KRPKAB(DevAkshi forever) epi 2


Hi guys…back with epi 2

Hey fatarjo: Yes I am the same angel who wrote those ffs and I remember you too.recently I have finished writing piya rangrezz(love journey).but now a days I am writing

1-swaragini hate to love musical emotions
2-swaragini miserabel to happy life
3-piya rangrezz hate to love story

Must read #PR ff as all are gaga over it…
And now I have started this ff….

Vivaan:dnt wry they will fall in love soon after a bit of romance and realization


Ishwari is ill and asks dev to marry.sona is introduced and asked to treat ishu.


Baba:Ki holu?(what happened)
Sona:plz drop me to a shop
Baba:ok beta
They go and sons is dropped in front of a shop
Her father goes back on his scooty but is hit by a car
Sona hears the voice and turns around and his shocked…
She shouts:baba..
She rushes to him
The car is of dev dixit
Dev:I am so so sorry sir…r u ok
Sona turns

Sona:are u blind?
Dev and sona see each other and bg music of krpkab plays in bg
Dev:I am sorry
Sona:sorry what sorry?he is hurt
Sona:dnt say anything baba…and u Mr?wtever…if u dnt know how to drive a car then throw it in river …
Dev:miss…plz…i said I am sorry…sir I m sorry
Sona: I said Na…
Baba:sona!! This is too much beta…its ok..i m fine…
Dev:let me help
He makes him stand
Sona starts scolding him in Bengali and dev is clueless
Baba laughs
Dev:uncle r u ok?
Baba:yes beta…sona u go…
Sona gives angry look to dev and leaves

Dev thinks how rude she is
Dev:lets go to hospital
Baba:I am ok…dnt worry and sorry on my daughter’s behalf
Dev smiles and leaves

He reaches office and thinks about sona
Dev:nobody ever dared to talk to me like could I allow that girl?
He is lost in thoughts and gets a call
Doc:hello mr dixit
Dev:yes doc
Doc:mr dixit…dr sonakshi will come to meet u at evening
Dev:thnk u so much
He cuts call

Nikkie keeps 5 dresses in front of ishu
Nikkie:maa help me in selecting the dress for college function
Ishu:all will look good on you
Nikkie:mom…chose 1
Ishu:how do I?
Nikkie:why cant u?
Riya comes
Riya comes and all present their choice but nikkie doesn’t like anything
Nikkie:u guys r too much…cant even suggest me to wear a dress

Sona enters
Sona:wear a gown
All look at her
Sona:hello…i am sorry to interfere but actually u were fighting so I thought to end up ur problem…wear a will look beautiful and decent
Nikkie smiles:nice idea…thnx
Neha:but who r u?

Sona:Dr.sonakshi…a nutritionist…I want to meet and mam ishwari
Ishu:I am ishwari
Dev enters
Sona turns and both are shocked to see each other
Sona:so u came here following me?
Dev:excuse me?
Sona:wt excuse me?how can u be so shameless?and are u here to complain about me to mr.dixit?
Dev:dev dixit
Sona:so u know him?why wouldn’t u as he is a business tycoon.i scolded u so u are here to ask him not to give me the job?
Sona:no…not job…i mean to take care of maa…
Dev:maa?whose maa?
Sona:dev’s maa…

All are stunned to gear sona talking so boldly about dev
Dev:dev’s maa…then why r u calling her maa?
Sona:why shouldn’t I?dev and I are to get married…he is my love…complain him but he wont listen to u so leave from here
Dev is shocked and nikkie opens her mouth…nikkie rushes to dev

Nikkie:bhaiyya…u r in love??
Sona is taken aback
Sona:is he mr dev dixit?
Nikkie:yes bhabhi
Sona hits her head…while neha and riya control their laugh and dev gives death glare to sona

Dev:nikkie…she is not ur bhabhi…she is mom’s nutritionist…better me madam if u talk less and work more…maa ask her to check u and comes from tomorrow in the morning…salary wtever she demands….now take my mom to room and leave after ur work
He leaves while there was a deadly silence for 2 mins

Ishu smiles and thinks:nobody ever dared to speak after dev…she is the first one…but she didn’t know he is dev so she blabbered…lets see what she does now…
Ishu smiles mischievously

Sona checks ishu and makes her report
Ishu:can I get tea?
Sona:sure Aunti..i ll go…
Ishu:no no…servats
Sona:no Aunti its fine I will make
Sona goes down in kitchen
Dev comes and sons notices it

All of a sudden lights go off and sons shouts badly and hugs dev
Dev is numb


Sona starts reciting hanuman smiles at her act
Sona:oh God ji…plz save me..
Sona releases the hug bit panics
Sona:light light
Sona:wt relax….this darkness kills me…damn it…wt do i do…i am gonna die
And here sona starts non stop again

Dev takes a match box
Dev:miss sonakshi…
But sonakshi is afraid
Dev loses patience and pins her to wall
Sona looks at him
Dev lights a matchstick and notices sona’s beauty shining in the light of matchstick
Both have an eyelock

This eyelock is broken when light comes
Sona composes herself ,takes tea looks at dev and leaves
Dev sighs
Sona:ok Aunti I will come tomorrow
Ishu:come soon..bye…

Sona goes home and greets all
Sona tells her father about mr dixit and he laughs while Shona makes weird faces.
She gets a call on landline and receives it

A voice is heard
Voice:I heard someone hit ur father today
Sona is shocked and gets nervous.she shivers
She shouts:maa…

Credit to: angel

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  1. hey angel superb yaar….well i used to read ur TEI ff, nd now i can read the swaragini one..but sorry can’t read PR as i never watched it.. 🙂

  2. Just read all the parts. You’re an awesome writer. Killing it.. keep going. But who’s playing the police inspectors role?

  3. Hi.. I loved your screen play but please you can write all this in leave telly updates for strictly to the episode only.. It’s a request

    1. ur mentioned site is not correct…check it i will update their too but its tough for me to leave telly updates as i write all my ffs here only

  4. Debanka Halder

    Plzzz plzzz update the written episodes…
    I am unable see it due to xams….plzz updste it fast!!!!

    1. Debanka Halder

      Of KRPKAB

  5. It’s really cool!!!

  6. good one! i love this serial and loved your version of it too. Keep updating 🙂

  7. Hey Angel it was too good…keep writing 🙂 🙂

  8. Really it’s awesome pls keep writting

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