes

    Superb episode kitchen scene was too good..Plz update soon waiting for ur episodes….
    How r u feeling now and ur mom all k na take care of ur health

  7. hi guys! i ‘m new to tis forum ,angel ur ff is too gud

  8. Bhoomi

    Wow episode??… kheer ka naam padhte hi mere mu main paani aa gaya ? i love kheer so much …. Lovelly episode…. Love u Angel ??

  9. Awesome episode


    Angel superb especially kitchen scenes it’s really awesome I m in love wid ur ff before that I never comment here but today I can’t stop my self eagerly waiting for next update plz update soo?????
    Is ur health is Fyn & ur mum too take care
    Bye bye………

    1. thnk u soooo much….keep reading

  11. I wish u nvr fall sick nor any1 else in your dat u can post fast scene mein dev ka popat ho gya..

    1. haha thnk u so much

  12. Partho

    Really lovely episode

  13. Too good episode Angel take care… Kitchen scene was awesome… Loved to the core post soon

  14. Ngkrishnakumari

    Eagerly waiting for next epi please its soon
    Hate this vickey after sooraj he is the main villian to destroy devakshi life
    Dev is so naughty

  15. Sree

    Very nice angel. I am Waiting for nxt. ???

  16. waiting for the next one…………..
    do write fast ..
    but only if your health is well.
    take care.
    take proper rest and get well soon.

  17. Amazing one
    So nice

  18. Angel20

    As usual it was mindblowing, superb??? post the next one soon happy to know you and your mom are alright now.. Take care

  19. Amazingggg

  20. Fanficoholic

    Hey angel di. Happieee to knw u r fine. Awesome dvakshi moments. Hated vicky n tis epi. Lovd devakshi romance.

  21. Simplesweety1

    awesome !

  22. hey angel how r u now ???
    r u fine??
    and my last question is that when r u going to write the next episode???

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