Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 2

Hi guys, it’s Rithika here,
Since I got time I’m posting the second one
Let’s start..
Recap : Dev’s mother faint’s and she’s in the hospital
Doctor : Wait a minute I’ll call her

~ Sona’s home ~
Phone rings
Sonakshi : Yes doctor. kya hua ?
Doctor : Your in charge of of our new patient Mr. Dev Dixit’s mother Mrs. Ishwari. You have to reach now to the hospital
Sonakshi : Yes sir I ‘am coming now..
~ In the hospital ~
Doctor : Dev this is Sonakshi.
Dev turning towards her

Dev : You
Sonakshi : You
~ Flashback ~
2 days ago
Dev and Sona walking with things and collide with each other
Sonakshi : If u can’t walk properly stay home
Dev : If u can’t talk properly don’t talk
And both of them walk opposite directions and after sometime stare at each other.
~ Flashback end ~

Again Dev and Sona stare at each other with anger
Doctor : Sonakshi stop staring at Mr. Dixt like that
Sonakshi : Sir first tell him to stop staring at me then I’ll stop
Doctor : (angrily) Now will u both stop staring at each other like that
Finally they both stop staring at each other
Doctor : So Dev meet the Dehli’s number 1 nutritionist Dr. Sonakshi Bose
Dev checking his mobile to check whether she’s really number 1 or not
And Sona peeping in Dev’s phone
Sonakshi : ya ya u can check how good nutritionist I am

Doctor : (angrily)NOW WILL U BOTH STOP IT. Sonakshi hears Mrs. Ishwari’s reports, Dev go with her

~ Sona’s cabin ~
Sonakshi : Your mother’s health is really down. Once she reaches home u have to make her follow this diet or we’ll keep her here till she’s better.
Dev : No need to keep her here I’ll make her follow this diet
Sona gives him the diet and Dev leaves from her cabin and goes to meet his mom
Dev : Mama ji, Mami ji app yaha

Mama ji : Dev we came to your house to meet u and Ishwari but u were not there and Neha told us what happened
Precap : Dev asks Sona to leave her job
So this was the second ff
Please post cooments
Next post on Friday


  1. vimal sanjana

    Hi rithika… U started well… Nice to read .. But try some more long long update… Ur ups are too small… Update the next episode big one for us… Thanq waitinggg…

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