KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever) epi 3


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RECAP:dev and sona’s first meeting.shona terrified due to phonecall.


her mother comes running
mother:sona..what happened?why r u so shivering?
sona stammers:maa……again he…
mother snatches phone and asks her bro to take her
sona hugs her bro
mother on phone
mother:mr sooraj
sooraj:oh my sasu ma…where did ur daughter run away?
mother:sooraj plz we beg u to leave our daughter alone…plz
sooraj:oh really?u think its possible?i am mad after her…she is mine only mine…do u get that?
he shouts
mother keeps the phone and sighs

she sees sona still sitting afraid hugging her bro
mother:sona u have to be strong and normal…nothing will happene
sona sighs and wipes her tears and goes to her room and sleeps
she sees a dream of a girl screaming and a boy shouting.she sees blood and wakes up with a jerk with sweat on her face.
she drinks water and sleeps

next day sona goes to IH(ishwari house)
sona greets everyone
nikkie:mom she is pretty na
kichu brings breakfast for ishwari
sona sees parathas with butter and omelette
she is shocked
ishu is about to take a bite
sona:aunti ji no
all look at her stunned
dev descends down the stairs

sona:u wont eat this food….
ishu:why?i always eat it and i will eat this today too
sona:i am saying no so no…plz…keep this piece down
sona points towards the piece of roti in ishu’s hand when dev interferes
dev:miss bose
sona:good morning
dev:you…oh…umm…good morning
sona:yes plz
dev:u have no right to talk to my mom like this…its her house and she can eat wtever she wants….

radha rani interferes
rani:exactly…and how dared u show finger to my jeeji?r u crzay?she is eldest u r so ill mannered…
dev:mom but this is wrong…she has no right to stop u
sona:oh hello…mr dev dixit…i have full right on her…being her nutritionist i have right to guide her wt to eat and not…she cant eat this heavy food or else her condition will deteriorate…she has to eat sth light
dev:so u want my maa to eat grass type food?
dev:how can she?
sona:do u want her to get better or not?and am i nutritionist or u?should i guide or mom or u?
ishu wide opens her mouth in shocked and so do other family members.
sona picks up the tray

sona:aunti i am very strict with my patients if they disobey me.ishu looks at her.sona smiles.ishu is relieved.sona goes in kitchen.
dev:ill mannered girl
neha:mom…where r u lost?
ishu:no body ever dared to talk to dev like this…esp a girl…
riya:yes ma..dr.bose is so bold
ishu claps once happily making everyone alert
nikkie:wt happened?

ishu:i am happy
neha:for what?
ishu:at least there is someone in the world who is not afraid of ur bhai
ishu smiles…

rani looks at sona and thinks she shouldnt become anybody’s favourite

sona serves breakfast to all
nikkie:wow kichu bhaiyya u made so tasty breakfast today
kichu:no nikkie didi…its dr.didi who made breakfast
riya:wow…dr.bose awesome food
sona smiles
dev:will u guys eat quietly

dev takes a bite and is speechless
he looks at sona who is busy talking to nikkie
dev thinks:wow what a taste
sona:let me bring tea
dev to ishu
dev:maa food is really tasty
ishu is lost looking at food and makes face
ishu:han…but i have to eat this grass and…
she then stops and looks at dev astonishingly
ishu:what?u liked food of some other woman’s hand besides me?
dev coughs
dev:yes…actually its just like how u make…

riya:mom is gonna get heart attack soon
dev gives her a cold look and diya lowers her eyes
dev:never say tha again
dev:i am getting late…bye
ishu waves him bye and starts smiling
she looks at sona
ishu:hmm…just in one day she has done magic on dev…what else do i have to wait for?miss sonakshi bose…u r sth…

she smiles

next epi: radha rani’s pranks bring devaksi closer and the unknown bond is enjoyed by ishwari

Credit to: angel

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