KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever) epi 22




the sun shines brightly on the two love birds.
dev wakes up and smiles seeing his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully in his embrace.he kisses her forehead.
sona akes up as well and smiles back
sona:it was an unforgettable night
dev:i know
sona:now get up….its already late…we have to go home
dev:whats the hurry
sona hits him
sona:get up fast
sona takes bath and comes out
sona shouts:dev…u still sleeping?
dev:u come too
sona pours water on him and dev gets up with a jerk
sona:stop ur rona….get up now
dev:how mean
he gets ready and comes out
sona:ready mr dixit
dev pulls her closer

dev:miss bose…do u have any idea how much
sona keeps finger on his lips
sona:how much u love me
dev:how do u know?
sona:i can sense ur heartbeat….so how wont i sense what ur heart wants to say
dev kisses her forehead and both hug tightly enjoying each other’s love


they go back home and greet everyone….
ishu is happy for them and tells taht they are going to neha’s house.all leave except vicky.
dev goes to office and sona sees him off.she turns to find vicky and smiles at him and heads to go
vicky:bhabhi bhabhi
sona:yes vicky?
vicky puts his hand around sona’s soulder
vicky:bhabhi how was ur night with bhai?
sona shys
sona:vicky u naughty
vicky:no no seriously bhabhi,,,u must have been intoxicating like a glass of wine….
sona’s smile fades away and she looks at him
u r brimming with youth just like the full moon
sona releases herself from his grip but he holds her wrist
and continues
”u must be hot like a boiling dish without clothes”
sona pushes him
sona:vicky….what the hell r u talking??i am ur bhabhi
vicky:then be free with me
sona:there is a limit to be free vicky….bhabhi and devar’s relation is just like mother and son but u r spoiling it…
vicky:lets spoil more bhabhi
he holds her pallu and tries to pull off her saree
sona pushes him and slaps him hard
vicky gets angry
vicky:u will pay for it
sona:dev will not leave u
viacky:u think he will believe u??u r a newly wedded wife of his and i am his bro….more close to him
sona thinks abt it
vicky shows her finger
vicky:u will pay
he leaves and sona gets scared

sona runs to her room and cries badly
after sometime ishu comes back
nikkie:it was so much fun at di’s home
riya:she is so happy
rani:but how did she adjust in such small home
nikkie:with love mami
rani makes face
vikkie:hi beauties
nikkie:where z bhabhi
vikky:she was tired so slept

it gets night
ishu:sona has not come down till now…where z the girl?
sona comes at the time
ishu:where were u?
sona:just had a headache so….
ria:u look pale bhabhi
vikky:last night affect
ishu:ahan vikky….have some shame
sona looks down and dev comes….sona is relieved and hugs him tight
rani:how shameful….
ishu smiles:its their love
dev hugs her back and is taken aback
dev:sona u r burning
ishu gets tensed
she goes near her and touches her forehead and takes back her hand instantly
ishu:sona beta…such high temperature….u didnt tell me…call doc
sona:no…ma…no need…i….
she feels dizzy and faints
all get shocked

dev calls doc
doc checks her
doc:mr dixit…she is afraid of sth…
doc:i think sth had happened
dev thinks abt sooraj
doc:i am he family doc and knwo abt that sooraj…she had a bad experience with him seeing those murders and that affects her health…u might have dealt with him but sth is really bothering her….due to that stress she is having fever
dev clenches his fist in anger
doc:take care of her…
he leaves
nikkie:dnt wrry bhai…she will be ok
dev hugs nikkie and riya and asks tehm to go
ishu:let me stay with her
dev:no ma,…go and sleep
ishu leaves and dev sits beside sona
sona opens her eyes and hugs him
dev:u ok sona?
dev:is sth bothering u?tell me
sona:no nothing….dev….
sona:u love me na?
dev:of crse sona
sona tightens her grip
sona:never leave me and always trust me plz
dev gets tensed and tightens his hug as well
dev:promise u sona….


Credit to: angel

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