KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 12


RECAP: confession


devaskshi break the hug and take award and leave to spend some time with each other.
dev:come now let me drop u home
sona:lets walk
dev smiles and both are walking holding hand in hand and sona keeps her head on his shoulder
sona:i am so happy today
dev:me too
sona:i never thought that u can be so romantic
dev:even i dint know abt it
sona:yeah i can imagine.u told me abt ur life’s tragedies that u had to face in ur childhood.i know u didnt get time for it.
dev smiles

some goons see sona and start commenting on her
dev gets angry but sona holds his hand firmly
goon 1:oho look at the walking beauty…
goon 2:hot chick…
dev gives his jacket to sona
goon 3:oho look look the care…hey boy why dnt u guve this babes to us for a night?
dev is enraged and jerks off sona’s hand and gives a tight slap on the goon’s face.
goon falls down and sona is shocked
goons shout at dev and take out knife and attack on dev but he dodges and beats them all.he beats them badly and sona is shocked to see this shade of dev
dev:never ever talk to any girl like this again.
the goons run away
dev turns and sona hugs him
sona:are u ok
sona sees his hand bleeding due to the cut,she takes out a scarf from her bag and ties on dev’s thanks her.
sona laughs
dev:why r u laughing?
sona:i am shocked to see this side of urs…i am shocked that a guy like u who even didnt answer back that rohan will have such guts….i thought u would stay quiet even if somebody would kill me….

dev gets serious and grabs sona’s hand tight and pulls her towards him
sona winces in pain:ouch….dev its paining
dev:it pained me as u said this…
sona senses his serious attitude and gets silent
dev:i love you sona…u r my family and i cant let anything happen to u…got it?
dev jerks off her hand and starts walking
dev rudely:come now
sona smiles and thinks to set his mood
dev:just walk
dev:its late
sona makes a pouty face and comes running and stands in front of dev and gives him a mischievous look while dev is confused.
sona pulls his nose.keeps her hand on his right cheek and plants a kiss on is left cheek.
dev is startled
dev:what was that
sona:my magic to set ur mood
dev smiles
sona laughs too and both share a tight hug,,,,,,,,,,,

ona goes to her home and jumps on bed when saurav comes in
saurav:what r u doing my broom stick?
sona:arey football i am in love
saurav wides opens his mouth
saurav:dont u have any shame?
saurav:ur parents keep romancing…u wanna break their record?
sona laughs and gives hi five
elena comes running and splits coffee on sona
sona is takes aback and gets sad
elena:sorry sorry……..
sona:elena this was my first gift by dev
elena:go wash it
sona goes in washroom and cleans it sadly.she is shocked to find dev right behind her
sona:what r u doing here?
dev moves closer to her and she is stopped by the sink’s shelf….
dev keeps his hand on either sides of sona
dev:actually i sensed taht u r sad so i came
sona shys
dev:u sad na?
sona nod
sona:look….ur first gift got spoiled
dev smiles:is it the reason to get sad?
sona:its special for me….
dev moves closer and whispers:not more than u….
sona shys and he kisses her cheek.sona clutches at his shirt

dev leans to kiss her at lips when elena bangs at the door and asks sona to come out fast.sona is startled and looks around to find no one.
sona:damn it i was imagining him.
she smiles and hits her head….

dev goes home hiding his hand
ishu:dev…u came?
dev:yes maa.
ishu makes him eat sweet
ishu:u won….congrats
dev smiles and ishu is shocked to see his hand
dev:relax ma…just a minor cut
ishu panic:is it minor??just sit silently
she bandages his wound while dev feels pain and shuts his eyes
he feels someone holding his another hand opens his eyes to find sona
sona:its paining na?
dev nods in yes
sona smiles
ishu bandages his wound and gets busy in keeping things back in box
son takes dev’s wounded hand and kisses it
dev smiles
sona:is it paining now?
dev nods in no

KRPKAB plays in bg….

ishu:is it paining?
dev:no sona
dev comes to senses and realizes that he was imagining sona
ishu:who is sona?
dev:sona??no maa…. actually i was.,…yeah actually i was telling that….yeah ab humein sona chahye(now we should sleep)
dev hurriedly goes to his room leaving ishu behind

dev smiles:u and ur magic sona
sona too smiles:dev and his magic

next epi: first date and first lip kiss???

Credit to: angel

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