Krpkab : Love is limitless Episode 2

Hey there as I told I’m Bharti
I’m so glad that u all like my 1st epi. And this will be short because of the internet problems and I’m busy in projects and Hw’s so sorry

Let’s start….

Dev reaches home early as he has to see Sonakshi as it’s her first day. He gets a call
Man : Hello sir there’s an important meeting will u come sir
Dev : Yes I’m coming
Just then Sonakshi enters and they both collide again and he holds her on the waist and Dev stares at her lovingly he comes to his senses and makes her stand up
Dev : U have eyes or buttons when ever we meet is colliding compulsary
Sonakshi : That’s what I need to ask u and by the way u need to make the eyes……
Dev : Yes u make it useful then I’ll make
They both stare at each other then leave. Sonakshi goes to Nikki’s room and teaches her the painting while in Dev’s office he’s thinking about Sonakshi
Dev : I have no idea why do I remember her so much

Dev is young a teenager
Dev : I wonder how people fall in love
Rithwick : Dev I really have no idea but my mother has told me if u remember a person with so much love u just might be in love with that person. By the way I thought u were not intrested in these things now what
Dev : Shut up I asked just like that
They both laugh
~Flashback ends~

Dev : Is it true what Rithwick said am I in love with Sonakshi. Whatever I’ll ask ma
It’s night time Dev reaches home
Dev : Ma ma
Ishwari : Ur hungry right come on the table
Dev : Ma I wanted to know something is remembering somebody alot a sign of love
Ishwari : Yes y? Who’s the girl tell me I’m ur mother right
Dev : I don’t know y but I feel something for Sonakshi
Ishwari : Who that artist wow my beta loves somebody tomorrow I’ll go to her
Dev : Ma wait first I’ll ask her then u go ok
Ishwari leaves sadly

Dev : Yes I guess ma is correct I’ll go tomorrow itself to propose her
Dev goes to his room and is planning how to propose her. He gets a plan
Dev : Now waiting for tomorrow night I’ll propose her
He smiles. While in Sonakshi’s house
Sonakshi : Ma I really don’t know why that guy is always so rude just like a aubodhro
Asha : Leave him have dinner and go sleep
Sonakshi goes to her room and gets a message from Dev saying : Please meet me tomorrow at 9pm in hotel rose(I really don’t know whether there is a hotel of this name)

~Next day~
It’s night time and Dev is ready in hotel rose to propose Sonakshi. Sonakshi is shocked to see the whole restaurant empty and decorated with roses

Precap : Dev proposes Sonakshi
I really hope u all like the second epi and thanks for reading. Please post comments +tive or -tive

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  1. Loved it next episode soon

    1. Bharti123456

      thanks richa

  2. Erina

    Awesome, amazing, commendable nd lots more. U rock dear nd yaa post soon Egarlyyy waitingggg nd equally exiciteddddddddd
    With loads of love

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      thanks erina I will post soon

  3. Manya

    Dev Dixit is so fast forward?
    Awesomeeeeeeeeee epi❣❤️?
    Post soon?
    Love love?

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  4. Angel20

    Loved it! Please post it soon!

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  5. Right manya dev is so fast forward ….
    Direct propose…
    Awesome episode plz post soon

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  6. Aaru

    I jst hope Sonakshi says yes..Bas mere Dev Babu ka dil nhi tute.. episode was really great..

  7. Great…..awesome….and amazing….??☺️??☺️????☺️??☺️?……..thank god….Dev realized it soon ??☺️???

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      thanks maleeha

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        I mean I also agree with u

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  8. Caira

    Nice update bharti

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    Wow superb dear..eager to read next..

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    amazing bharti

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  11. hi
    I liked it
    eagerly waitng for dev proposal

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