KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever) epi 6

Recap: dev drops sona at her home but gets angry as she teases him.sona thinks to set his mood.


sona comes to ishwari’s house
ishu shouting:neha nikkie riya come fast
dev is sitting on sofa reading newspaper
nikkie comes down and throws some dresses on sofa
nikkie:oh god maa…these r so heavy
neha comes down with a suitcase and struggles to close it.
neha:maa….its not closing what do i do
riya comes with her suitcase and books
riya:didi…take out some dresses
neha:yeah…i should
neha starts throwing out some dresses one by one whuh fly in air and land on dev’s face.
sona laughs to see this
neha then shuts her suit case and smiles
sona coughs
neha:what happened?
sona points towards dev who is fully coveredt with neha’s clothes
all burst out laugh

neha:sorry bhaiyya
sona removes the clothes from his face one by one
dev thinks its neha
he grans her hand and pulls her
he is surprised to see sona so close to him
they have an intense eyelock
they come to senses when nikkie coughs
ishu:actually nutrition…we r going to attend the marriage of my friend’s daughter….me neha and riya
nikkie:and me?
ishu:not u
ishu:because i have said it
nikkie:u all are so mean
she runs to her room angrily
sona:aunti ji when will u be back?
ishu:after 1 week
sona:1 week?then i shouldnt come for one week
dev looks at her
ishu shouts no
sona:what happened?
ishu:why wont u come?
sona:because aunty u r going then what will i do?
ishu:dev mama mami vikky and nikkie are here…take care of their diet
ishu:no ifs and buts
sona:ok aunty
sona looks at dev who turns his eyes away
sona ries to talk to him but he ignore her
ishu goes to nikkie

nikkie:u r so mean.why r u not taking me with u?
ishu:cause u r my partner
nikkie:what do u mean?
ishu:u remeber what i told u about our mission?
fb shows ishu telling nikkie that she likes sona and wanst her to marry dev so they have to unite dev and sonakshi
nikkie gets excited
nikkie:but why she?
ishu:cause she is different and i feel like she can handle dev well
nikkie agrees and promises to help her
fb ends

nikkie:yes mission ”sona ko bnao dev ki dulhan”
ishu:yes sona should become dev ki paro
nikkie:who z paro?
ishu:paro…didnt u watch devdas?
ishu:u r so stupid…anyways actually i have asked u to stay here so that u keep eye on dev and sona and get them closer cause there is a problem in our house
nikkie and ishu look at each other

nikkie and ishu together:maami…
rani enters just then
rani:yes what were u talking about me
ishu and nikkie get tensed
nikkie:actually mom wants u to go with her to marriage
rani:me?no no
rani:jiji…that bengalan will come daily and dev and vikky are sons of this house,..i will make sure she doenst go close to dev
ishu murmurs:thats the blo*dy problem
rani:what did u say?
ishu:nothing nothing….lets go for breakfast then we have to leave
sona makes breakfast
rani:pass me the water jug

dev and sona put their hands on water jug simultaneously
dev’s hand is on sona’s hand.they have deep eyelock


dev takes his hand back
sona passes water to rani
rani makes face
rani:my thirst vanished
ishu:time to go
dev takes her blessings
dev:maa…now who will make me eat curd?
mami:i am there dev
dev smiles
ishu says all the best to nikkie and leaves with neha and riya

sona thinks:mr.dixit is not even talking to me…i have to set his mood now
rani:oh nurse…
rani:whatever….go and make tea for me
dev:mami…kichu is here for that work…she is not a servant but nutritionist
rani:ok fine

sona prepares lunch at noon
rani:give me in my room
sona:ok i will aks kichu bhaiyya
rani:i asked u so u have to come only
nikkie sees this
nikkie:offo this mami is so irritating
sona takes food for rani
rani:go down i am also coming there
sona:but u asked food in room
rani:now i am not in mood…
sona murmurs:what nonsense
rani:give me water
sona gives glass of water to rani and she intentionally drops it
rani:oh no…i dropped by mistake…plz pick the glass pieces
rani:then me?
sona:ok fine
sona picks the glass pieces and on gets a cute suddenly.she lets out a short scream fearing rani.
nikkie and dev come and see blood coming out of sona’s finger
dev shouts:sona…

he sits by her and hurriedly puts her finger in his mouth and licks the blood to stop flowing
rani is shocked while nikie gets excited
dev:is it paining?r u ok?
sona is lost in him
nikkie gives first aid and dev bandages her finger
sona tnanks him and leave sfor nkitchen work
rani makes faces
nikkie:thank u mami
rani:for what?
nikkie:u wont understand
rani:whatever i am tired so i will sleep now
sona goes in garden and water the plants
she notices dev coming and smiles
sona thinks:time to set his mood
dev:what r u doing?
sona:watering the plants
dev:i can see that…but its servat’s work
sona~:i was getting bored so thought to do it
dev:leave it
dev:because i am saying…u r doctor not servant
sona:dev u r just…
dev:mr dixit
sona:u r so arrogant…try to smile
dev:i dnt want to
sona:let me help
dev:no thanks
sona:but i will help
she turns the water pipe towards dev and throws water on him
sona laugh
sona:laugh laugh
dev snatches pipe from her and throws water on her.sona screams and runs and he runs after her.both falls on sona.

both are fully drenched and get lost in each other
dev stealthily tucks sona’s wet hair behind her ear and she shuts her eyes in slides his finger from sona’s forehead down to her nose and then to her lips.sona clutches at his coat
both share a deep intense eye lock

nikkie is watching from her room window and jumps in excitement……

next epi: Sona: from excel college
rani:dev is also from same college….didnt u meet before?
a tear escapes sona’s eye and dev clenches his fist

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