Krpkab : Love is limitless Episode 5

Hi there people I’m back with my 5th epi sorry for being late
Let’s start…

Asha : Sona Sona wake up u’re getting late
She gets up with a start
Sonakshi : What that was a dream????
Asha : What dream
Sonakshi : Nothing ma
Asha : Go get fresh or u’ll get late
Sonakshi : That was a dream awww……
She sadly goes to get fresh. At 5 in Dixit house she again is lost in her world
Dev : Sonakshi again ur lost in ur world
Sonakshi : Huh?…… Nothing
And she runs to Nikki’s room. In the night she was on the road again lost in her thoughts a truck is about to hit her suddenly someone hugs her it’s Dev he saw the truck coming towards her Sonakshi is very happy and does not wan’t to seperate and hugs him back then they both get hit by the truck. They both were taken to the hospital after few hours she opens her eyes and finds herself in the hopspital She tries to get up but the doctor stops
Doctor : What r u doing sot sown u need rest
Sonakshi : Where is Dev he was also there with me
Doctor : Oh the man who was found with u he’s over there thanks to him u have no serious injuries but he’s been hurt badly. Agar 12 ghante mein wo hosh mein na aye toh unko bachana mushkil ho jayga
He leaves Sonakshi in shock. She calls Dev’s and her parents and tells them about the accident. She cuts the phone and sits near Dev
Sonakshi : Dev y…. y did u do this it’s was better if I was in ur place u don’t know but yes I did fall in love with u but u didn’t need to do this u don’t know it’s hard to live without u now this please be ok

Just then Ishwari enters
Ishwari : Arey Sona beta kya hua Dev ko
Sonakshi : Aunty doctors say that if he doesn’t come to consious in 12 hours it will be hard to save him(cries)
Ishwari : Arey Sona beta chinta mat karo haan sab teek ho jayga
Sonakshi :Ok aunty
Ishwari : Ab tum yaha beto or mein bahar betti hoon
She goes outside and sits
Sonakshi : Dev please get better
She sits near him for sometime but falls asleep near him after 7-8 hours she feels a hand caressing her head she gets up and sees Dev and gets happy and hugs him tightly
Sonakshi : Dev u scared me very much who told u to save me tumi ekdum impossible
Dev : What??
Sonakshi : No nothing
Dev : So do accept…
Sonakshi : What do I accept
Dev : That u love me
Sonakshi hugs him tight
Sonakshi : Yes Dev u were right
Dev hugs her back
Dev : I knew u wouldn’t be able to stay without me
Ishwari sees this was from outside and smiles
Ishwari : (thinks) Finally he got what he wanted and me also
Just then doctor enters
Doctor : Wa tum hosh mein agaye agar 4-5 ghante aur deri hota to tumhe bachana mushkil hota. Now for 2-3 days u’ll have to stay here
Dev : No Doc I have alot of work
Sonakshi : No u have to stay here for me
Dev : Arey ok baba I’ll stay here ok doc

Precap : After 2 days Dev goes home
Sorry people I was late because I couldn’t have any story really hope u all like it please post ur comments

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  1. Manya

    Post soon
    Love love❣

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks ayushi

  2. Hey di!
    It was short but sweet??
    For a moment, I thought that Devakshi would die after the accident but thank goodness you saved them☺️☺️☺️
    Post soon!

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    Amazingly Awesome

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    Amazinggg..but ab bas Ishwari Ishwari na ban jaye..??

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  6. Erina

    Bharti epi was awesomeeeee, commendable, amazing nd heart taking also. U made me scared by their accidient yaar but thanks to u that u saved devakshi nd thanks again for their cuteee nd lovely confession ?????. Ab itne ache epi likhogi to naraz kaise ho skti hu….
    With loads of love

  7. amazing bharti ???????❤????????…….ishwari is happy ?????

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    awesome epi post the next part soon and little long pl.

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