Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 4


Hi guys, I’m Rithika here,
I’m posting the next one a little quick so the suspense is ended and some silents comment
Let’s start..
Recap : Some goons kidnap Sona
Dev reaches the spot where the goons kept Sona and see’s her unconsious and also see’s blood near her lips and little on her forehead.Goon see’s him
Goon 1 : look there’s somebody over there
Goon 2 : Lets’s see who’s there
They both go and see Dev and attack him. Dev also gives them nice punches and kicks till they lost consious. Then he calls the police and goes near Sona
Dev : Dr. Bose, Dr. Bose
Dev gets worried about her and he finds a jar of water and sprinkles little on her. When she opens her eyes Dev gets happy. Sona hugs him
Sonakshi : Dev I was very scared(crying)
Dev : Dr. Bose it’s ok I’m here ur fine
Then police arrives

Police : Yes Mr. Dixit What happened
Dev : Catch these goons for kidnapping and asking ransom
Police takes the goons away and Dev carries Sona as she can’t walk properly
~Sona’s home~
Bejoy is very worried about Sona. Just then Dev enters the house with Sona. Bejoy is relived to see Sona but is also sad seeing her wounded
Bejoy : Dev what’s wrong with her
Dev : Those people tortured(just exaturating) her
Bejoy : Thank u beta for saving her
Dev says it’s ok and leaves
~Dev’s home~
Ishwari : Where were u beta
Dev tell’s her everything and Ishwari gets shocked
Ishwari : Did u leave her home safe
Dev : yes ma
Ishwari : Hope she’s safe
Next day

Dev and Sona both feel weird after what happened the day before.
Sonakshi : What’s happening y I’m always think about that Dev?
Meanwhile Dev alao thinks about Sona
Dev : Why why I’m thinking about her
Ishwari just comes in Dev room and asks why is he worried. Dev tells her that he just can’t stop thinking about her
Ishwari : It is because u love her. U’ll have to think about before u jump into conclusion.
Saying this Ishwari leaves. Dev now is in thoughts
Dev : Am I in love with Dr. Bose
And Sona also in same thought
Sonakshi : am I love with Mr. Dixit ? No I can’t be. He’s a very rich man I’m not rich. I must forget about him
Precap : Dev proposes Sona
This is the 4th epi so i can end the suspense
hope u all it..
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  1. Dhira

    Wow superb episode
    Ishwari saying such things unbelievable
    Wow sona and dev gets thinking
    Waiting for your next episode

  2. Sharica

    Nice ?

  3. Awesome ??

  4. Aaru

    It’s good to know dat Ishwari has no problem wid Sona..I’m luvin’ it..

  5. Rj12

    thanks dhira and sharica

  6. Manya


  7. Sakthi

    Cute episode dear..iswari i cant believe her here.but was nice.

  8. wow just cool.I like dev’s mom here contrary to the one in krpkab

  9. vimal sanjana

    Dev saved sonna.. Get her home… Suspense ? feeling for each other !!

  10. Erina

    Cuteee epi dear. Post soon

  11. hi rithika! its really awsom epi. Thanq fr makng ish gud.i jst luv it:-))

  12. its rellly tooooo gud …

  13. Dev’s gonna propose Sona……?????….awesome episode…??☺️.post the next one soon…….☺️

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