Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 9


Hi guys, it’s Rithika here,
Now I can write everyday cause my exams are over
Let’s start..
Recap : Vicky tries to rape Sona
As Vicky cuts her sleeves her bracelet breaks due to which she gets hurt. She pushes Vicky he falls the knife in his hand falls on Sona’s leg and she gets scratched she runs out of the house and see’s Dev and he’s shocked to see her like that
Sonakshi : Dev(hug’s him) Dev Vicky..
And she faints
Dev : Sonakshi..

He carries her and keeps her on the sofa. He goes towards Vicky in anger and keeps on beating till he falls unconscious. Dev carries her to his room and keeps her on the bed and sits beside her. He makes wear his coat
Dev : Sonakshi..Sonakshi..
Dev sprinkles some water on her. Her eyes open slightly Dev gets happy. Sona hugs Dev
Sonakshi : Dev..(cries)
Dev : Sonakshi don’t cry I’m here
Sonakshi : Dev that Vicky…
Dev : I know. He’s lying down in the hall unconscious(Angry)
Sonakshi : Dev no need to be angry I’m fine. Aah!

Dev : Sonakshi what happened
He notices blood on her hand Dev brings the first aid box
Dev : Wait I’ll put some ointment
He puts the ointment and ties the bandage
Sonakshi : Dev don’t put the bandage I’m fine
Dev : No Sona ur not fine. Fine u lie down
Sonakshi : No Dev I have to go
She tries to walk but falls
Dev : Saw what happened lie down

Sonakshi : But….
Dev : I told u to lie down(angry)
She lies down unwillingly and Dev puts his head on her lap. After sometime everybody comes and are shocked to see Vicky like that
Ishwari : Arey ! This is Sona’s purse… Vicky like this…. Then Dev must be at home. Dev where r u?
Dev hears Ishwari’s voice
Dev : Ma.. I’ll go
Sonakshi : Wait I’ll come
Dev : No u sit here

Dev goes down
Ishwari : Dev y is Vicky like this
Dev tells Ishwari what happened
Ishwari : Is Sona fine ?
Dev : Yes ma she’s in my room resting
Mama ji : Saw Radha rani what has ur son done to a girl(Kicks him)
Radha : Arey I haven’t taught him this
Everybody goes to Dev’s room
Ishwari : Sona beta ur fine

Sonakshi : Yes aunty I need to go home
She tries to walk again but falls
Dev : Where are u going?
Sonakshi : Home. I’m getting late
Dev : No ur not going like this
Dev carries her
Dev : Ma I’ll drop her and come
Ishwari : Yes beta

~Sona’s home~
In the car
Dev : (cries) Sorry Sona I couldn’t take care of u
Sona holds Dev’s hand
Sonakshi : Dev, it’s not ur fault. Don’t cry if u cry….I will leave u and go
Dev : No ur not going anywhere
Dev carries her and rings the bell. Asha, Bejoy and Saurav are shocked to see Sonakshi like this
Saurav : Dev babu y is Sonakshi like this
Asha : Yes beta what happened
Dev tells them everything
Bejoy : That fool I won’t leave him..
Sonakshi : Baba leave it

Bejoy : But beta…. Fine. Dev please drop her in her room
Dev carries her to the room
Dev : Sona now u take rest if u go tomorrow to hospital or come to or house mujse bura koi nahi hoga
Sonakshi : Hmm.. Okay
Dev goes to leave
Dev : Uncle now don’t let her go anywhere
Bejoy : Okay beta we’ll make sure she doesn’t go anywhere
Asha : Okay thank u beta now u go
Dev leaves
~Dev’s home~
Ishwari : Arey beta u came. U dropped her home
Dev : Yes ma
Ishwari : Good beta u her know not to come tomorrow
Dev : Yes ma I warned her not to go anywhere
~Next morning~
The whole family is doing the decoration of Neha’s sangeet. Dev and Ishwari are shocked to see Sona

Dev : Arey Sona y have u come
Ishwari : Yes beta go home take rest

Precap : Neha’s sangeet
Sorry people for not posting for so night.
I’ll try to post the sangeet episode long
Thanks for reading .Hope u all like it
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