KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever)epi 10

RECAP: changes in dev


Sona wakes up and gets ready…
sona calls dev
dev:hey sona…i will meet u in an hour as i have to go to mandir with my family
sona smiles:ok
ishu wishes dev as its his BIRTHDAY….
all family members go to mandir and pray for dev.
dev:maa….i am going somewhere with my friend
nikkie:bhaiyya….u and hanging out with frnd?r u ok?
ishu:who has brought this change in u?
dev smiles:i will make u meet her soon
ishu:her??she is a girl?u love her?
dev:maa….what r u saying?she is just my frnd…what wrong?anyways she must be waiting i hav eto go now
dev leaves leaving a smile on ishu’s face

sona waits for comes to her house
dev doesnt see anyone at home
dev:do u live alone:
sona:no no…mom and dadi have gone to market…bhai and papa to their work and elena my sister is in college….
dev:and why r we not going to college today?
sona:will tell u lets go inside first…
she takes him in and dev is surprised to see the decorations on table.table is decorated with cards , flowers and balloons and there is a cake in the middle on which its written ”HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BF DEV”
dev smiles and teases her
dev:bf??boy friend?
sona is startled:huh??no no…wo…bf….best…best friend
dev smiles
dev:by the way who told u its my birthday?
sona:its called sona’s magic….checked ur form in college library…so came to know
dev smiles:cake is looking nice….may i cut it
sona:sure sure…
dev is about to cute
dev:u too join me
sona:but its ur birthday
dev:arranged by my best friend…so come….
sona smiles:ok
both cut the cake together.sona feeds him cake and so does dev.sona sheepishly looks at him
dev:why r u looking at me like this?
sona:its time to complete the birthday rasam(tradition)
dev:birthday rasam(tradition)
sona takes a piece of cake and throws on dev’s wides open his mouth in shock
dev:what did u do?
sona laughs whole heartedly
dev:i wont leave u
dev takes a large piece and runs behind sona and pastes the cake on her face,sona takes snow spray and sprays in dev’s hair which become bubbly white abd she laughs,sona clicks pics and dev laughs too.

ITTI SI HASI plays in bg……

dev looks at party poppers and gives questioning look to sona as to how to use it.sona guides him and he bursts them.sona smiles and is lost in her.he holds her hand and pulls her towards him.she collides with his chest and his hand is resting on her waist.both have an caresses her hair.sona shuts her eyes
dev smiles:madam…we are caky.,,,and u have spoiles my clothes too
sona comes back to senses
sona:oh so sorry,….
sona gives him clothes
dev:whose are these?
sona:i bought for u…we are going out
dev:i never went out fior enjoyment
sona:thats why i am taking u….childhood will be back dev
dev looks into her eyes which urge him to believe sona.sona guides him to auuarv’s room and he takes bath and wears sona’s gifted clothes.sona too takes bath and gets ready.she tries bundles of clothes but wonders if dev will like or not
sona:what r u doing sona??why r u thinking so much about him??
she wards off her thoughts and gets ready in tea pink dress

dev sees sona’s pic in saurav’s room and smiles and holds it
dev:i dnt know what magic ur doing on me but i know that this magic is very effective which is making me fall for u….sona….i feel that i…i love u……
he smiles

sona calls him and he goes out and is mesmerized to see her.
sona:come we will be late
she goes to him but slips but dev holds her in leaning manner
both are lost in each other
dev:i will always hold u….i will never let u fall
sona is moved by his words and smiles
dev drrives and sona guides him.soon both reach a wonderland
dev:are u kid sona?why are we here?
sona:to become kids again
sona grabs his hand and one by one they sit on every ride and enjoy it.
dev also enjoys whole heartedly.
sona:dev dev,…lets go on roller coaster plz plz
dev:what the need to ask…if i will say no still u will go so lets go
she smiles and both sit to ride.sona feels afraid and dev grabs her hand
dev:till i am with you …u need not to fear ….
the ride starts and sona doesnt get scared and enjoys as dev is holding her hand.both then eat sth.
sona:time for movie
sona takes him to cinema and they watch a funny movie
while laughing dev and sona give hi five to each other.sona while laughing keeps head on dev’s shoulder and he notices it gets lost in movie’s funny scenes and sona feed him popcorns which leaves smile on sona’s lips.
they enjoy a lot.

at evening time sona sees pani puri stall and insists to takes her with him,.and sona enjoys chat potti si pani puri.she feeds dev with her own hands
dev:to eat from other person’s hand has another taste…
sona smiles

both spend quality time together and dev drops her home
sona:it was the best day of my life
dev:i should say this as u made my day special
sona:actually….wo…i wanted to say sth…
dev:me too…
sona:u say first
dev:no u tell first
sona thinks:how to tell him that i wanna confirm our relation….i feel i am in love with u
dev:how do i tell u that i love u sona….i dnt wnat our friendship to break up
sona:wo…the day after tomorrow is ur dance competition so ….
sona:we will rehearse tomorrow
both are disppointed but think to express their love soon…….
they wish each other good night and dev leaves………..

next epi: love confession….but in a different way?? wait for another surprise

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  1. Angel
    U r really a angel
    Omg this was the amazing episode I read till now
    Actually I am a silent reader
    But this episode made me to comment
    U r am amazing writer.
    Keep going dear .
    Eagerly waiting for next episode ?????

    1. thnk u so much for breaking the silence….so sweet….?

  2. It was really awesome.. Love confession..waiting eagerly

  3. This is the best. It is just semma. Kalakal

    1. thnx peeves

  4. Too good…

  5. Angel you are so awesome yaar I am in love with your ff… Post the next one soon please eagerly waiting for it.. I could imagine all the scenes taking place in front of my eyes… Loving it..

    1. thnk u soooooo much maria

  6. Angel angel WOW ? yaar I think I am in love with what a ff I loved it. Now I really want my love story like this. U should write scripts for serials and I m sure that show will gain a lots of trp .and I promise I will watch that show

    1. hey suman…thnx a lot…..such a huge compliment…….hehe…

  7. Lovely episode keep it up Angel

  8. So good angel di! I didn’t feel like stop reading.

    1. thnx nishi……

  9. Its awesome yar….
    Just loved it….
    Keep going….

    1. thnx kavya

  10. I m enjoying ur ffs.with smiles and sometimes with laugh…..eagerly waiting 4 next confessions in different way can’t wait di…

    1. thnk u sweety

  11. Superb, awesome…… Angle really loved your ff…. Post next part soon.. Waiting egarly…..

    1. thnx a lot

  12. Hey angel u write such nice stories dear I really admire Ur writing skills BTW all the best for Ur exams

    1. thnk u so much

  13. OMG angel ur ff is too good. Cute devakshi scenes 🙂 it’s awesome and u don’t know but I m ur fan and well sorry for commenting late as I was busy writing episode 1 of my fan fiction

    1. oh its ok….thnx….which ff??

      1. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

        Oh it’s named Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Ek Duje ke Vaaste – The different shades of love we have for each other. I published the intro already and here is the link:
        Hope u liked it 🙂

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