KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever) epi 4


Recap: Dev is answered back by sona and ishwari enjoys it.radha rani thinks to teach sona lessons.sona is afraid of phone call.


Sona brings tea all love it.
Sona:Aunti ji now u take rest
Ishu is lost thinking abt sona and dev’s convo when sona shakes her.
Neha:what happened to maa?
Nikkie:looks like deewani has become mastani
All laugh.

Rani:oye doctor…bring a glass of water
Rani:r u deaf?I asked for water…
She brings water
Rani:take it back
Sona:but u wanted to drink water
Rani:I am not thirsty anymore
Rani:now u will speak against me?
Sona:but what did I say?
Rani:oh God u r so ill mannered…dnt u have shame?how can u talk to me…

Nikkie:drama begins now
Ishu comes running
Ishu:what happened?
Rani:jiji…warn this girl to stay in limits and not to mess with me…
Ishu:what did u do?
Sona:Aunti ji…i didn’t do anything
Rani:say if I am lying…
Neha stands up to go
Neha:its nothing new that u lie…
Riya laughs
Rani:did u see?how spoilt they are
Sona:Aunti…i didn’t say anything to u but still I m sorry…

Ishu:look bhabhi she is so nice….forgive her
Rani:if u r saying then ok
Rani leaves
Ishu:if it wasn’t ur mistake then why did u apologize?
Sona:my mom says that elders are our guide.they might be wrong sometimes.when younger are wrong they should say sorry but if elders say sorry I feels like they have fallen in younger’s eyes and I don’t like it at all…
Ishu is impressed…

Nikkie:oh God…i never understand these typical talks…
Riya:because u dnt have brain for that…
Ishu:stay blessed….
Nikkie:actually di…
Nikkie:yeah…can I call u di?
Ishu thinks: I wish u call her bhabhi

Nikkie:mami is like that only…they stay here in our house.
Ishu:nikkie its their house too…
Riya:ok ok stop…mom u rest and nikkie u come with me…
All leave for their work

The whole incident has been witnessed by dev who is standing at the door
Dev goes to kitchen where sona is standing.she is facing his tries to muster up courage to talk to her.he tries to keeps hand on her shoulder but moves it away.he tries to speak but cant.he is standing just behind her.

Sona turns around and bumps into him and is about to fall but dev holds’s one hand is on her waist and the other hand is holding sona’s hand.both are lost into each other.
Sona lowers her gaze and an unknown smile comes to dev’s face


Plays in bg….

Both compose themselves.

Dev coughs.
Dev:umm…actually I came to apologize about mami’s behaviour.
Sona is surprised
Sona:u came back all the way from office to apologize?
Dev:what?r u crazy?
Dev:I just stepped out of the house and got a call that clients are not coming today and other work will be handled by Tina so I came back
Sona:Tina?your girlfriend?

Dev looks at her angrily
Dev:who made u a doc?
Sona:excuse me?
Dev:u ask such silly questions…
Dev:yes I am right…tell me when patients come to u and explain their problem,do u give them medicine or start asking stupid questions like “why have u come to me?” OR “why did u get ill?”
Sona makes face
Sona:its ok
Dev:I know u r also angry abt ur dad…i am sorry plz
Sona:its ok
She heads to go when dev’s voice stops her
Dev:doc bose?
Sona:yes mr dixit?
Dev extends his hand
Sona looks at him and smiles and shakes hands
Both smile

Ishu and nikkie are standing on stairs
Nikkie:first they fought and now they are friends?how strange
Ishu:first step to love is fight and second step is friendship…I didn’t know dev is so fast
Nikkie:mom what r u upto?
Ishu says sth in nikkie’s ear
Nikkie gets excited
Ishu nods

After sometime

Sona:kichu bhaiyya…kindly call everyone for lunch
All come for lunch
Dev:where is Vicky?
Rani:he is with his father on the shop
Ishu:but its his age to study…
Rani:yes but…
Ishu gives deadly look to neha and she lowers her eyes
Dev:I will pay money just tell vikky to join college tomorrow
Rani gets happy and starts eating banana
Riya:damn it miss bose u make delicious food
Sona:thnk u so much
Dev:its just like how maa makes
All look at dev and smile
Sona is happy with the compliment
She goes to kitchen
Nikkie winks at ishu
Rani is irked
Ishu:water is finished…let me bring
Dev:no…u be seated let me bring
He goes to kitchen and keeps jug.kichu tells that he will fill in a minute.sona gives spoon to nikkie and goes back.
Rani throws banana peel on floor and smirks thinking doc will fall.
Dev comes out of kitchen and slips on banana peel and falls over sona.

Both fall down with dev over sona.they have an intense eyelock.
All wide open their mouth.rani is shocked
Diya is abt to say sth when nikkie stops her
Ishu smiles


Sona’s hair cover her stealthily removes her hair from his finger and tucks them behind her ear causing sona to shiver and shut her eyes.

Neha coughs and both come into their senses and stand up
Ishu is disappointed and hits neha on arm
Ishu:fun had just began and u interfered. Couldn’t u hold ur cough for 2 mins.

DevAkshi are embarrassed and avoid eyelock.they cite to have work and leave….

Credit to: angel

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