Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 5

Hi guys, Rithika here,
Enjoy reading the 5th epi
Let’s start,
Recap : Dev save’s Sona from the goons
Dev goes to Ishwari’s room
Dev : Ma u were right I do love her Ishwari : Wow ! When r u bringing my bahu..
Dev smiles and leaves. Ishwari thinks why is he acting weird. In the afternoon Sona comes to Dixit house
Ishwari : Arey Sona beta y have u come here. U should rest after what happened yesterday
Sonakshi : Nahi aunti ji, I’ve taken leave from hospital. I’ve only come here to check whether u r following ur diet
Ishwari : Arey baba I’m following ur diet. U go and take rest.
Sona leaves from there
Ishwari : Dev go leave her
Dev goes to leave Sona
Dev : Dr. Bose wait
Sona turns and waits for Dev to come
Sonakshi : Yes Mr. Dixit
Dev : Wait ma told me to drop u

~Sona’s home~
Sonakshi : Thanks Mr. Dixit for dropping me
Dev smiles and leaves. Sona is in thoughts
Sonakshi : I wonder y am I always thinking about Mr. Dixit
Her mother and father come in that time
Asha : Ur thinking about him because u love him
Sona looks shocked
Bejoy : Yes beta it’s a good thing and he cares for u a lot
Sonakshi : But ma baba this relationship can’t happen because I don’t know whether he loves me or not and he’s very rich I don’t know whether his family will accept me or not
Bejoy : Sona beta the family will accept u not only judging whether ur rich or poor but they will judge ur behavior. If the family is good they will accept u
Sonakshi : But I’am going to stop this relation here
Asha : Beta it’s ur wish we can explain u but not force u
Saying this they both leave

~Dev’s home~
It’s night time and Dev is getting dressed
Ishwari : Beta where are u going this time?
Dev : to get ur bahu
Ishwari : No beta, go tomorrow
Dev : No I can’t wait so long
Saying so he leaves

~Sona’s home~
Dev rings bell
Sonakshi : The milkman also comes early
Sona opens the door
Sonakshi : Why have u come early bhaisab
Dev : Ms. Bose
Sona opens her eyes and is shocked to see Dev
Sonakshi : Dev, Mr. Dixit
Dev: Come with me
Sonakshi : Wait I’ll change
Dev : No I can’t wait longer
Saying so he takes out of her house near a river bank
Dev : I want to tell u something really important hope u say yes. It’s from my heart can’t wait any longer so I’m just going to say I love u
Hearing this Sona is shocked but also happy

Precap : Sona says —-
So this was the 5th epi hope u liked it
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