(Krpkab and vishkanya)Dangerous love story epi-2

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The episode starts with Apu and dev comes out and walks…he asks apu there s more place in house to walk but u want me also to walk with u in garden????Apu asks so what? Bhai? He tells but… She tell see u have increased u r weight!! So if u walk.. It will be reduced!??He tells I am doing excercise and I am fit! She tells oh really!!?? He nods.. She punches him on stomach!! He shouts..

She tells him to see now?? He tells yes.. God!! Madam! Sorry. They both walks.. Malay comes on the way.. He kicks ball.. It falls on dev dress!! Apu gets shocked.. She shouts who is that stupid?? Malay gets angry and asks her why she called him? Apu slaps him and asks him to ask sorry! He asks how dare u slap me? He raises hand.. Dev stops him and tells him to leave.

Malay leaves angrily!! Apu shouts.. On the other side.. Sonakshi comes there and sees Malay shirt.. And sou together and tells them to romance in house and not here!!??apu tells he is my brother…. Sonakshi tells ooppsss sorry! Sonakshi asks what happened? To his dress? Apu explains.. Later she asks why she asks about dev?? Sonakshi tells nothing GK.. ??

Dev stops her and tells her to speak good with her sister. She tells I did not scold her.. Then what? Dev and apu leaves… Dev leaves to office. Sonakshi comes to house.. She cleans her coat and puts on her shoulder and gets ready!! Apu sits on sofa and watches TV!! Malay walks on road thinking about his slapping!!

Precap: Dev and apu comes to hospital where sonakshi is doctor!


  1. Kathy

    Good episode …. Naren… Opss Apu slap Malay… Hmm I think now he will take revenge for that ..??…. U mention Apu has a disease right… When u gonna reveal it… Excited for the next episode …

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