KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 16


RECAP: u all know it?


sona gets super angry to see the closeness between dev and the girl.
dev:hey natasha
nats:hey dev
ishu:come now
sona is standing in the corner
neha:sona she is natasha…my friend and yeah would be nanand
ishu:neha is getting married to dev’s business friend ranveer.natasha is his sister.
dev:and my very close friend

sona fumes and dev smirks
ishu:beta prepare breakfast
sona goes in kitchen and natasha misunderstands her as a maid.sona prepares food and serves to everyone.
natasha:wow nice food…the servant has nice taste….sona serve water
all look at her disblievingly
rani:cant u hear sona…obey natasha
sona nods and dev clenches his fist
rani deliberately drops food on floor
natasha:oh no
rani:i will clean it
nats:why u??servant is here…she will do it
nats:yes u…cant u understand?u deaf?
sona:sorry….i will just do it
sona cleans it and other family members feel guilty and dev holds a glass so tightly in his hands that it breaks and sona is shocked.
nats run to him and holds his hand.sona feels sad.nats does his bandage while son gives death glare to nats.
nats keeps her hand on dev’s face

ishu widens her eyes
nats:u ok?
sona thinks:mirror has pierced how can he be ok?stupid girl
nats kisses dev’s hand and sona says loudly
all look at her while dev chuckcles
nats:what the hell is the problem with u?
dev:enough!!!natasha….talk with respect she is a doctor….maa’s nutritionist…
nats is shocked
nats:oh….i am so sorry….
sona:its ok…

sona gets a call and she gets tensed and notices her
sona:aunti…i ahev an emergency i have to go
she rushes outside and dev gets tensed.
dev:i am getting late
sona is in taxi going back to her home when the front mirror of taxi is broken by a thud of metal rod hit by a man causing the car to misbalance and crash with another car.but sona is saved.she gets hit on forehead.
she instantly gets out of car and is shocked to see two goons in front of her.those are sooraj’s men
sona moves back while they move forward

1st man:our sir is calling u….wht did u think u will escape?
2nd man:now u have to come with us and marry our sir….r else ur family is gone….
they grab her and start dragging her while sona protests.1st man receives a fatal blow on his face by our hero DEV.sona is stunned to see him
dev:how dare u touch her

2nd man:who the hell r u?and who is she to u?
he punches teh 2nd man too on his face and gets involved with them in fights.tehy get beaten badly by dev and run.
dev sits by sona who is even hurt on foot.
1st man shouts:sooraj sir will make u pay sonakshi ji…
sona cries and looks at him.

dev:ur head…
he takes out handkerchief and wipes the blood.he picks her up in his arms and takes her to hospital.
doc does her bandage and takes out injection
sona grabs dev’s shirt
sona:dev dev….plz han….let me die but no injection plz…
dev:u are a doc urself and afraid of injection
sona:yes…i can give injection easily but by taking injection i feel like dying plz
dev:shut up sona….no talks abt death
sona and he get lost into each other’s eyes and doc gives injection to sona.
doc:u r nice love birds

devakshi shy but sona gets tensed reminiscing the incident.tehy reach sona’s house where whole family gets tensed to see sona
elena:omg…dev dixit…
family sees dev
dev:sona….r u answering me or not?

sona weeps
sujoy:whats happening?
sona:he attacked….
family is enraged
dev:tell me damn it
saurav:i will tell
elena:shut up….enough….for ho long will we run???u have to tell him as u love him
whole family narrates the truth in front of dev who is shocked….
dev:leave us alone
dadi:ok beta….lets go

family goes in and dev sits by sona
dev:so much happened and u didnt tell me?and what kind of person am i who just didnt know abt his love in problem and he couldnt help….and u sona???u didnt consider me worthy to tell ur problem??why???was this the base of our love
sona cries:no dev….i am sorry…u have n idea what i have gone through…all these years my crave to touch u hug u kiss u talk to u fight with u increased badly…..but i couldnt risk ur life….because….
sona:because i love u idiot
dev smiles
dev:and this idiot loves u
sona laughs and takes him in his tight embarce and both cry
sona:i cant get separate from u again
dev:sooraj is now my problem
sona:u r with me now
dev cups her face:forever
he takes sona;’s wrist which she had cut to prove her love for dev and kisses it.
both join their heads with each other….

KRPKAB plays in bg…….

NEXT EPI: sona ishu confrontation… sooraj confrontation…….neha ranvir marriage…….dev fills sona’s hairline……(ITS GONNA BE PRETTY LONG….I WILL POST IF I GET TIME)

ok guys i will try to post next epi tonight which will be my last epi before my exams….i will try to post on 1/2 june…..
after my exams i will post again regularly…..

and yeah the ff pic!!! guys its the upcoming scene in real track where dev will start realizing his feelings for son and will wear her favorite coloured shirt ”ORANGE” surprising everyone……


Credit to: angel

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  1. Wow … Devakshi scenes were superb… Next episodes will be more intresting….. All the very best angel for your boards….

    1. Thnk u soo much
      Must pray

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  8. All the very best for exam……
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  13. Really nice Angel di!your Bollywood taste/concept is very nice!!!!!and you made Natasha quite rude in this?why??

    1. She had played a role in swaragini as rude arrogant modern and clever girl…she rocked in it that’s why

  14. Best wishes for your exams angel awesome episode

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  16. Ma name is Tanya but as there is already one Tanya here so I name myself Tanya 2…
    So yaaa I was a silent reader but was really eager to comment as its amazing waiting for the next chapter….

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