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Krpkab : Love is limitless Episode 4


Hi there people I’m back with the 4th epi hope u like it
Let’s start…
Sonakshi leaves the Dixit mansion in Dev’s thoughts
Sonakshi : Have I also fallen in love with Mr. Dixit…. Yes
She smiles unaware of a surrounding a truck is about to hit her someone saves her. It’s Dev on top of Sonakshi her eyes r closed in fear she opens and sees Dev he makes her stand
Dev : U ok

Sonakshi : Yes I’ll leave
She leaves and keeps on thinking about Dev. Next day at 5 in Dixit house
Sonakshi : Aaa…..Mr. Dixit I need to tell u something but in the night
Dev : Ok
Sonakshi : Nikki now we’ll learn shading of different colurs like for ur project
She shows her a example
Nikki : Wow di I’ll draw
Sonakshi : Draw it now

She finishes drawing
Sonakshi : Good ur project is done now I’ll come tomorrow and teach u something tomorrow
Nikki : Bye di
Sonakshi leaves from there to home
Asha : Arey Sona beta u finished ur classes
Sonakshi : Ya ma now I’ll rest for sometime
In the night
Asha : Come for dinner
Sonakshi : Ya ma
She finishes her dinner
Asha : Go sleep
Sonakshi : No I have to meet my friend. I’ll leave
In the night they met
Dev : Tell Sonakshi y u called me here
Sonakshi : U were right I did fall in love. But never imagined I’d fall in love with a big Aubhodro like u
Dev smiles
Sonakshi : Yes Mr. Dev Dixit I love u too
Dev runs and hugs her tightly

Dev : Y u took so long to tell me
Sonakshi hugs him back
Sonakshi : Dev it’s ok
He kisses her forehead
Dev : Now don’t leave me ever
He hugs her again
Next afternoon at 5
Dev : Come here Sonakshi

Sonakshi : No
And she runs to Nikki’s room. Dev sits there sad
Sonakshi : What u want to learn Nikki
Nikki : Sketching
Sonakshi : Ok
After sometime she leaves

Sonakshi : Fine Nikki I’ll leave
Nikki : Bye di
She steps outside Dev pulls her in his room
Dev : What is this
Sonakshi : What what is this

Dev : U didn’t meet me
Sonakshi : Then what am I doing now
Dev : I don’t know now u’ll only meet me
Sonakshi : No I come here to teach Nikki. Now bye

Precap : ……………..
Sorry if I’m late hope u all like this comments please everything is accepted

  1. Angel20

    Nice one!

  2. Going great 💘😁😊😍😜😘😘💖💋😘😘

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        Ur welcome di 😊😊😊😊😊
        Besides, do read my ff ME, YOU AND PASSION. I’ve posted till the second episode till now and the third one shall soon be uploaded. Do have a look at them and comment!
        Hope you like them!😊😊
        Loads and tons of love!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Just loving it♥♡ upload the next soon

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  5. Aaru

    Superb..finally Sona said yes..

  6. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee epi i read all the episodes in one go and all were fantastic but pl. try to write long ones dear and update asap

  7. Amazing episode waiting for next😘😘

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  10. Erina

    Amazing epi dear nd most important i truely loved d way u made sona to confess her love to him it was commendable dear. Hats of to u dear for such a awesome nd lovely confession. With love Erina

  11. Simplesweety1

    Read All The Parts In A Go! Loved Your FF! Update Soon! 🙂

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