KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever) epi 23


Happy Eid guys!!! I enjoyed first two days a lot….

Sona breaks the hug and dev caresses her face.
Dev:did sth happen?
Dev:say it sona
Sona sees Vicky standing at the door and keeps mum
Dev turns to find Vicky and smiles at him
Dev:come in vicky
Sona gets tensed
Vicky sits beside sona

Vicky:bhabhi r u still confused?
Vicky:yep…i asked bhabhi that whom u love more…me or her
Dev smiles
Vicky:she said u love me more and I said u love her more
Dev:Vicky…ur bahbhi is never wrong
Sona is shocked
Dev:u r my bro first and sone came in my life after u so u have a special place bro…
Vicky smiles and keeps his head in sona’s lap and sona feels damn uncomfortable
Vicky:bhabhi I lost!!
Dev:sona…in my absence Vicky is there to take care of u…
Sona gives fake smile

Days pass and Vicky keeps away from sona and she gets relieved.
One day whole family decides to go to cinema

A girl is sitting in a bar continuously drinking alcohol
She breaks the glass in anger
Girl:that downmarket cheap girl sonakshi bose had entered dev’s life!!!
I will not spare her!!

Family comes back from cinema and are shocked to see the house on fire
Ishu screams:noo….dev…this…
Dev backs off everyone
Dev mama and Vicky try to extinguish the fire but in vain
Ishwari cries badly
Sona shouts:no…nikkie
All look at her in shock as nikkie was sleeping and didn’t go with them
Sona runs inside while all shout for her
Nikkie is screaming in her room and sona enters room.Nikkie hugs her and cries.
All shout for them
Sona somehow takes out nikkie and both cough badly
Ishu hugs both of them
Fire brigade comes and try to extinguish fire

All sit aghast and shattered as to what had happened
Dev sits with a thud and cries hugging mama ji
Sona and nikkie hug ishu and all cry
Vikcy looks at her mom
Rani:where will we stay now??this crore house is gone now!!!

The girl who was drinking alcohol is none other than NATASHA.
A boy keeps hand on her shoulder and smirks
Nats:who the hell r u?
Boy: Sooraj!!


Credit to: angel

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  1. It’s too bad…..too short update?try to give long one yaar……I barely update and if u give l,give a long one……

  2. What???natasha burnt dev’s house??

  3. Interseting….keep continue…eagrly waiting for nxt…..

  4. Simplesweety1

    Nooooo! Update Soon! Loved It!!!!

  5. Nice one but too short

  6. Sree

    Shocking twist????. Am very. shocked. Waiting for nxt??

  7. Shocking! Poor devakshi 🙁 Natasha n sooraj together… Post soon

  8. dont tell me that suraj has been freed o god damn worried for devakshi and this vicky i fell like punching him hard
    pl. write long updates as u update them after long time periods

  9. Fanficoholic

    Omggggg twist rocked. Me shockedddd???????

    Epi was good di. Bt plz make it longer.

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