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ooooooooppps u mus be angry at me for updating late but what to do my board exams are starting on 26….soooo sorry as now i wnt be able to update after 2 more episodes till 10…. after 10 i will update promise….

hey kinwal yes sweety i know tanya….
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RECAP: date and kiss………


dev drops sona home.days pass and their love’s family is happy to find dev so much lively.
one day sona tells dev that she and her family are going on a holiday for 5 days to mumbai and she will be back kisses her forehead and waits for her return asap.
sona keeps in touch with dev for first 2 days but next 3 days she doesnt contact him or reply to his messages.
sona is back after 7 days.she goes to college and dev hugs her as soon as he sees her.
dev:are u ok?u didnt reply to my msgs or calls….why?i was so worried….u didnt think abt me….reply me…say sth…..and u said me 5 days its 7 days sona…..
sona looks at him.
sona jerks off his hand.
sona:meet me tonight at 8…
sona leaves from meets her at night on the bank of a river.
dev:why u called me here?
sona:break up
dev is shocked
sona:i wanna end our relation now
dev:but why?
sona:i dnt feel the need to tell u
dev gets angry and holds her tightly from arms
dev:shut up sona….u think u r God whatever u will say will happen.u stepped into my life.u changed me.u made urslef mine.i am yours.what happened in thses 5 days that u r saying this?tell me sona…tell me…u promised me that u will never leave me…say sth damn it…..
sona cries
sona:do u really love me?
dev:of course i do
sona:then plz dnt aks me the reason and break up with me.
dev gets calm:sona…
sona:plz dev its better for everyone.rom today we dnt know each other….we are strangers,….forget me….forget that u ever met any sonakshi in ur life….forget that u ever fall in love…..forget me dev forget me…..
she heads to go when dev shouts
dev:wait….fine i will go away from ur life …. i know sth is bothering u….u dnt want to tell and break up…then fine but i promise u that i will never ever love anybody except u….i will never allow any girl to take ur place in my heart mind and life.i will become old lifeless dev again/
sona turns to look at him in shock
dev:thats ur punishment sona….
he leaves and sona sits on her knees and cries badly….
Both parted their ways and sona left the city

——————————-FB ENDS————————


dev looks at her sleeping beauty.
dev:why sona why did u leave me?
dev also doses off.sona hears a sound in the middle of the night and wakes up and is startled to find herslef in dev’s embrace and he is sleeping.
sona rests her head on his chest.
sona thinks:i know i have hurt u a lot dev.plz forgive me but i did it only for u….
she clutches at his shirt and shuts her eyes to reminisce the holiday time…..


sona and her family reaches mumbai and without wasting anytime they freshen up and go to enjoy.they roam around the city and sona is unaware of two eyes fallen for her.son enjoys first two days and makes new friends 1 boy and two girls.sona gets very friendly with them.the third day sona is walking in the park with her friends whe the boy expresses his love for a girl in their group.sona gets happy and promises that she will help him propose her.he gets happy and hugs sona and at the spot the boy is hot in his head with all his blood over sona’s face ans she lets out a high scream and in shock jerks away his body.he falls down and sona keeps her hands on her mouth and wide opens her eyes to see his friend lying dead in front of frind of her whom the boy loved faints and the other one holds her but is numb herself.

a man dressed in police uniform comes and all people get scared and run away when he shouts to stop and all become like statue.he is SOORAJ

sooraj:hi miss sonakshi.i am sooraj.a police officer and i am the one who killed ur frnd.
sona looks at him in anger
sooraj:actually i saw u two days ago and i am lat at u.u dnt know me but i know everything abt u…..just one question plz answer it honestly……do u love sb??
sona deosnt answer as she is still in shock
sooraj:do u love sb??
sona is still numb
sooraj shouts:i asked do u love sb?
sona is startled
sona:yes i love sb
sooraj smirks
sooraj:ok then he is gonna die next
sona slaps him tight but he is unmoved and sona cries and leaves with her friends.sona is stil shaken the next day when a frined of hers comes to meet her to mumbai.he is tensed to see sona in that state and hugs to somfrot her.sona hugs himm back.sooraj enters
sona is shaken.
friend:who is he?
sooraj:i am the one who loves sonakshi a loooot and if some boy dared to even look at her then he is gonna die
sona:deep u plz go
sooraj stands in front of sona and cups her face
sooraj:how much u care abt everyone
deep:what the hell….just stay away from her….she is only dev’s girl….
sooraj gets angry and takes out a knife.he turns around and attacks him and beheads him.sona screams continuously and falls on floor crying and her family rushes out and are shocked to see the head of deep fallen apart.

sooraj sits on front of sona
sooraj:dev???i will kill him too
sona holds his feet
sona:no no…i will do whatever u say but dnt hurt him plz dnt hurt him i beg u …i love him a lot….i will leave him but spare his life….plz plz
she cries miserably begging for dev’s life
sooraj:sorry baby but u r only mine and u have to love me not him…..he has to die
sona stands up and takes a knife
sona:u have no idea abt teh power of true love…if u dared to hurt dev then i will kill myself….
soraj:u cant do this
sona:i am not joking
soorajk:ha…i dnt believe this
sona:i will prove my love for him
sona cuts her wrist shocking everyone…..
her family takes her to hospital hurriedly and she is saved
sooraj:it means if i want u alive then dev has to live
sooraj:fine but u have to break up with him or else i will kill him because if u cant be mine i wont let u become anybody else…..
sona nods and weeps reminiscing her moments with dev
she rests for two days and searches on sooraj in between and comes to knwo how mean selfish cruel and villain he is
she goes back and breaks up with dev…….

she leaves the city and requests sooraj to let her complte her studies and do job then she will marry him and he agrees.sona keeps moving city to city to get away from the bitter past and memories but sooraj keeps contacting her and she gets afraid.
she gets back to kolkata from where her journey of life with dev started by fooling sooraj.she spent 3 years with pain and suffocation but finally she was away from sooraj.she spent 11 months peacefully when sooraj contacted her again and warned her to not do it again as he is not gonna leave her.sona was tensed again.
soon she got a call from her boss abt her job at dev dixit’s home which shocked her and old memories came back to her mind again.she took dev’s num from her boss and contacted him again

both were taken aback to hear each other’s voice and remanined silent for almost 10 minutes getting flashes of their love life….
dev also reminisced sona’s betrayal and came back to senses
sona:i am ur mother’s doc
dev inwards felt happy as sona is gonna enter his life again but as he promised he is a stranger to her.
dev:ok dnt wrry we dnt know each other…we r strangers
sona cuts the call and cries over her fate………



Credit to: angel

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