Krpkab : Love is limitless Episode 7

Hi all,
Hope I’m in time not late I’m back with the 7th epi read it soon
Let’s start
In the morning
Sonakshi : Dev ur not going to office stay here I’ll come in sometime
Sonakshi leaves and Dev calls Tina
Dev : Tina can u give some files home
Tina : Yes sir I’ll come
After sometime Tina reaches the house
Tina : Sir the files
Suddenly Tina falls on Dev. Just then Nikki sees everything and then sees Sonakshi coming
Nikki : Agar Sona di yeh dekengi to bahot badi galatfami hogi
She goes in the room

Nikki : Bhai Sona di is coming here if she sees u like this then this can lead to a misunderstanding a very big on
Dev : Tina get up
Tina : Sir my hair got stuck to ur button
Just that time Sonakshi enters
Sonakshi : Dev I…..
She sees this and gets angry and leaves from there
Dev : Tina fast
He manages to leave from there

Dev : Sonakshi listen
Sonakshi : What is it. If that is going on then y did u act to love me
Dev : Sonakshi listen please
Sonakshi : Shut up Dev please go. Hume…. alag ho jana chahiye
Dev :(thinks) Just like what Nikki said
While in the park
Vicky : Elena I really wanted to tell u something(please note Vicky is totaly positive in this)
Elena : Tell
Vicky : I love u Elena I love u alot
Elena hugs Vicky
Elena : Me too
Vicky gets happy
(While at one side a new love story is cooking up an old love story is breaking up do u think Vicky and Elena will live in peace)

In the Dixit house
Dev : Sonakshi please wait listen once
Sonakshi : What shall I listen I just hate u. How can u toy with my feelings I can’t stay here any longer
She leaves and Ishwari sees this from a distance
Ishwari : Kya hua Dev
He tells her what happened
Ishwari : Arey what a big misunderstanding
Vicky enters happily
Dev : Tu itna jhoom kyu raha hai
Vicky : Bhai aap idhar aao
Vicky takes him to room and tells him everything
Dev : Arey wah yeh to khush khabar hai par ek problem hai I’ll tell u from the start
Dev tells everything from the start
Vicky : WHAT!!! bhai aap ne meri achi khasi love story bigadi Sona di manegi
Dev : To be honest I don’t think so
In Bose house Elena also tells everything to Sonakshi and she is shocked
Sonakshi : What! U’ll have to stay away from Vicky and maybe possible the whole Dixit home
Elena : Y di u love Dev right
Sonakshi : Enough discution I’m sleeping go to sleep
She turns her face and goes to sleep
Sonakshi : (thinks) Sorry Ele have to keep u away or Dev will get another excuse to come here and it will be very difficult for me
Next day in the college break in the canteen
Vicky : Yaar Elena what will v do misunderstandings are so bad
Elena : What do u mean Vicky
Vicky tells her what Dev told him
Elena : Then this is the best chance to get them together why didn’t Dev tell Sona di
Vicky : Agar wo baat matni to na baat suni hi nahi thi
Elena : I’ll explain to her anyway bye it’s late for class
Vicky : Bye
After college In the evening when Sonakshi was at home
Elena : Di idhar aao
Elena takes her to the room
Elena : Di tume ek bhot badi galatfami ho gayi hai wo Dev….
Sonakshi : Elena please don’t take his side….and Vicky told u this right
Elena : Ya
Sonakshi : I told u not to meet him right I’ll only have to do something

Next day in Dev’s office Sonakshi bangs the door and enters
Sonakshi : This is a final warning for u
Dev wasn’t paying attention at all to what she said he was only lost in her
Sonakshi : Keep ur brother away from my sister or else…
She leaves angrily but something stopped her after a while Sonakshi leaves
Dev : Sona wait
He runs towards her and holds her hand
Dev : Please listen Sonakshi
Sonakshi : Leave me now
Dev : No please listen once
Sonakshi manages to free her hand and then leaves
Sonakshi : Aubhodro
She reaches home
Sonakshi : Elena now I’ll see how u meet Vicky
Elena : Y di u have a problem with that house I don’t
Elena leaves angrily

Precap : …………
Thanks for reading sorry if it’s short hope u all like it comments please


  1. AnShIta


    |Registered Member

    Hey Bharti di!
    Nice episode lekin Devakshi ka breakup😭😭😭😭
    Honestly, I think Sonakshi over reacted this time😬😬
    She should’ve given a damn to listening but guess she was a bit too pissed off!
    M so badly waiting for the next one!
    Do post soon!
    Love ya!😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Nikki

    Wat devakshi ka breakup……..😒😣😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😞😞😞😞😟😟😟…
    Plz jaldi se ye doono ko join karooooo……plz!plz!plz!.……..

  3. |Registered Member

    it was amazing and awesome……….💗❤😘💘💟💞😍💖💕💖💟💓…………but sonakshi over reacted…….she must be knowing about Tina😜😂😂😅😋……..waiting to see ……what happens next 😘😍💞💕💓💋😊💗❤😘💞

  4. Aaru


    |Registered Member

    Ye kaisa breakup tha..meko to hasi aa rhi h!! Sach mein main kisi k bhi breakup k bare mein sun kr itta nhi hasi..pata nhi mujhe kya ho gya!?

  5. Erina


    |Registered Member

    Its amazing swtheart nd now i understand half truth is more painful as it lead u to regreat in future…. Wounderful message u have given through ur ff. Loved it from core of my heart nd love u too. So post soon swtheart.
    Loads of love to u

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